Data Entry Clerk Resume Sample

A quick overview of what we’ll be revising in this guide: 

  • Best format/layout for your resume
  • Data Entry Clerk Resume Sample
  • Resume Summary and Resume Objective
  • Work Experience for Experienced Professionals and Entry-level Professionals
  • Education Section
  • Skills
  • Tips on Standing Out
  • Pointers to Make Your Application Stand Out
  • Major Points

The ultimate aim is to emphasize the most relevant details in your resume, so that it gets you the job, and put aside any unnecessary fluff. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average data entry clerk’s salary at $35,940 per year and $17,28 per hour.

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How to Format a Data Entry Clerk Resume 

You can format your resume in the Reverse Chronological format (RC). It’s the most popular resume sample format and: 

  • RC format makes it faster for recruiters to read through it.
  • Many employers demand or prefer the RC layout for resumes.

There are other formats as well, but we recommend the RC type for your data entry clerk resume format. Other formats include the Functional format and the Combined format.

Data Entry Clerk Resume [Sample] 

Below is a good Data Entry Clerk resume that you can reference. On the other hand, you should always remember to modify your resume and cover letter for each job application you send out. Focus on what the employer is looking for, and emphasize why you’re the best fit for their hire requirements. 

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Resume Summary:

Data Entry Specialist with 4 years of prior experience. Dynamic, efficient, and a problem-solver familiar with fast-paced and analytical professional duties. Seeking to add value in a new role.

Work Experience:

Data Entry Specialist

ABC Corp., New York, NY

January 2019 – August 2021

  • Managed a database of 1,000 accounts
  • Performed data preservation processes regularly
  • Decreased data retrieving time by 75% through conversion of all paper records into electronic records

Key Achievement

● Increased company’s overall efficiency by 60% by ensuring data input methods were fast and accurate through the implementation of data accuracy program


Data Entry Clerk

DEG Inc., New York, NY 

June 2016 – June 2018

  • Extracted substantial amounts of data regularly from Excel spreadsheets
  • Created internal reports from data and submitted them to Supervisor
  • Performed clerical duties such as answering the telephone, greeting walk-in clients 

Key Achievement

  • Assisted Supervisor in training 20 new data entry personnel


● BA in Business, XYZ University 2013 – 2015


  • 73 WPM
  • Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Accurate data entry
  • Highly organized
  • Effective Planning
  • Filing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing

 We encourage you to explore the following resume examples developed using our:

We’ve developed them for dozens of professions in all kinds of industries, from customer service to engineering. Moreover, we will keep updating the list each week with new professions and examples.

Resume Objective & Resume Summary 

The difference between a resume summary and a resume objective is that a resume summary is mostly used by professionals who have prior work experience in their field and are trying to find a new position in the same field. Resume summaries must also include your most important credentials, along with your strongest selling points.

A resume objective is best suited for entry-level job-seekers who don’t have a lot of work experience just yet. It should include a concise explanation of your professional aims and goals. Additionally, you should include the reason behind your job-searching, and even if you don’t have much experience, try to highlight your strongest professional traits.

Be concise and know what to use in your data entry clerk resume objective or resume summary. It is a pivotal stepping stone to win an interview.

Resume Summary [Examples] 

Be sure to use the active voice in Resume Summaries and include relevant work achievements. Integrating a writing style that focuses on what you’ve achieved and improved in a previous workplace helps you stand out. 

Many details in your resume such as this can help you stand out in the job market.

Wrong Example ❌

Data Entry Clerk with 5+ years of experience. Capable of basic clerical duties, experienced in data entry, data correction, and data entry accuracy. Looking to fill a new and similar position.

Right Example  ✅

Focused, fast, and meticulous Data Entry Specialist with 5+ years of prior experience working at ABCDE Tech. Proved proficiency by introducing new data input methods that increased the company’s efficiency by 40%. Helped develop a software program that corrected data entry errors and boosted data entry accuracy by 10%. Seeking to add value in a new work environment. 

Check out our other data entry clerk resume samples to really get an idea of what you should craft.

Resume Objective [Examples] 

What makes a good or bad data entry clerk resume objective? Here are some examples:

Wrong example ❌

Motivated job-seeker with prior experience in a front-desk role for 6 months. Searching for a job as a data entry clerk in a nice company. 


Right example ✅

Motivated, hard-working, and a meticulous BA in Business graduate, seeking to find a professional role as a Data Entry Clerk. Driven to learn and improve data management skills in order to help companies maintain excellent databases. Seeking to leverage acquired knowledge from an internship role at ABCDE Corp.

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Resume Examples [Experience] 

To properly list resume work experience in a Data Entry Clerk resume, the most used format lists your most recent work experience/position at the top. You should include:

  • Your job titles
  • The companies you worked for
  • The duration of your employment in said company
  • Your duties
  • You should also include your most relevant accomplishments/key accomplishments while working in the company

The active voice should be employed for this part of your resume. 

