Data Analyst Job Description

Interested in data analyst jobs? But do you know everything about this job and the responsibilities it implies?

  • What is data analyst?
  • What core data analyst duties are there?
  • What skills does an applicant need to possess to land an interview?

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Data Analyst Job Description Example

If you want to get more interviews, you must tailor your applications to the job description. That’s a rule.

To help you do this, we’ve prepared a sample data analyst job description for resume.

Job Overview

XYZ is looking for a dedicated data analyst with an eye for detail.

Responsibilities of a data analyst

  • Managing our master data set
  • Ensuring high accuracy and quality of imported data
  • Handling confidential data according to our policies
  • Helping with building reports and conducting analysis
  • Managing the data warehouse
  • Ensuring data integrity


  • BA degree in computer science
  • Work experience in a data analyst or similar role
  • Proven expertise in handling large data sets
  • Ability to analyze methodologies, tools, and databases
  • Excellent written and verbal communication

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What Does a Data Analyst Do?

So, what is a data analyst? It is someone who gathers, analyzes, and interprets data to help businesses make better informed decisions.

And what does data analysts do? The list of data analyst duties and responsibilities is rather extensive. Apart from gathering and analyzing data to find patterns, if you land a job at companies like Accenture Analytics, Tableau, or iTechArt, you will be responsible for maintaining databases, ensuring accuracy, and reporting on findings.

Data Analyst Average Salary

Working as a data analyst, you’ll likely receive hourly compensation:

  • US average: $38;
  • range: $33-$42.

Some exceptions may apply, which should be indicated in the data analyst job description. 

Data Analyst Job Description

There are several things job seekers should know about the data analyst job. People who occupy this position work as a part of data teams. They are responsible for collecting and analyzing data, as well as for discovering patterns, reporting, and maintaining databases.

There are four types of data analytics - descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive, which are used together for the best outcome.

The key skills required for the job include math, teamwork, communication, analytical thinking, computer science, statistics, etc.

Typically, the enterprises that employ data analysts are software development firms, banks, telecommunication firms, consultancies, manufacturers, colleges, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Data Analyst Responsibilities

In each particular job description for data analyst, employers may state different demands in terms of duties and tasks to be performed by their future analysts. Nevertheless, there is a list of key data analyst job duties that are expected to be completed by every employee:

  • designing databases and data systems and maintaining them;
  • mining valuable data from various resources;
  • organizing collected data effectively to be easy to read for both humans and machines;
  • interpreting large data sets with the help of analytics and statistical tools;
  • identifying opportunities for business improvement based on the collected data;
  • preparing reports and appropriate documentation;
  • helping businesses make better decisions by effectively communicating the key patterns, trends, and predictions based on the relevant data.

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Top Data Analyst Skills and Proficiencies [Data Analyst Requirements]

As you already know, working as a data analyst can imply doing many different tasks. Though some points may vary depending on the employer’s needs, a candidate with a solid level of qualification should possess the following data analyst skills:

  • communication;
  • mathematics;
  • problem-solving;
  • critical thinking;
  • project management;
  • analytical mindset;
  • ability to analyze and interpret large sets of data;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • reporting;
  • knowledge of data analytics methods, tools, and best practices.

Data Analyst Resume Skills

If you look through several different data analyst resume examples, you can notice that many of them will repeat certain skills and proficiencies. This is what we call resume skills - the core abilities you want to put on your resume to get noticed by the ATS system and make companies want to recruit you.

Here are some skills that should be on your resume if you want to engage the recruiter and get employed with ease:

  • excellent mathematical ability;
  • knowledge of programming languages;
  • problem-solving;
  • the ability to collect, analyze, and interpret data;
  • the ability to work under deadlines;
  • critical thinking.

Data Analyst Job Skills

Unlike resume skills, the so-called “job skills” span a range of personal traits and skills (often soft ones) that typically go without saying. These skills are vital for handling your job duties. Often, these skills won’t be included in a resume, but you will definitely have to demonstrate them during an interview and in the workplace.

So, here are some professional data analyst skills that may not be highlighted in a data analyst job description or your resume but are crucial for your career:

  • attention to detail;
  • adaptability;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • punctuality;
  • teamwork;
  • strong work ethics;
  • high accuracy;
  • excellent communication skills.

To Sum Up

Hopefully, this guide and our sample data analyst job description will help you learn more about this role and craft a resume that can win any offline or online job with ease.

So, here is what you know after reading this article.

  • A data analyst is someone who manages and analyzes data to provide businesses with valuable insights that can guide their decision-making.
  • The duties of a data analyst include designing data systems and databases, discovering patterns and trends, and reporting on the findings.
  • Using the data analyst description for resume is necessary to drive the recruiter’s attention and show your experiences, skills, and accomplishments.
  • You must have two types of skills - resume skills to land an interview and job skills to succeed in the role.
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