Medical Assistant Job Description

In the job description for a medical profession, you need to mention all relevant information. This way, the candidate will see clearly whom the employer expects to find. Briefly speaking, a medical assistant is a specialist who works in the sphere of healthcare. This position implies a range of responsibilities, including administrative and support tasks.

Before making a post for a medical assistant job, you should know the general requirements for this position. Besides, you can use this data to make your resume ATS friendly. Here, you will learn about

  • key requirements for the medical assistant;
  • main duties, organizational processes, and responsibilities;
  • relevant hard and soft skills.

This info will also come in handy for a certified professional resume writer: the medical assistant job description will clearly define the aspects related to this career. 

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Medical Assistant Job Description Example

Here you will find an example of a medical assistant job description with detailed information to put in the job post. Some of the points are related to the main sections in the medical assistant resume examples, such as experience or key skills. 


We are searching for a junior medical assistant who will perform administrative and simple clinical tasks (mainly supporting). As a perfect candidate for this position, you will be responsible for the following:

  • coordinating administrative tasks;
  • assisting the practitioners;
  • recording patients info;
  • preparing billing reports;
  • preparing the treatment room and medical equipment.

To satisfy our requirements, you need to have a medical certificate and at least 1-2 years of experience in this field. The knowledge of the patient care basis will be a huge benefit for you. 

Main Duties

  • Recording the patients’ info and medical history
  • Preparing treatment room and medical equipment
  • Performing simple clinical tasks
  • Scheduling surgeries
  • Adhering to JCAHO standards

Key Requirements

  • Medical certification
  • Ability to cooperate successfully with the healthcare team
  • 1-2 years of expertise in a medical setting
  • Perfect organizational, communication, clinical, and documentation skills
  • Knowledge of medical health care record systems

What Does a Medical Assistant Do?

The first question to answer in the job description post is “what is a medical assistant?” together with the main duties. The medical assistant performs a variety of clinical tasks, including supporting medical practitioners. There are different levels of such jobs:

  • administrative medical assistant;
  • clinical medical assistant;
  • registered medical assistant;
  • certified medical assistant.

Thus, these specialists are responsible for not only typical clerical needs.

In the section on “what does a medical assistant do?”, it’s important to mention both administrative and routine duties. Everything depends on the hospital and its requirements. So, medical assistants can be multi-purpose workers in the clinical setting. 

Medical Assistant Average Salary

Medical assistants usually get the hourly payment. The wage depends on several factors:

  • experience in this sphere;
  • the company;
  • the location of the hospital.

Thus, the average salary for medical assistant is $17,75 per hour. It ranges from $7.25 to $23.85 per hour. So, the job seeker should pay attention to the financial policies of the place they are applying for. 

Medical Assistant Job Description

The medical assistant description post should involve basic requirements, a list of the responsibilities, and key skills required for the position. Here is a list of what the employer expects to see:

  • medical assistant certificate;
  • at least 2 years of experience in healthcare;
  • knowledge of main concepts, procedures, and practices.

The next important part of the job description for medical assistant is the responsibilities section:

  • welcoming patients and verifying their information;
  • performing simple clinical tasks;
  • counseling patients;
  • completing patient records.

As for the key skills for medical assistant, it’s essential to mention

  • clinical skills;
  • customer service;
  • documentation skills;
  • organizational and planning skills;
  • multitasking;
  • communication. 
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Medical Assistant Responsibilities

The medical assistant responsibilities are quite diverse. And there is a need to mention each category in the post. To succeed in this career, the employee should have enough qualifications to perform such tasks:

  • adhering to professional standards;
  • preparing patients for health visits;
  • keeping the equipment due to the operating instructions;
  • performing preventive measures or calling to repair the equipment;
  • scheduling surgeries;
  • securing patients’ data;
  • maintaining a healthy and safe work environment;
  • performing physical tests;
  • preparing the summary of the patient’s history;
  • recording and reporting the billing info.

Employers expect that the candidate can perform all these medical assistant duties. So, all of them should be listed in the job description post to ensure that only qualified job seekers will apply for the position. 

Top Medical Assistant Skills and Proficiencies [Medical Assistant Requirements]

Apart from the expected qualification, enumerate the key medical assistant skills in the job description. The medical assistant should be able to

  • perform data entry tasks;
  • communicate effectively with the patients and other workers;
  • adhere to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) standards.

The employee should know what skills to mention in the resume for a medical assistant to land the job. So, do not forget to include the skills and proficiencies outlined above in the job description post. 

Top Medical Assistant Resume Skills

It’s better to make a bulleted list of the key skills in the job description. Emphasize the main qualities the employer wants to see in the candidate. This way, the job seekers will know what to mention in the medical assistant skills resume section. 

Here is a list of the top wanted skills for the medical assistant:

  • ability to provide quality care;
  • ability to empathize with patients;
  • perfect verbal and written communication;
  • organizational skills;
  • clinical skills;
  • documentation skills;
  • attention to details;
  • knowledge of digital records systems.

With a medical assistant job description resume, the employee will see the main demands. It will be a guide on what to put in the skills section. 

Medical Assistant Job Skills

Medical assistant job skills are a little bit different compared to resume skills. As for the last ones, they include the main qualities related to the job position. But the job skills refer to the medical assistant requirements the employee should correspond to.

There is a need to possess such job skills:

  • ability to adhere to the standards;
  • ability to perform simple clinical tasks;
  • knowledge of professional medical assistant job duties and requirements;
  • knowledge of digital records systems (e.g., Excel);
  • perfect written and verbal conversation skills (official letters and documentation). 

The skills from this list are relevant to the responsibilities the employee will have in this position. 

Make sure to divide your medical assistant skills into hard and soft ones for better structure and data organization. A standard example cover letter for resume will emphasize your hard skills as the core of your job, while soft skills will put your authenticity in light.

Final Words

Now you know how to describe “What is medical assistant?” in the job post. To craft a perfect medical assistant job description post, you need to

  • summarize the qualification demands the job position entails to target only highly qualified candidates and help potential employees understand whether to apply;
  • enumerate the professional responsibilities to be clear about what is expected of the candidate and show that the work process is well-organized;
  • list the main requirements for the employee to give them a better idea of the usual workflow, rules, regulations, and corporate policy;
  • highlight the desired experience to match the right applicants and exclude those individuals who won’t be able to perform their duties efficiently;
  • mention the key soft and hard skills so that the job seekers know what they should include in the medical assistant resume.

Hence, the employee will clearly see whom the employer is searching for and, while crafting a resume for a write my resume request, they will mention the relevant data and emphasize it in the objectives.

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