Entry Level Data Entry Clerk Resume [Experience] 

For entry-level applicants or ones with no work experience, start by listing internships at the top of your Resume/Work experience section. A resume for data entry clerks with no experience can really benefit from an internship. If you don’t have one, try applying for one as soon as you can. 

If you haven’t done an internship, and have zero work experience – try placing your education section at the top, writing in detail about anything relevant to the position you want to apply for (courses, certifications, projects, voluntary work, academic responsibilities, part-time jobs).

Entry Level Data Entry Clerk [Sample] 

Make sure that your Resume Experience section is engaging. Here are some data entry clerk resume examples for the experience section:

Wrong example ❌

Work Experience

Clerk Intern


  • Entered data as required
  • Answered phone calls 

Right example 

Work Experience

 Clerk Intern

 ABCD Inc.


  • Entered data accurately in Company Database and maintained 100 accounts
  • Assisted with bookkeeping and filing, as well as answering phone calls 

Performed data backup regularly 

Key Achievement: 

  • Achieving 70+ WPM after 2nd month in internship position

Education Section

In a Data Entry Clerk Resume for entry-level applicants, you can place the education section above the work experience section, and add bulleted and detailed lists of relevant academic achievements, creations, projects, activities, etc. This will help make your resume more attractive.

If you have enough work experience, then you don’t necessarily have to do this since the requirements are a little bit different.

For entry, associate, and senior-level applicants, your education section should include:

  • The university or high school you graduated from, along with the corresponding years
  • Certifications for online courses that you signed up for that are relevant to the position

Data Entry Clerk Resume Examples [Education] 

Here are some good and bad examples of the Education Section from our Data Entry Clerk Resume samples:

Wrong example ❌


BA in Business, XXX University


  • Received Degree
  • GPA 3.2

Right example ✅

Education and Certifications

BA in Business, XXX University


  • Relevant Coursework: Data Science, Communicative Organization
  • A part-time employee at University’s library
  • Obtained Microsoft Office Certification

Skills on a Resume for a Data Entry Clerk 

Show off skills relevant to being a Data Entry Clerk (hard skills), but also add resume skills that show your value and traits as an employee(soft skills). Remember to list the most relevant skills that the job requires each time you apply for one. Which skills are needed for your career field?

Here are some examples of skills you can list down from our data entry clerk resume samples: 

Hard Skills: 

  • 73+ WPM 
  • Microsoft Office 
  • Data Analysis

Soft Skills: 

  • Communication
  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Team-oriented

Data Entry Clerk Resume Examples [Skills] 

Here is a good and bad example of the Skills section from our Data Entry Clerk resume samples:

Wrong example ❌

Listing skills that are not relevant to the job.

  • Singing
  • Golf
  • Skiing

Right example ✅

  • 72 WPM 
  • CRM systems 
  • MS Excel
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Entry
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Customer Service
  • Organization Skills

Pointers to Make Your Application Stand Out

You can add additional sections in your resume to help it stand out, get chosen by recruiters, and possibly land you an interview:

  • Add sections that showcase hobbies and interests that are related to the field you’re interested in.
  • Send resumes in PDF, so that their layouts are locked in place when being viewed.
  • Showcase languages you are fluent in or speak.

Data Entry Clerk Resume Examples [Other Sections] 

Adding other sections can help your resume, especially if you’re entry-level and have no work experience. However, you still have to make sure that it looks professional and is related to the job you’re applying for.

Wrong example ❌

Extracurricular activities

  • I enjoy skiing.
  • I enjoy learning the guitar.

Right example  ✅

Extracurricular activities

  • Regular volunteer worker in XYZ Nursing Home as front-desk employee
  • Learning Computer Science

Major Points

If you really want to land a job, we recommend that you get a professionally written resume from our experts who can produce a high-level resume effortlessly, and at the highest level of proficiency. Our team of professionals knows exactly how to write a data entry clerk resume.

Your resume needs to be well written but most importantly, it has to be able to stand out to recruiters. Use a professional executive resume writing services to get yours written today – it’s affordable, it’s a smart investment, and it will alleviate you of the stress of having to do everything by yourself.

On the other hand, here are the key points from our guide:

  • Use a resume summary if you have a significant amount of work experience, and a resume objective if you don’t have much experience yet.
  • Apply bold letters to bring attention to your most relevant skills and achievements.
  • Use the active voice as much as you can, be concise with everything that you write down, but be sure to include relevant details and accomplishments.
  • Modify your resume to show that you’ll fit with the company and job you’re applying for – for entry-level applicants make sure you write a resume objective that caters to what the company needs, and not just your personal goals. 
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