Front Desk Resume Sample

In this guide, we will provide advice on practically everything that makes up your resume:

  • what to write
  • where to write it
  • info on the different sections
  • the key differences between a resume summary and a resume objective
  • everything else that will guarantee that your resume will work to your advantage

Moreover, you’ll learn how to fill up your front desk resume sample accordingly if you don’t have much experience. Fresh and new applicant? Don’t worry, there are countless ways to improve your work process.If you're in a rush to get hired, pay for resume services and have it done ASAP. Trust a professional and have your job application completed to the highest standard.

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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average front desk salary at $28,080 per year and $13,50 per hour.

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Front Desk Resume [Sample] 

Below is how a good front desk resume format should look like. On the other hand, you should always remember to modify your resume sample and cover letter layout for each job application you send out. Focus on what the employer is looking for, and emphasize why you’re the best fit for their requirements. This will ensure you will get your interview. 

[Full Name]

[Email address]

[Phone number]


Resume Summary

Here is a resume summary sample for front desk. Designing your front desk resume based on it is a quick and efficient way to go about your job search. It is pretty generic in terms of recruiters’ requirements but most would be willing to at least give you a chance to see if they want to hire you.

Receptionist with 3 years of prior experience working at [……] Inc. Graduated from XYZ University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. In-depth knowledge of the corporate environment with a high level of professional dynamism – worked as a receptionist and as a traveling personal assistant for company CEO (substitute). Received Clerical and Administrative Employees (State) Award in 2020.

Work Experience

Corporate Receptionist

XYZ Inc. 

July 2019- June 2021

  • Handled administrative obligations for the company diligently
  • Managed CEO’s calendar and appointments as a temporary substitute PA for 6 months
  • Handled communications across departments by managing phone calls, and redirecting clients and new visitors to the right departments
  • Helped maintain overall organization, safety, and efficiency for the company by 40%

Key Achievement

● Won Clerical and Administrative Employees (State) Award 


Junior Receptionist 

ABCD Corp.

 January 2018 – June 2019

  • Handled the front desk by managing walk-in clients
  • Managed phone calls
  • Helped with filing and inventory tasks

Key Achievement

  • Earned the “Junior Employee of the Month” award in March 2018 – only 3 months after employment’s start.

Education & Certifications

●     BA in Communications, XYZ University 2016 – 2018

●     Certified Administrative Professional 2021


  • Customer Service
  • Time Management
  • Staff Management
  • Effective Planning
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Verbal & Written Communication
  • Filing
  • Scheduling
  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

The difference between a resume summary and a front desk resume objective is that a resume summary is mostly used by professionals who have prior work experience and training in their field and are trying to find a new position in the same field. Resume summaries must also include your most important credentials, along with your strongest selling points.

A resume objective is best suited for entry-level job-seekers who don’t have a lot of work experience just yet. It should include a concise explanation of your professional aims and goals. Additionally, you should include the reason behind your job-searching, and even if you don’t have much experience, try to highlight your strongest professional traits for the future interview.

Resume Summary [Examples] 

Wrong example

  • Receptionist with 2 years of experience. Able to manage administrative duties, company communications, bookkeeping, and filing. Looking to fill a new and similar position. 

Why is this wrong? It’s too generalized and does not go into more detail. It is better to use the active voice in resume summaries and to highlight your achievements when you are trying to compete with other job seekers on the job market. The wrong resume sample showcases an ‘ok’ but an overall uninteresting type of front desk resume samples.

Right example ✅

  • Communicative and diligent receptionist with 4+ years of experience working the front desk. Formerly employed at ABCDE Corp. Boosted company efficiency and customer service satisfaction by 50% in the first year of employment. Managed an average of 50+ walk-in clients daily, while maintaining internal calendars, communications across 7 departments, and record-keeping and filing tasks alone. 

Resume Objective [Examples] 

The front desk resume objective is an integral part of any front desk resume example. Your prior training and experience are not as important here as your goals and aspirations.

Wrong example ❌

  • Highly capable worker aspiring to fill a front desk position, but with no prior experience. Very organized, communicative, and a strong problem-solver.

Right example  ✅

  • Friendly, and highly organized hard worker in search of filling up a front-desk role, with 1+ years of internship experience as a clerk at Z Corp. Looking to boost the workflow of any company, and ease administrative and clerical processes.

Resume Examples [Experience]

To properly list resume work experience in a front desk sample resume, the most used format lists your most recent work experience/position at the top. Each position should be a separate data entry.

You should include your job title, the company you worked for, the duration of your employment in said company, your duties, experience and you should also include your most relevant accomplishments while working for a given business. The active voice should be employed again for this part of your sample front desk resume.

Entry Level Front Desk Resume [Experience] 

For entry-level front desk employees or ones without any work experience, start by listing internships and responsibilities you assumed during them at the top. An internship can really help in getting more responses from employers. If you don’t have one, try applying for one as soon as you can.

If you haven’t done an internship, and need to create a resume for front desk with no experience – try placing your education section at the top, writing in detail about anything relevant (courses, certifications, projects, voluntary work, part-time jobs), anything that can be leveraged in the field of administrative work.

