Medical Assistant Resume Sample

Medical staff will always be in demand due to the nature of the work process. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts growth up to 19% (during 10 years from 2019) for medical assistants only.  

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average medical assistant’s salary at $37,190 per year and $17.88 per hour. If you want to land a job fast and need a professionally written resume, let the medical resume writing service experts help you and do the work for you. You will invest in your future and spare yourself the stress.

Does this mean that you will find yourself a place in this field?

Yes. And no. 

But “no” will happen only when you do not have a “selling” resume. With our medical assistant resume sample, you will know for sure how to make your resume shine. 

And it will take only ten minutes of your time.

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How to Format a Medical Assistant Resume

When recruiters have a large number of resumes for job application, they will look for reasons to reject yours. If you don't want this to happen, choose a good resume sample and adapt it to your layout.

You need to look for the reverse-chronological order for the medical assistant resume format if you have experience. A functional format will help you if you have little to no experience. 

Also, you will win an interview invitation if you ensure that your resume is no longer than one page and mistakes-free.

Medical Assistant Resume [Sample To Your Rescue]

With practice, you will be able to write your medical assistant resume without thinking about the nuances. But you need it right now, and you need them to hire you, don’t you?

So, here is the outline that you need to fill with relevant information about your achievement

Your Name Surname

Job Position (usually, only “Medical Assistant,” but you may need to expand it depending on the job description)

Personal info: (phone number, e-mail, links to social media, any other info on how they can contact you).

Objective or resume statement (see medical assistant resume description further on to know the difference) 


(remember to use reverse-chronological order, like:)

2019-2021 Medical Assistant

(company name)

  • tasks you did and your accomplishments.

2016-2019 Medical Assistant

(company name)

  • tasks you did and your accomplishments.

Important to know:

  • Select two-three recent workplaces, if you have solid experience; 
  • If you have worked at one place only, you can include your internship place;
  • If you do not have experience, focus on describing your skills instead.


2018 Full name of your course/training, Educational establishment name (e.g., Associate of Applied Science – Medical Office Assistant, Liberty University)

  • your accomplishments related to work
  • ...


include section if you have certificates, e.g.,

Medical Assisting Certificate at Davenport University, 2019

Additional Activities

  • include only job-relating activity + your accomplishments 

Hard Skills: place for your professional skills and how you utilized them

Soft Skills: place for your personal skills suitable for your position

Perhaps, you feel that you want to try something new but are not sure how to handle all styling requirements? Don’t shy away from browsing other resume examples at our resume writing services. We try to cover every field and position and constantly update our samples to help you. 

Medical assistant Resume Objective & Resume Summary

To get your interview invitation, you need to make a statement. Consider it as a summary that encourages you to buy a book. 

Usually, it is a medical assistant resume objective or summary (yes, no pun intended). You need to use the former if you do not have experience (you can mention your training, internship, anything that will show that you are a valuable asset). You need a resume summary to highlight your experience (but always focus on how you can contribute to a company). 

Medical assistant Resume Summary [Examples]

Now, we are moving to excerpts from medical assistant resume samples to provide our fellow job seekers with examples.

A medical assistant with good organization skills. Experienced in phlebotomy, injections, and patient care.

It was a WRONG example. Mostly, it won’t work because an applicant doesn’t demonstrate your value for a new position in the job market. 

The RIGHT example from resume sample will be:

A medical assistant with 5+ years of experience in phlebotomy, injections, and patient care seeking to contribute to [company name]. At the previous place of work was appointed to be a chief of documentation due to high organizational skills.

Medical assistant Resume Objective [Examples]

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel if you don’t have experience but have relevant training. Just focus on the medical assistant resume objective

A medical assistant who just finished studying. Has no experience except for giving injections to relatives. Don't mind working overtime. 

...but not like this resume example. An applicant was honest, but such behavior created unnecessary stories. How can the statement be better? 


An aspiring medical assistant who is ready to contribute to [company name] with up-to-date knowledge. Practiced in helping the elderly population (like giving injections painlessly).

Medical assistant Resume Examples [Experience]

You need to learn a few things about the business of writing an experience section. First, you have to recall and write down where you have worked as a medical assistant. Choose only two or three most recent ones, even if you worked at dozens of places before. Like other resumes medical assistant, the section should be short.  

Then, name your duties and accomplishments and use a bullet list. Mention data that will show how your knowledge, practice, and skill base contribute to your future employer. 

