Human Resources Resume Example

A human resources resume sample can simplify the problem of completing your job application. It demonstrates the structural peculiarities of the document, vital sections, and information that matters the most for the resume. 

While many people believe that it is good to describe all the skills they have and operations led by them, it is not like that in real life. Using a sample resume for human resources, you can be sure that HR recruiters will notice your application and contact you to continue communication.

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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average human resource salary at $62,290 per year and $29.95 per hour.

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What Is the Best Human Resources Resume Format?

Any Human Resources (HR) specialist pays attention to the information in the candidate's resume. When people talk about format, they think about the structure and not the way the document looks. And the structure means the same as a format. It allows you to put separate blocks that include the most important information on diverse aspects of your career path, achievements, and personality in general.

If you are going to create your first resume, it is better to put all data in the reversed chronological way. By doing so, you allow the interviewer to see the most recent and relevant work experience. Your task is to craft a document that is easy to read and has clear fonts and a simple layout. Remember that the best resume format also presupposes a title and subheadings (if needed).

Here are some pro tips to consider while working on the resume format.

  • Research and find some apps or websites that help generate a ready-made resume online.
  • Never put information chronologically.
  • Suppose you want to create a noticeable resume for any position. You must use a PDF format while saving your resume. Such a format is machine-readable and looks excellent on both PC and mobile phones.

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Human Resources Resume Objective or Resume Summary

The human resources resume objective is slightly different from a summary. The first one is a short statement regarding the candidate's career goals. In this block, you may share your striving for a job or industry you would like to work in. 

The second one is a short description of the qualifications that would interest professional human resources. You can mention your skill set, the essential training you completed, past occupations, or why you are interested in the position. Whatever you choose to include would engage a recruiter for further reading.

Human Resources Resume Summary [Examples]

A resume sample excludes irrelevant facts. Thus, the summary must be concise as well. Here are the right and wrong human resources resume summary.

Wrong Example 

  • Experienced and persevering HR specialist with top-notch communication and interview process organization skills, looking for a job. 

Right Example 

  • Human Resources specialist with 2+ years of work experience in fulfilling staffing requirements. Thanks to outstanding organizational and communication skills, I managed to launch and carry out numerous projects that increased the company's productivity by 40%.

Using the correct wording, it is possible to attract the most demanding recruiters in the world job market.

Human Resources Resume Objective [Examples]

You should consider a human resources resume objective as a pitch of the document. Keep in mind that it is not an obligatory part of the resume despite the stories you have heard; thus, you may skip the objective if you wish. However, if you do include the block in your resume, a well-written objective can catch a recruiter's eye for sure.

Learn more on professional resume objectives.

Wrong Example

  • I'm looking for a job where I can fulfill my career goals and gain more skills to complete the company's strategic plan.

Right Example 

  • A Human Resource manager seeks a job where experience in employee relations, profound communication skills, staff training, and project management will enhance the company's strategic plan.

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Human Resources Resume Examples [Experience]

The human resources resume example must have a section with your work experience. You should list all the experiences that correlate with the position you are applying to and can benefit the business. The format of a professional human resources manager resume presupposes the use of the bulleted list. Here are some things to consider: 

  • if you have 10+ years of experience, it would be better not to include some first jobs — add relevant experience and duties only;
  • follow the format;
  • write the data in a reversed chronological way, indicating the years spent on each position; 
  • to prove your technical efficiency, mention your accomplishments from the past HR positions.

Learn more about resume action words to stand out among other candidates.

Human Resources Resume Template

Searching for a resume template for human resources, you will find the list of several most popular formats. It would be twice as better if you found samples that actually helped candidates receive the desired offers. According to a recent HR statistics report, hiring managers highlight several requirements while looking through the document:

  • work experience;
  • cultural fit; 
  • presence of the cover letter;
  • college and GPA.

Here is an example of the HR resume template.

Joan Holmes

Williamsport, PA

Human Resources Assistant

(123) 456-7890

Through my career in human resources, I have focused

on the employee satisfaction. I attend to leveraging my skills

and the ability to establish meaningful relationships at a fast-growing company.

Work Experience

Wire - Human Resources Assistant

July 2019 - current

  • Assisted in recruiting for salaried roles via email and LinkedIn.
  • Informed employees about benefits, wellness packages, and company policies.
  • Advised on company regulations and rules to maintain specialists' consistency.

NeoDrive - Human Resources Intern

March 2019 - July 2019

  • Actively sourced candidates via LinkedIn for technical roles.
  • Improved the response rate among candidates through messages iteration from 12 to 24%.
  • Communicated with candidates on all the application stages and kept corresponding documentation.


Pennsylvania College of Technology 

Bachelor of Business Administration Williamsport, PA

September 2014 - April 2019

Relevant courses: Human Resource Analytics, Human Resources Management


  • Proactiveness and being able to organize the working process.
  • Flexibility and the ability to adapt to diverse circumstances easily.
  • Demonstrating excellent results in employee retention, recruiting coordination, and compliance. 

Human Resources Manager Resume [Experienced]

If you are striving for a particular position but do not have much experience in the sphere, it is not the end of the world. There are still some things you can include in your human resources resume. The idea is to use a human resources resume example to craft a convincing document so that a recruiter notices a resume of a junior-level specialist. 

