Physical Therapy Resume Sample

Physical therapy is an occupation in high demand in the modern job market. Whether you are entering this field or want to revamp your resume for the advanced search, a physical therapy resume sample would be handy assistance. The resume format, positive and negative examples of certain sections, and overall layout of the sample resume for physical therapy will give you the necessary grasp on a modern view of a PT resume.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average physical therapy salary at $95,620 per year and $45.97 per hour.

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How to Format a Physical Therapy Resume 

The physical therapy resume format follows the same pattern as resumes for other occupations. You need to enlist your education, skills, professional duties from the previous places of work, and any relevant achievements. 

Do not forget to emphasize your matching qualifications in the summary section of your resume. You don’t have to follow the provided resume sample strictly. It demonstrates to you the general format of a PT resume that you should modify according to your skills and experience. 

Sample Resume for Physical Therapy 

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Here is a great resume sample for physical therapy.

Contact Information

Jane Doe E-MAIL: 121 KEY RANDOM STREET •RANDOM TOWN, CA 000000 • Contact Number: (555) 555-55555

Resume Summary 

A dedicated rehabilitologist with years of experience. I have both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in patients’ physical rehabilitation. Besides, I’m effective in personal communication and provide active psychological support for my patients. 


Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy, University of [State], [City of the University], 000

BA in Economics, [State] Polytechnic Institute & State University, 0000


CA PT Licensed, 555 CPR Certification, 5555

Physical Therapy Experience 

Inpatient Rehabilitation, General Relativity Clinic, Random Town, CA (December 2014 – Sept. 2021)

6+ years of experience at a 24-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit. Handled evaluating, treatment, education, and discharge planning of patients. Treated patients with stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, and neuropathy.

Physical Therapy Skills 

  • Health Care Instructions
  • Proficiency in Rehabilitation
  • Communication and Active Listening
  • Development and Management of Recovery Plans 
  • Patient Education 

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Teaching and Research Experience 

Skeletal Muscle Structure and Exercise Capacity in Bone Transplant, Donor-Recipient Siblings

In collaboration with Isaac Newton, PT, Ph.D., and Susan Picotte, Ph.D. The article goes through editing for submission to a medical journal. 

This physical therapy resume shows the general structure. Now, let’s go to the details of each section. 

Resume Objective and Resume Summary

Resume objective and resume summary are the important parts of a physical therapist resume. It highlights your competence and shows what exactly you are looking for in a certain job application. 

In the resume objective, you provide your personal goals and aspirations. It is convenient when you are in an active search for a job position. A resume summary fits when you are responding to a vacancy and sum up your knowledge and experience according to the position’s demands. 

Resume Summary [Examples] 

In the next samples, you will see the right and wrong applications of the resume summary section. A physical therapist should demonstrate strengths and competencies at the beginning of their resume.

Right Example ✅

A dedicated and experienced physical therapist with 6+ years of patient management and treatment. Proficient in range movement improvement and rehabilitation processes. Adept at identifying the sources of trauma and creating the right course of treatment. 

Wrong Example  ❌

Motivated and experienced PT specialist. I find a common language with all my patients and can prescribe the right treatment. Proficiency in physical rehabilitation and pain relief. 

Resume Objective [Examples] 

If you create an entry-level resume or are actively searching for a job, the physical therapy resume objective section may help you collect the necessary information in one block. The next examples demonstrate right and wrong approaches to the objective section. 

Wrong Example ❌

A physical therapist with no actual working experience. Nevertheless, I learn quickly and am highly responsible for my duties. Have proficiency in geriatrics and patient assessment. 

Right Example ✅

Licensed physical therapist with proficiency in pediatrics and education of patient family; was commended by high management for efficient communication with patients. I seek to apply my skills for the benefits of [hospital name] to improve the quality of medical service. 

Physical Therapy Resume Examples [Experience] 

The experience section of a sample physical therapy resume provides an idea of how to demonstrate your previous work duties and your proficiency in them. The experience section of your resume should not be too general and obscure. 

Try to be as precise as possible. Besides, it would be a plus if you enlisted the only experience that is relevant to a position you are aiming for. If you have entry-level experience, you need to add extra details for any position you did apply for. 