There is no automation when it comes to this part. Your experience is a highly personal thing. Use reason and common sense to compile a section that best fits a particular job you are applying for.

Entry Level Front Desk [Sample] 

Entry-level work experience sections will need to showcase the most important duties from the previous internship. It needs to show the recruiter why you might add value to their teams. Here are the right and wrong front desk resume examples you can use to create your own. Mind that the ‘wrong’ resume example doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get hired. But it will significantly lower your chances of acceptance.

Wrong example ❌

Work Experience

Receptionist Intern


● Worked for X company

● Handled assigned tasks

Right sample ✅  

Work Experience

 Receptionist Intern



● Provided customer service for walk-in clients and redirected newcomers to the right departments

● Handled filing, inventory, and bookkeeping

Key Achievement

  • Assisted 2 advanced receptionists and helped the company’s administrative and customer service operations run smoothly

Education Section: Things that Matter

During the creation of your resume, you can place your front desk education section above the work experience section, and add bulleted and detailed lists of relevant academic achievements, projects, activities, etc. Make sure to take specific job requirements into account. This will help make your front desk resume more attractive.

If you are not sure if you need a cover letter, read on Skillhub premium info:

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Front Desk Resume Examples [Education]  

The next couple of front desk resume samples deal with general stuff that you feel like adding even though they don’t fit into other sections. Depending on front desk requirements you may need to add some special education entries, your previous career achievements or your expected growth in the new position.

Wrong example ❌

 BS in Communications, XXX University


● Received Degree

● GPA 3.2

Right example ✅

BS in Communications, XXX University


● Received award for helping University as a volunteer staff member for front-desk operations, and signing up as library clerk assistant 

● Head of class in Organizational Communication

If you have no experience, read on how to write a resume with no experience.

Skills on a Resume for Front Desk        

Show off front desk resume skills relevant to being a front desk career field employee (hard skills), but add skills that show your value as a person as well (soft skills). Remember to list the most relevant skills in your front desk resume sample each time you apply for one.

Front Desk Resume Examples [Skills]

Skills you can list down:

  • Hard Skills: scheduling time and staff, filing, bookkeeping, data entry, CRM software, phone systems, invoicing, inventory management
  • Soft Skills: communication, teamwork, efficiency, organization, customer service, interpersonal skills, problem-solving

As stated before, it’s preferable if you place the hard skills at the top, followed by your soft skills.

Learn more about resume action words to stand out among other candidates.

How to Impress Your Recruiter

You can add additional front desk resume sections to your resume to help it stand out – this is especially useful if you are a recruit without much experience:

  • Add resume sections that showcase, abilities, hobbies, and interests that are related to the field you’re interested in
  • Try to send resumes in PDF so that their layouts and formatting are locked in place when being viewed
  • Add languages that you can speak or are fluent in. Be sure you can back up these claims though as it is likely to come up during an interview.

Our resume writers near me suggest to check your resume and ensure it is:

  • Informative
  • Selling
  • Memorable

Front Desk Resume Examples [Other Sections] 

To fortify your resume and make it look like one of the professional front desk resume examples, here are some tips on what you should and shouldn’t write for the [Other Sections]:

Wrong example ❌

● My hobbies include……

● I enjoyed helping the University with administrative……

Right example ✅

 Extracurricular activities

● Working as a volunteer in XYZ University to help run administration

● Taking online courses (…) to fortify clerical capabilities and skillsets


  • English (fluent)
  • French (advanced)

These front desk resume samples showcase how to properly present yourself to your recruiter. Individuals that are experienced in the art of job searching will tell you that occupations are rarely similar even if they are advertised the exact same way.

There is no need for ‘Other Sections’ in the cover letter change of career examples since it is a one-page document about your skills and experience. Meanwhile, use ‘Other Sections’ to show your authenticity and well-rounded personality. Try to persuade the recruiter of your professional interests and achievements.


How to write to impress a recruiter. Keep on reading:

  • Use a resume summary if you have a significant amount of work experience, and a resume objective if you don’t have much experience yet.
  • Apply bold letters to bring attention to your most relevant skills and achievements.
  • Write down performance figures in resume summary sections, and resume experience sections if applicable.
  • Use the active voice as much as you can, be concise with everything that you write down, but be sure to include relevant details and accomplishments that help you stand out.
  • Modify your resume to show that you’ll fit with the company you’re applying for – for entry-level applicants make sure you write a resume objective that caters to what the company needs, and not just your personal goals. 
  • Evidently, a good and clean template goes a long way, make sure the overall look of your resume is easy to read and tidy.

If you really want to land a job, we recommend that you get a professionally written resume from our best professional resume editors who can produce a high-level resume effortlessly, and at the highest level of proficiency.

Your resume needs to be well written but most importantly, it has to be able to stand out. Click here to get yours written today – it’s affordable, it’s a smart investment, and it will alleviate you of the stress of trying to figure out how to write a front desk resume yourself. So, why not get it done professionally? 

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