Restaurant Manager Resume Sample

Being a restaurant manager is an art, and you have to be on your toes to serve the restaurant’s needs. Apart from that, your sample resume for restaurant manager will set the bar for your job application process. With the help of this article, you will find out what makes the best restaurant manager resume sample. Also, you will learn how to format resume sections to attract recruiters. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average restaurant manager’s salary at $59,440 per year and $28.58 per hour.

Furthermore, you will get tips on writing down skills on your resume correctly. We will show how you can describe your operations, professional experience, and education in a more impressive way.

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Best Format for a Restaurant Manager Resume

If you want your resume to stand out, then you must go for an appealing restaurant manager resume format with a layout that aligns your achievements and professional experience in reverse chronological order. Thus, your most recent experience will come first, followed by the previous ones. Check out the standard resume sample restaurant manager below.

John Spectre

An efficient and competent manager



LinkedIn profile:

Contact number:

Highly skilled and competent manager. Knows how to serve the restaurant to increase the number of new and returning customers. Have in-depth knowledge of hospitality, customer service, and catering business. Multitasker and can manage a vast number of employees.


Worked in XYZ restaurant in ABC city for ABC years.

  • Successfully managed the budget, menu planning, and supplies: reduced the restaurant’s expenses by 20%.
  • Introduced new marketing techniques and strategies that helped attract more customers.
  • Recruited, guided, and managed 30 employees.


XYZ diploma in management

ABC University, city.

Completion year:

Major course:

XYZ degree

ABC University, city.

Completion year:

Major course:

Hard and Soft Skills

  • controlling the supply chain;
  • budgeting;
  • auditing;
  • marketing;
  • leadership;
  • customer service;
  • communication;
  • problem-solving.


Book reading and watching culinary shows.

Restaurant Manager Resume Templates

There are typically three types of resume template for restaurant manager:

  • chronological; 
  • functional;
  • combination.

However, before writing down the restaurant manager resume, you should consider several aspects to increase your chance of getting picked. Firstly, if you have experience in a particular field, then go for a reverse chronological resume template as it works best with the ATS hiring system almost everywhere. 

However, if you want to list your skills over your working experience, you should opt for a functional resume format that focuses on abilities. 

Lastly, if you aim for a job that demands a highly qualified person with considerable experience, choose a combination resume format to highlight both skills and work history requirements. 

Restaurant Manager Resume Objective or Resume Summary

While writing a restaurant manager resume objective, people often mix it with a resume summary because they are unaware of the core differences between the two. 

Resume summary organizes all your experience in a 3-4 line short paragraph. On the other hand, a resume objective describes the purpose of one’s job application. To be more precise, an objective highlights your career goals and relevant training, whereas a summary focuses on your job expertise and occupations. 

Adding resume summary and objective can play the role of a game-changer. Plus, it will help engage the recruiter, increasing the chances of landing an interview.

Restaurant Manager Resume Summary [Examples]

Make sure to write a summary that shows your competencies in a favorable light. A great way to gain an advantage in the world job market is by using the relevant keywords because that’s how the ATS systems work. The correct restaurant manager resume samples summary should include numbers and achievements, but, unfortunately, most people miswrite it. 

Right One ✅

As a restaurant manager, I am highly qualified and have 2+ years of professional experience in running a dynamic restaurant environment. I earned an ABC managing certificate. In addition, I have achieved the XYZ award from my previous workplace.

Wrong One ❌

I have experience in organizing workload, handling people, making meals, and managing budgets.

Restaurant Manager Resume Objective [Examples]

Most applicants with less experience and training opt to start their resumes with an objective. A proper restaurant manager resume objective summarizes your strong traits, essential skills, what you can do for the restaurant, and why they should choose you from the rest of the job-seeking population.

Right One ✅

I am well educated and have excellent communication and email management skills. I am a hardworking person that can improve your restaurant’s image and customer satisfaction.

Wrong One ❌

I want to apply for a job where I can improve my skills. Although I do not have enough experience, I will try to match up with expectations with my brilliant mind and managing skills.

A Job Description for a Restaurant Manager Resume

A restaurant manager’s job revolves around running day-to-day restaurant affairs. Plus, he or she is responsible for making the reputation of the restaurant. In addition, restaurant managers create budgeting and marketing strategies, hire staff, and organize workloads.

Tailoring your resume to the requirements mentioned in the restaurant manager job description increases the chances of getting a call from a recruiter or hiring manager. Companies usually highlight the following common duties in their vacancies:

  • manage and take care of overall restaurant operations;
  • deliver optimum guest services;
  • lead and train the staff;
  • control the companies’ budget and minimize waste;
  • manage the supplies and suppliers.
  • ensure a positive working environment;
  • hire new employees;
  • evaluate staff performance;
  • maintain the inventory;
  • improvise and implement the strategies to increase the sales and revenue of the restaurant;
  • resolve problems and conflicts.

Your restaurant manager resume should include points from the job description to beat bots and land an interview for you.

Restaurant Manager Resume Examples [Experience]

This section is crucial because you will write down all your past duties and business history in a restaurant manager sample resume. It can make or break the whole value of your resume. 

Sample Restaurant Manager Resume Experience

Section Title

Work Experience in bold and capital letters

Place to Put Work Experience

If you have little experience, put it after education data. If you can boast enough experience, put it below the summary.

Order of the Jobs Done

Put it in reverse chronological order.