Entry Level Physical Therapist Resume [Experience] 

A natural question would be “how to handle the situation if I have no experience?”. A resume for physical therapist with no experience is still a viable option for the job market. You may gain experience not only through actual job applications. 

Volunteering is an optimal way for the resume’s experience gaining. Local clinics may need extra hands, and you will have the necessary lines for your experience section. Internships and observation hours are an option as well. You may build up experience from scratch and search for an actual job position with that. 

Entry-Level Physical Therapy [Sample]

A physical therapist with an entry-level resume may still search for decent job positions. Nevertheless, an entry-level resume should give the necessary information correctly. The following resume examples will demonstrate your right and wrong approaches. 

Wrong Example ❌

Recently graduated PT specialist. No actual work experience in the field. 

Other experiences: gym attendant, janitor.

Right Example 

Freelance Physical Therapy experience: 


Volunteer PT, Cypress Stream Nursing Home. Praised for high efficiency and exceptional performance.

Volunteer pediatric PT, St. Bonaventure Clinic. Assessed 8 patients.

Physical Therapy Resume: Education

The education section of a physical therapy resume follows the general pattern of resume creation. You need to enlist the school where you gained your qualification and years of your education. 

However, physical therapy education requires a few more additions to the general layout. You need to provide information about your licensing - an official confirmation that you can practice as a PT specialist. 

Besides, physical therapy education does not limit to license and graduation. Additional information about extra education should be placed further in the resume. 

Physical Therapy Resume Examples [Education] 

You need to provide the background information relevant to the position you are applying for when you write the education section. General knowledge of a PT specialist is a must for anyone who wants to fill the job application. Therefore, a physical therapist should demonstrate that they have more than adequate qualifications. 

Wrong Example ❌

Florida Gulf Coast University. 2015-2018

DPT degree

GPA: 3.5 

Right Example 

Florida Gulf Coast University: 2015-2018

DPT degree

  • Scored the highest grade in geriatric classes;
  • Was among the best students in orthopedic classes. 

GPA: 3.5

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Skills on a Resume for a Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy skills may be divided into hard and soft ones. Before writing the skills section, it would be wise to sort your skills under these two groups. Then, choose the most relevant of them. This set will be your primary tool for the skills section creation. 

You may find physical therapy resume samples that feature different combinations of hard and soft skills. The key idea for this section, as for the rest of the resume, is to provide information relevant to a job position. 

You may add extra skills, such as management skills or knowledge of multiple languages, if a position includes a wide variety of duties besides the actual PT practice. 

Physical Therapy Resume Examples [Skills] 

The next part provides right and wrong resume samples for the skills section. The field of professional physical therapy requires a clear distinction of general and specialized skills. 

Wrong Example ❌

PT Skills: pediatrician, family and patient education, patient assessment, interpersonal skills. 

Right Example ✅

  • Skills of patient management under high-stress conditions. Praised for interpersonal skills.
  • Development and successful application of personal care medical plans. 
  • Successful performance of therapy interventions. 

How to Make Your Resume Special

You may be a highly qualified PT specialist but still won’t get a decent position. You enter a tense competition between physical therapists. To succeed and make your resume more appealing, you may add extra information to the document. 

The purpose of additional physical therapy resume sections is to give you an edge over other applicants. Usually, they include scientific and educational activity, participation in conferences, and membership in professional associations. 

Physical Therapy Resume Examples [Other Sections] 

When you create a professional physical therapy resume, you don’t want to include casual hobbies or your interests. These parts should be reserved for other documents. Instead, try to add information that will contribute to your resume for physical therapy jobs. 

Wrong Example ❌

Additional Interests

  • Hiking
  • Bakery 

Right Example 

  • Participation in APTA Conference 2018;
  • Publication in the “Elsevier” online edition. 

Physical Therapy Resume: Key Points 

When it comes to the question “how to write a physical therapy resume,” there are several crucial points that you should keep in mind: provide only relevant information, do not forget to include the license section, and be professional in extra sections. 

Your education and skills sections should meet the requirements of the position you are applying for. Try to keep the objective and summary sections precise and focused. The right samples will serve as guide points in PT resume creation. 

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