Entry Level Medical assistant Resume [Experience]

If you are stumped because you need to write a resume for medical assistant with no experience, we have some tips for you:

  • stop the automation of thoughts that you shouldn’t try because your inexperience will be the reason why they reject your resume;
  • focus on skills you received during education or specific courses;
  • if you were volunteering, you could mention this activity (but be sure to explain how it helps your future responsibilities);
  • use examples to highlight what you did (but, again, relate it to your vacancy).

Entry Level Medical assistant [Sample]

When you are filling in the experience section, it is crucial to understand what will put you above the acceptance level. Let’s consider this excerpt from medical assistant resume examples:

U.S. Army

Medical Assistant


  • practiced plaster-casting techniques;

It is general, so it is WRONG even if it seems otherwise. How can you make this resume example look better?  


U.S. Army

Medical Assistant


  • practiced plaster-casting techniques to the point when patients do not feel discomfort;

Education Section: How to Make It Work For You

You can skip the experience section if you have none. However, the creation of an education section is required for a medical assistant resume. How else can your future employer learn where you have received your knowledge and skill base? 

First, learn the requirements. You need to include:

  • your degree;
  • name of the college or university;
  • GPA (skip it if you studied more than five years ago);
  • achievements.

Second, you need to see bad and good examples to know the difference.

Medical assistant Resume Examples [Education]

It is easy to do yourself a disservice when you complete the education section. Consider this example from medical assistant resume samples:

Associate of Science in Medical Assisting Services 

Herzing University


  • GPA 3.4

It is WRONG because:

  • GPA lower than 3.5 and six years later is irrelevant. You have to skip this part;
  • It doesn’t show your professional growth. Nor does it explain how you can contribute to your career.

Trick: medical assistant requirements can help you recall what you learned to put in your resume.


Associate of Science in Medical Assisting Services 

Herzing University


  • volunteered to provide service to the elderly population (practiced injection and drug dosage);
  • excelled in the medical recording.
How many mistakes are acceptable on a resume? Are you at risk?

Medical Assistant Skills: How To “Resume” Them

You can easily find the list of hard (professional) and soft (personal) skills on the Internet. The trick is not to copy and paste them, even if you see such practice through other resume samples.

Copied skill statements do not reflect your input to your career field. Also, recruiters surely already learned all of them.

You can disregard advice when it comes to personal skills because medical assistants should be 

  • patient, 
  • friendly, 
  • stress-resilient, etc. 

You can copy them but be sure to explain how they can contribute to the work you applied for. 

Hard skills are where the main difficulty can begin. But you can refer to the vacancy description to know exactly what they want to see in your medical assistant skills resume. Just be honest. Be yourself.

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Medical assistant Resume Examples [Skills]

Some occupations will do fine if you just mention your skills. This trick will not work with a medical assistant job resume. So, forget about writing like this:

Compassionate to all individuals, a medical assistant with good motor skills.

It is a WRONG excerpt from a medical assistant resume example for physical therapy.

You will need something like this RIGHT example

A medical assistant with good motor skills that were practiced during the provision of manual massage services for people with special needs. Every complaint was addressed with patient alteration of the procedure. 

Medical Assistant Resume Examples: Sections You Can Add

Remember: in a medical assistant resume, your task is to advertise yourself so that they notice you and invite you for an interview. For an employee to recruit you, it is crucial to know what is relevant. For example, you want to work in a multilingual clinic, and it happens that your hobby is learning languages. So, you can add “hobbies” to resume sections and include this information.

Also, you can add your volunteer experience, publications, and courses.

Medical assistant Resume Examples [Other Sections]

Always analyze what fits your medical assistant resume before actually adding other sections. Above, we already mentioned how language learning could work for the “Hobbies” section.

Please, scan this WRONG example:

Additional Activity

  • organization of children’s activities

It will turn into a RIGHT one if the medical assistant job description resume has the job that mentions working with children:

Additional Activity

  • organized an informative course "Simply about the difficult: How washing hands will save your health" for children

Final Notes

Let’s sum up important parts from a short “how to write a resume” course:

  • focus on two-three latest job places for experience section; focus on your skills and how you will contribute to a company if you don’t have experience;
  • include information relevant to your position and duties;
  • a recruiter will try to find reasons to decline your resume. 

If you need professional resume help and want to ensure that your resume is composed at the highest proficiency level, you can turn to our nurse resume writing service online. Just give the details, and they will make them work for you.

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