Information in Headings

Company name, the title of the job, dates

Bulleted Points to Describe Your Job

Write down a bulleted list of your responsibilities as per the job title.


Write down your most significant achievements.

A Resume for Restaurant Manager With No Experience

Writing a resume for restaurant manager with no experience is not a piece of cake. However, you can still engage the recruiter if you approach it right. You can include your academic achievements, internships, volunteering activities, and certificates you have received. Describe the responsibilities you had while working on a certain project or coursework and emphasize how your skills helped you handle various challenges. 

For instance, if you have management skills and experience but didn’t have the opportunity to work in a restaurant, highlight these competencies anyway as they are transferable. Plus, if you have volunteered, attended a culinary school, or done any food service internship, add them with proper keywords to be accepted by the ATS. a

Sample Resume for Entry Level Restaurant Manager [No Experience]

The excellent restaurant manager resume example must include stories about your power traits. For instance, you can mention your acceptance of working under pressure. If you have good communication skills and the ability to handle interpersonal relations successfully, be sure to mention it as well. Focus on your abilities and dedication to divert attention from the lack of experience. Look at the examples below.

Right One ✅

  • Managed line cooks responsibilities in a busy restaurant while volunteering for XYZ organization.
  • Assisted in maintaining the BOH.
  • Managed inventory and helped organize the record of supplies.
  • Acted as a liaison between BOH and FOH.
  • Comforted customers and fulfilled their needs.

Wrong One ❌

  • Volunteering Experience
  • Managed waiters and waitresses.
  • Handled inventory.
  • Chatted with customers.
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What Your Education Section Should Look Like?

Restaurant manager education usually has a lesser impact on your chances of getting an interview, but if you’re inexperienced, putting this information on the restaurant manager resume is crucial. If you have brilliant work experience in the field, place the education section below this section.

You must include your high school diploma or college degree. Besides, if you have taken any extra courses, you must add that as well. Any coursework related to cooking, menu creation, management, and hospitality is also worth mentioning in the education section.

Restaurant Manager Resume Examples [Education]

Your restaurant manager resume samples must show your academic growth, especially if you are a fresh graduate. The reason behind this is that it will overshadow your lack of experience.

Most people make the mistake of including any GPA and placing their certificates above their degree and diploma. You should put a GPA on your resume only if it’s above 3.5.

Right One ✅

BA in Management 

XYZ University 

Graduated: Year of Graduation

Relevant Courses: Business management, hospitality, tourism management.

GPA: 3.7

Wrong One ❌

Received a professional certificate in culinary art

Attended XYZ University

GPA: 3.2.

Skills on a Resume for a Restaurant Manager

You may be god gifted to manage a restaurant, but if you put it in the wrong manner on your restaurant manager resume samples, then the chances are high that you will be left behind. So, first of all, gather the hard and soft skills related to the job title for the restaurant manager resume skills section.

Now, if you are wondering what hard and soft skills are, then let us tell you the essential difference. Hard skills are learned skills that you develop in a career field like event planning, cooking, serving, etc.

However, soft skills are those you learn throughout your life, like communication, empathy, problem-solving, etc.

Hard Skills

  • Marketing skills
  • Budgeting
  • Controlling the supply chain 
  • Managing and training staff 
  • Organizing the workload

Soft Skills

  • Customer service
  • Stress resistance
  • Conflict management
  • Team player
  • Leadership qualities

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Restaurant Manager Resume Examples [Skills]

The right skills section for the restaurant manager resume samples must be arranged appropriately. Never write unrelated skills in a professional restaurant manager resume examples.

Right One ✅

  • controlling the supply chain;
  • budgeting;
  • auditing;
  • marketing and sales;
  • leadership;
  • customer service;
  • communication;
  • problem-solving.

Wrong One ❌

  • knowledge of Asian cuisine;
  • brunch-making;
  • handling deep fryers.

Suggestions to Make Your Resume Stand Out

To make your resume unique, you can mention any relevant awards, honors, educational achievements, volunteering, participation in conferences, etc. If you know foreign languages, be sure to include this information in your restaurant manager resume sections. It will help the recruiter to learn more about you.

Add attractive hobbies like outdoor cooking or reading culinary books to your resume. It is better not to include hobbies unrelated to the job title and description.

Restaurant Manager Resume Examples [Other Sections]

The right professional restaurant manager resume section must consist of the words that pass the ATS scan. The wrong resume for restaurant manager jobs contains irrelevant information. Thus, you should pay attention to the relevance of your additional sections as well.

Wrong One ❌

  • Earned Restaurant Revenue Management Certificate from XYZ University.
  • Earned Food Handler Certificate from XYZ University.
  • Languages: English (fluent) and French (intermediate).
  • Hobbies: culinary books reading and cooking.
  • Won ABC Award in XYZ cooking competition.

Right One ✅

  • Won ABC’s athletic competition.
  • Have an international driving license.
  • Hobbies: cycling and dancing.

Points to Remember

We hope that now you know how to write a restaurant manager resume. While developing your resume, make sure to consider the following points.

  • Incorporate strong action words to show your accomplishments effectively to the recruiter.
  • Bold the achievements on your resume and capitalize them.
  • Use proper keywords and tailor your document to the job description to pass the ATS. 
  • Proofread the resume before submitting it.
  • Include both hard and soft skills.

Although you can rely on the given resume samples, your document should be written custom to reflect your unique accomplishments and personality. If you consider this task overwhelming, you can hire our professional resume editors and get a flawless professional resume for your restaurant manager job.

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