EMT Resume Sample

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are valuable specialists in the first line of saving human lives. Their work process has many dimensions:

  • Answering 911 calls;
  • Driving ambulance;
  • Treating immediate wounds and injuries;
  • Educating the general public about first-aid provisions;
  • Preparing patients for defibrillators and ventilators.

A qualitative EMT specialist's resume must reflect this proficiency and prove to recruiters that a job seeker is qualified to be an emergency medical technician.

Requesting a professional resume writing service is the easiest way to get a competitive resume for an EMT specialist. Also, a compelling cover letter will enhance job search efficiency. Alternatively, you may use this guide to create an outstanding EMT resume. You will learn the following:

  • How to format an EMT's resume;
  • What to write in each resume section;
  • How to make your resume stand out among other competitors.

This guide has a full-fledged EMT resume sample that you can tailor for any desired position.

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How to Format an EMT Resume

An EMT resume format is a visiting card of your resume. A proper layout will instantly attract attention to the right blocks and help a recruiter see the most relevant information. The reverse-chronological order of work experience works the best in this case.

Resume formatting should follow these rules:

  • Clear headings for each of the blocks;
  • The font size is 11-12 points;
  • Professional font: Garamond, Arial, Georgia;
  • 1-inch margins;
  • PDF format for the document.

The following resume sample meets these requirements.

EMT Resume [Sample]

You may tailor this resume sample for emt to any relevant position. It represents a specialist with certain experience in the field and uses a reverse-chronological layout to represent her qualifications.

Jane Doe

Emergency Medical Technician

Contact Number: +1-555-555-555

Email: professionalemail@mail.com

Resume Summary

Motivated professional with 5+ years of experience and proven knowledge of acute care facilities, scheduling, and patient safety. I specialize in patient transport, pre-hospital care, communication, and ambulance operation. Proficient at coordinating with medical teams to deliver emergency treatment to patients in crisis situations.

Work Experience

EMT Responder

Legler Emergency Center, Sunnyvale.

March 2020 - Present

Professional responsibilities:

  • Facilitated and organized efficient committees that focused on increasing tissue and organ donations.
  • Kept precise records in physical and digital copies.
  • As per MD's instructions, collected and labeled laboratory specimens.

Paramedic Assistant June 2017-April 2019

Cruz Hospital, San Antonio, TX

  • Daily check of the availability and operation of emergency equipment
  • Principles of asepsis and infection control, medical ethics.
  • Ambulance car maintenance.

Professional Skills

Hard Skills:

  • Emergency care and CPR;
  • Emergency Response;
  • Patient Stabilization;
  • Mechanical skills.

Soft Skills:

  • Stress tolerance;
  • Collaboration;
  • Time management;
  • Scheduling.


Western Wyoming College of Science and Technology


Bachelor of Science in Biology.

GPA: 3.7/4.0


  • EMT-1 Certificate, 2020.
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS), American Heart Association, July 2020

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

A powerful personal statement at the beginning of the resume will drastically increase your chances of landing an interview. A personal statement may be a summary or an objective. EMT resume summary shows all the relevant candidate's training and professional achievements. An EMT resume objective shows how a job seeker can contribute to the company by applying for the job position.

A personal statement should be short, relevant, and show the job seeker's best qualities.

Resume Summary [Examples]

A resume summary works best when job seekers try to reach as many positions as possible in the job market. A good summary shows the qualifications, professional achievements, and personal characterization of a candidate.

The following EMT resume samples for summary show the right and wrong approach to the section:


Hard-working EMT with two years of experience. Fulfilled EMT duties at Mississippi Central Regional Hospital; provided emergency care, patient transport, and hospital treatment preparation.


A motivated EMT-B specialist with 3+ years of experience. In my previous job, I drove 50+ calls and saved up to 25% on costs for the inventory. Always kept the ambulance vehicle clean and ready to go.

Resume Objective [Examples]

An EMT resume objective fits entry-level positions and job seekers that only started their careers. An applicant places their relevant experience and professional training and expresses the desire to contribute this proficiency to a potential employer's cause.

The following objectives show the right and wrong approach to the section:


I am a driven EMT, skilled in emergency medicine, intubation, airway management, and assessment. Good at vehicle maintenance and ready to learn on the job.


Energetic EMT specialist skilled in assessment and vehicle operation. Commended by five professors at MSU for strong work ethic. Volunteered for Binghamton ambulance service. I want to join the Mississippi Regional Medical center as an ambulance EMT.

Resume Examples [Experience]

The next thing employers will look for after an impressive personal statement is work experience. They need to know that applicants can perform EMT duties and have the necessary qualifications and skills.