Here is how an inexperienced candidate can handle the corresponding section:

  • use technical terminology to bullet list the career achievements related to the job; 
  • mention responsibilities that can interest the recruiter and provide a reason why these duties matter for your future job.

Entry Level Human Resources Resume [No Experience]

Some candidates may not have work experience at all. Nevertheless, it is not a problem if you follow some tips. The professional human resources specialists understand that young candidates cannot have specific knowledge if it is their first job; thus, people must include only vital facts about their previous activities. Here are the wrong and right experience sections from the human resources resume examples.

Wrong Example

  • I worked as an intern at the [name] company working as a headman's assistant. I do not have experience in the HR sphere; however, I think this experience can be helpful for the position. 

Right Example

  • During my internship in 2019, I worked as a headman's assistant at the [name] company. My daily tasks presupposed organization of the workday, preparation of the documents, and communication with both employees and the company's partners. I successfully assisted the headman and supported her in the times of her absence due to business trips. 

It is critical to be specific about the things you were in charge of, your activities, and results. Do not tell the stories; tell the facts, as this can impact your personality acceptance. Don't forget about writing a cover letter. It increases the chances your resume will be read.

Learn more about google cover letter template. It's highly organized and well-structured.

Education Section: How to Present It?

The education section is also vital for your human resources resume, so you must know how to put it on a resume. Some recruiters may pay special attention to the education block, as technical or medical skills may be crucial for the position. 

At the same time, education for human resources can be a piece of secondary information. Therefore, it depends, and you should check if the job description includes any information regarding the importance of the block.

The creation of the section presupposes the following:

  • indicate the school, college, and university you attended; state the years you graduated;
  • consider subsections such as "Certifications" and "Honors";
  • do not mention your GPA if it is not required;
  • do not lie about your education.

Human Resources Resume Examples [Education]

A candidate can be either highly descriptive or relatively brief, depending on his or her academic records. The section demonstrates your academic growth. A professional human resources specialist should have no trouble finding the corresponding block, so pay attention to the most recent resume format. Below, you can see the right and wrong resume examples of the education section.

Wrong Example

  • Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy Erie, PA
  • Pennsylvania College of Technology Williamsport, PA

Right Example

  • 2001-2005 Pennsylvania College of Technology, Bachelor of Business Administration Williamsport, PA
  • 1997-2001 Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy, High School Diploma Erie, PA
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Skills on a Resume for a Human Resources

The section that covers a candidate's skills is essential even though many people tend to ignore it. Such candidates miss out on the vital role of the HR skills in a resume sample. Enlisting profound and excellent skills one by one is not the best idea. It would help if you mulled over the formulation, strong adjectives, and verbs. On the other hand, you should also be honest and do not go over the top.

The skills section of the human resources resume says a lot about a person for a recruiter who looks through dozens of applications. Considering this, you may try to wear a recruiter's shoes and realize what skills you may add. Besides, the career field can be beneficial: many companies have the requirements, including essential skills for the position. You can play with the wording and use the job description information for the section.

Human Resources Resume Examples [Skills]

The skills section is relatively concise and up to a point. There is no need to expand it and write about every skill you have. The human resources skills are specific; thus, you must filter all your skills and define the ones that work well for the desired occupations. Below, you can see how the right and wrong skills sections look like.

Wrong Example

  • I am organized, flexible, and responsible.

Right Example

  • Capable of organizing the work process in the team.
  • Well-adaptable to diverse situations.
  • Excellent communication skills; can find an approach to different individuals.
  • Good at multitasking and can set priorities for better productivity.

Tips On Making a Stunning Resume

The human resources resume sample has several obligatory resume sections, including work experience, education, skills, contacts, and objective/summary. There are other sections, however, that you may want to put in your resume. Some of the additional and optional resume sections are as follows:

  • volunteering experience;
  • honors or awards;
  • suitable licenses;
  • interests or hobbies related to the HR sphere;
  • publications;
  • notable projects.

If you decide to put optional blocks in your resume, make sure they will be interesting for people who recruit you.

Make sure optional blocks are job-related and tell a great story of your career. To maximize your chances of landing the job, add a cover letter. Find more info here on how to tell a career story with details that persuade the recruiter you’re the right fit for the job.

Human Resources Resume Examples [Other Sections]

As you may have understood, you can include additional sections in your professional Human Resources resume only if these make sense in the context of the position. Here are the wrong and right HR specialist resume sample of other sections.

Wrong Example

  • I have been swimming professionally for five years.
  • I love traveling and have a collection of antique spoons from different countries.

Right Example

  • I have a YouTube channel where I discuss tips and tricks for those who apply for diverse positions.
  • Since 2015, I have been a co-creator of a [name] website that focuses on HR educational material.

Key Points to Remember

If you are interested in the HR sphere, you must know how to write a Human Resources resume correctly. In other words, you will need to learn the formatting and required sections, as well as understand what information is irrelevant so that the recruiter can easily scan the document and find the most important data. 

In this article, you've learned about all these things. A recruiter has specific requirements for the HR specialist resume sample; knowing these, you can see how to craft your document. Remember that you should follow the structure, work on your professional language, be concise, and tell the truth.

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