Accounting Manager Resume Example

Every resume writing specialist knows that the key to the success in a job search is a brilliant resume. It is a resume that lets recruiters know more about you as an employee. And it is your resume that can help you land a job.

But how to make your resume truly unforgettable? Tip 1 - always carefully read every accounting manager job description for resume to make it well-tailored to employers’ needs. Tip 2 - keep on reading to learn how to write career-boosting accounting manager resumes!

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How to Write an Accounting Manager Resume?

Accounting managers always play a crucial role in every organization. One of the primary responsibilities of these specialists is liaising between the company’s departments and key customers. Thus, when hiring such experts, recruiting firms pay special attention to the candidates’ backgrounds, skills, and personality.

Then how to write a resume that will highlight these qualities in you and make you look like an in-demand professional? Here are the main tips to help you write a brilliant accounting manager resume:

  1. Focus on Your Skills

A good accounting manager can boast of a strong set of hard and soft skills. Thus, it really makes sense to make the biggest emphasis on your key skills. By listing your skills the right way, you can show potential employers that you match their requirements and, thus, boost your chances of getting a job offer. Also, by showing that you have a wide range of both soft and hard skills, you show that you are a well-rounded applicant, which will also play to your benefit.

  1. Make a Strong Introduction

This is the first thing that hiring managers will see in your resume. The stronger impression it makes, the more attention it will get. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that your introduction is concise and, at the same time, impressive.

  1. Be Sure to Quantify Your Experiences

If you take a close look at the best accounting manager resume examples, you will notice that all of them use concrete numbers to quantify the candidate’s experience. This is a great trick to highlight your achievements and make hiring managers want to employ you.

Choose the Best Format for an Accounting Manager Resume

Did you know that typically a recruiter spends only seven seconds reviewing a job application? For job seekers, this means that if you fail to engage a recruiter in the first seconds of reading your accounting manager resume sample, you will not likely land an interview.

Now, how to make your resume sound impressive from the first lines? Although there is no one-fits-all formula for success, a big role is played by the structure you choose for your resume.

The most common formats are skill-based, reverse chronological, and a hybrid of those two. You can choose any of these formats. Each of them is good for certain purposes. But, in general, our professional resume experts with years of experience in the writing business recommend choosing a reverse chronological format for manager resume examples. 

When you apply for professional account management roles with a resume in a reverse chronological format, you deliver your message fast. That is, you help recruiters to see your strongest sides first. This way, you don’t lose any of the precious time and impress them right away.

To make the effect even stronger, you should use smart formatting. For example, you should be strategic about white space. This will help to not make your resume look bulky.

Write an Accounting Manager Resume Summary or Summary Objective

Apart from the correctly-chosen format, one more thing that can help you grab the recruiter’s attention right away is a solid summary. At first, every hiring manager will only briefly scan your job application and if they find it interesting, you will have a chance to get employed. That’s when a strong summary will be to your benefit.

Every job-winning accounting manager resume sample should start with a short but impressive summary of the main points from your resume. It is the right type of introduction that we were talking about earlier. The core goal of a summary is to display your best accomplishments, core skills, and most impressive work experience right away.

As a potential employee, you can use your resume summary to show why you are the best candidate for a specific role and, thus, get more interviews. Okay, but how to write an awe-inspiring summary? To help you grasp the idea, here is a good manager resumes sample summary you can look up to:

Quality-driven IT Accounting Manager with over 6 years of professional experience. Successfully managed 10 associate managers and 25 key accounts at [Company name]. Liaised with the company's customers and decreased the number of clients' complaints by 30% over a year and generated 35% revenue growth. Seeking to leverage my skills and experience for the benefit of [Company name].

Describe Your Accounting Manager Experience

When writing your accounts manager resume you should pay special attention to your work experience section. When recruiters and potential employers post an accounting manager vacancy, they are looking for a specialist who can not just stay in touch with their key client, but actually make them happy. Thus, to craft a winning resume you have to prove it through your past experience.

In the experience section, you will need to list your past jobs starting with the most recent ones. However, not everything is just that easy. Apart from listing your jobs, you should also confirm your qualification level by supporting your statements with 3-5 achievements in each position.

Here is an effective experience description from one of our winning sample accounting manager resumes:

Company Name



  • Supervised 10 associate managers
  • Managed 25 key accounts
  • Decreased the number of clients' complaints by 30% and ensured 35% revenue growth

Put Your Education on Resume for Accounting Manager

When looking for the right candidate, recruiters and employers pay special attention to the education section on a resume. Even if a particular position does not require higher education, the preference typically goes to a candidate who possesses it. Thus, be sure to mention your education in your account management resume.