You may use the emt sample from this guide in your resume. Yet, job position requirements are a better source of necessary information than any sample emt resume.

The best way to represent your experience is through measurable achievements. A simple list of duties will not impress recruiters. Write how many successful calls you answered, how efficiently you used medical equipment, or how many superiors commended your work ethic. It will show you as a responsible employee who uses their skills correctly.

Entry Level EMT Resume [Experience]

A resume for emt with no experience is not a valid option for the job market. Employers need a reason to hire a candidate, even for an entry-level position. Therefore, the experience section should be filled with relevant information proving that a candidate can fulfill EMT responsibilities.

Volunteering, internship, and any EMT-related professional activity can fit the experience section for an entry-level resume. If you do not have any experience, you may try non-paid jobs or volunteer as an EMT specialist for a one-time side job that will become your entry-level resume experience entry.

Entry Level EMT [Sample]

A well-crafted experience section directly influences the chances of the candidate's acceptance. The following emt resume examples demonstrate the right and wrong approach to the section:


No actual EMT experience

I'm a fast learner and have a perfect theoretical background.

Other experience:

  • Cashier in a mall;
  • Barista.


EMT Experience


  • Rendered advanced paramedical assistance to wounded patients.
  • Performed preliminary assessment of injury to emergency patients.
  • Volunteered for Binghamton ambulance service.
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How to Write a Perfect Education Section

Employers will look at the emt education section after they were swayed by work experience and personal statement. Recruiters want to see that the education section meets the job application requirements.

The education section of an emt resume should include information about the university's name, years of education, and the degree obtained. If you achieved something during this period in academic terms, include this in the bullet list format.

EMT Resume Examples [Education]

Meeting the job application's education requirements influences consistent career growth. The following emt resume samples demonstrate the right and wrong approach to the section:


Michigan State University


  • Acquired a degree
  • Completed all the classes


Michigan State University


  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • GPA: 3.7/4.0
  • Five professors commended my strong work ethic

Skills on a Resume for an EMT

EMT and paramedics career field imply knowledge of patient transformation, qualified first aid, and immediate wound treatment. An emt resume skills section should reflect this qualification of a candidate.

The best way to present skills in a resume is to modify one's from the job advertisement. First, make a list of your professional qualifications. Then, write down the skills from the job position advertisement. Finally, find the crossing points between these lists - these keywords will be skills for your resume.

This optimization will increase your chances of being noticed by automated applicant tracking systems (ATS bots). Сlear division on soft and hard skills will make the ATS scans more efficient.

EMT Resume Examples [Skills]

There are many variations of the skills section representation in professional emt resume examples. You may write it as a separate block within a resume, a parallel column, or even a chart. The main point is to demonstrate relevant qualifications.

The following emt resume samples demonstrate the right and wrong approach to the section:


Professional skills:

  • EMT Skills;
  • Patient care;
  • Communication;
  • Driving skills;
  • Medical equipment knowledge.


Hard Skills:

  • Emergency care;
  • Patient Stabilization;
  • Vehicle Maintenance;
  • Medical Equipment.

Soft Skills:

  • Problem-solving;
  • Strong interpersonal skills;
  • Empathy;
  • Attention to Detail.

How to Raise your Resume Above Competition

Many EMT specialists share the same qualifications and even the same resume sections. Therefore, only a selected few reach the interview stage. Additional emt resume sections will help raise you above the competition and draw closer attention to your resume.

There are several options for the resume's additional sections: hobbies, participation in conferences, and personal off-work activities that help maintain qualifications. One of the best choices for an EMT specialist is additional certifications.

EMT Resume Examples [Other Sections]

A professional emt resume should remain competent in the additional information sections. Irrelevant information, such as your hobbies, interests, and movie tastes, will not help ATS bots scan the necessary keywords and work proficiency.

The following samples demonstrate the right and wrong approach to the section:


I like mountain climbing and kite surfing. I keep myself in perfect physical form and am always ready to help people around me.



  • Took part in the 2017 NAEMT Conference;
  • Took part in 2015 EMS.


  • Advanced Life Support (ALS), American Heart Association, July 2020.

Bottom Line

This article provides a detailed guide on how to write an emt resume. Use professional formatting and reverse chronological layout to sell your resume visually. Make sure that the work experience and skills sections are adequately filled. Use information about your certifications and other relevant activities to stand out.

You can always request professional resume writing help to get the perfect results immediately. If you want to update your resume, resume editing services will optimize it for the modern job market and improve your job search efficiency.

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