Apart from attracting the attention of recruiters, the education section can also help you bypass the applicant tracking system (ATS). The ATS system is what helps hiring managers quickly weed out the candidates who don’t match the basic job requirements. So, if you are applying for a job that does require a minimum level of education, be sure to mention it on a resume or it may stay unnoticed.

Now, how to specify your education level? Typically, this is done in a separate section named Education. Here is how a manager resumes sample education entry should look like:

BS in Business Administration

University Name, Years

  • Excelled in marketing classes
  • Wrote a regular column in the college paper on business administration
CV Accounting Manager
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Put Skills on an Accounting Manager Resume

To make your resume flawless, you need to make a compelling and strong skills section. To get it right, you should list your skills in a separate section and highlight a few key skills in your summary. You have to focus on accounting manager skills first. However, you should also bring up a variety of hard and soft skills that will prove you are the right candidate. Finally, as was already mentioned, you will need to use numbers to quantify your skills to make them look more real and convincing.

To help you get started, we prepared a list of the most crucial skills included in all good accounting manager resumes samples:

  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Interpersonal skills
  • MS Office
  • Relationship building
  • Account planning
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Data analytics
  • Negotiation
  • Problem-solving
  • Social media skills
  • Spreadsheets
  • Creative thinking
  • Email skills
  • Phone skills
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Efficiency
  • Industry-specific skills

Don't forget about highlighting your skills in a a cover letter! 77% of recruiters said they would give preference to a job candidate who apply a cover letter. Do it yourself (smart hint - just google cover letter examples and choose the best) or skill up your resume with the help of the best cover letter writing service on Skill hub.

Apart from skills, to make manager resume examples truly job-winning, our experts recommend using job-related keywords.

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Add Contact Info to Your Resume

One of the most crucial parts of your accountant executive resume is the contact section. This may sound pretty obvious. However, though everyone knows that contact details have to be included, not everyone knows how exactly this should be done.

Everybody knows what basic details have to be there. Namely, this includes your:

  • Full name
  • Professional email address
  • Accurate phone number

Preferably, you should list it as shown in the  account executive resume sample contact section below:

Tom Smith, Accounting Manager,, 816-203-4156

These are the vital basics. Thus, you have to add all these details to your resume and keep them accurate and up-to-date at all times. But, what else can be there?

To make the most of your resume, our specialists recommend also adding a link to your LinkedIn account. This will help you add a personal touch. Besides, according to stats, almost 90% of hiring managers recruit candidates from LinkedIn, so it is also a great way to get noticed.

Add Other Sections to Your Effective Resume

So, you already know that every job-winning accounting manager resume sample should include the basics like education, experience, and skills. Should be enough to let recruiters learn more about you, right? Not really!

A good manager resumes sample should have in it not just that, but a great sample should show much more! It should show your interests and passion for being a great accounting manager. That is why it is always a good idea to add a few extra sections to your resume.

Just to give you a few examples, you can also add such resume sections as:

  • Relevant certifications
  • Additional activities that make you a good accounting manager (e.g. volunteering)
  • Conferences in which you participated
  • Industry-related publications in magazines, newspapers, online resources, etc.

Mentioning such achievements and additional activities can help you stand out among other candidates. The key thing to remember is that all interests and accomplishments should be related to the job description you want to occupy or the field in general.

Use Key Action Words

Most job seekers don’t pay much attention to the wording in their resumes, but that’s in vain. It may sound like a good idea to use the good old cliche words and phrases that have been tested over time. But, that’s a sure way to get your resume lost in the piles of others. And if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should use non-cliche resume keywords and action verbs.

Here are some of the most effective resume action verbs to add to your resume:

  • Designed
  • Developed
  • Communicated
  • Deposited
  • Performed
  • Generated leads
  • Ensured compliance
  • Marketed
  • Sold
  • Written
  • Liaised
  • Supervised
  • Managed
  • Analyzed
  • Reported

Accounting Manager Resume Example

Hopefully, now, after we closely studied every part of a good sample managers resume, you know how to make your own flawless and get the most benefits from it.

In the end, we have to confirm that writing a job-winning account management resume can get rather tricky. There are quite a few tricks and peculiarities to keep in mind. So, let’s go over the key takeaways one more time:

  • The best format for accounting manager resume examples is reverse chronological, as it gets your point across quickly and efficiently.
  • Your resume should focus on job-specific skills and achievements that are supported with some hard numbers for greater persuasiveness.
  • Pay special attention to your resume summary to make it engaging and effective, but be sure to keep it concise.
  • Always check the job descriptions carefully to be able to tailor your resume to any specific requirements.
  • Ensure that your resume mentions your education, key skills, work experience, and contact information.
  • Use job-related resume keywords and action verbs.
  • Benefit from adding other sections to your resume. Use additional sections to tell potential employers about your biggest accomplishments, prove that you are the right candidate, and make yourself stand out from the crowd.
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