Office Manager Resume Sample

The office manager position is one in the high demand in the job market. If you enter this competition, you need to provide a top-notch resume for the HR managers. To do so, you may check out a resume example from this guide to get a firm grasp on the subject. Office manager duties include overseeing the human resources, providing the scheduled compensation, and monitoring the working process as well. An office manager resume sample includes all the necessary sections that you should put in your document to highlight your competence in executing these operations.

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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average office manager’s salary at $99,290 per year and $47,73 per hour.

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Best Resume Format for an Office Manager 

The formatting and the layout of your resume is the first thing that HQ managers notice that's why you need to choose the best structure an a best fonts for resume. You compete with hundreds of other candidates for the job application. Your resume must be irreproachable in all ways, including the formatting. The office manager resume format  may go in three standard resume sections: chronological, functional, and hybrid:

  • Chronological. This type of resume format highlights your work history. The consistent work history emphasizes your professionalism and devotion to your duties. However, chronological formatting may highlight evident gaps in your working history. 
  • Functional. This resume format puts an emphasis on your achievements and skills. If you have gaps in the working history, a functional resume format may compensate for it. However, it may not suit all of the companies and HRs
  • Hybrid. This resume format fits mid and senior-level professionals. Here you may enlist both, the best achievements and the consistency of work history. At the same time, you need to be selective because, in this case, the resume may exceed two pages. 

Besides the layout for the resume sample office manager, you need to pay attention to the e-document format. The most suitable option is the PDF format because Word documents may not work correctly on different systems. Don’t forget to check out the permission for the PDF format before submitting your resume. 

A resume template of an Office Manager

John Doe

Randomtown, WA, 99999 l Contacts: 937-55-5555 l l LinkedIn URL

Office Manager

An office manager resume has to include your personal qualities. For example: 

A devoted employee who contributes to the overall team’s performance.| Always ready to assist in any task given. 

  • A dedicated professional with superb administrative, technical, and executive-support skills. 
  • Efficient and practical task-resolving skills that help to deal with the employer challenges and increase the bottom line. 
  • A skilled builder of relationships inside the collective. Exemplary conflict-resolving skills and personified approach to the employees. 
  • An advanced PC user, professional operation of the MS office programs package. 

Core Skills

Office Management

Supervision of the

Staff competencies
and coaching. 

Composing Procedure
and Policies manuals

Documentation preparation

Work with databases and

Work with bookkeeping,
bank accounts and

Management of records


Inventory overseeing 

Optimization of the expenses rate


Random store, random town, WA | 2010 to present

Office Manager, 2014 to present

Secretary, 2011 to 2014

Office Clerk (temp via Random agency), 2008 to 2009

Received consequent promotions during the work period in the random store. It resulted in the current responsibility for coordination of office functioning and supervision of an administrative professionals team. 


  • Development of the optimized workflow and operations to redistribute increasing responsibilities dictated by staff reductions. 
  • Decreased expenditures 15% due to the inventory control and standardization of the order procedures.  

EFG Company,  random town, WA | 2006 to 2010

Administration assistant 

Served as executive assistant to the management team, handled a busy phone system, functioned as primary liaison to customers, and ensured a consistently positive customer experience. Results:

  • Helped drive a 10% increase in customer satisfaction based on a customer survey in 2007.
  • Became a trusted assistant to company president, executive staff, and office manager and earned a reputation for producing high-quality work.


Random school,  random town, WA

Academic Diploma

The point of this office manager resume template is to provide the basic guidelines to meet the resume requirements. It shows a starting point for highlighting your primary skills and experience. 

Office Manager Resume Objective & Resume Summary

Usually, an office manager resume objective and resume summary are placed at the beginning of a resume. Their task is to engage an HR manager and to increase the chances for an interview to occur. The resume objective and summary include the goals of the resume. However, the summary puts an emphasis on the company’s needs and the training required. The resume objective, on the contrary, highlights the seeker’s aims for occupations. 

Office Manager Resume Summary [Examples]

The work world is a constantly shifting, changing place. The job market seeks catching and informative resumes. The office manager resume example provides you the basic guidelines, but they are not enough to compile a selling resume. Another vital point of your resume is its summary. A good resume summary highly increases the chances for a successful interview. 

❌ Wrong example: 

A passionate and dedicated office manager who seeks to fill the niche of an administrative executor. Great team management and task resolving skills. Two years of experience in an A firm, and a year of secretary experience in the B company. 

✅ Right example: 

Top manager with five+ years of experience. Looking for administrative workflow optimization and efficient human resources application. Improved the income coefficient for the A company by 1.5%. Contributed greatly to the overall collective’s efficiency by regular staff training. 

Office Manager Resume Objective [Examples] 

An office manager resume with a clearly stated objective is a contribution to the successful application at the work position. Objectives in resumes fit for the job market search when your mind is open to numerous possibilities. A resume objective needs to be laconic and precise, without any odd stories.

✅ Right example: 

Seeking a position in an ABC company where I can apply my 7+ years of management experience. It includes staff training, documentation handling, and payroll provision. 

❌ Wrong example: 

I seek a position with an income of 120000$ per year, comfortable surroundings, and a friendly population. 

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Office manager job description for resume 

The office manager has a wide variety of tasks to handle. Different companies may require various sets of management skills for the manager position. However, despite such a variety in the manager’s duties, the job description is formalized. These stable formulations will help to compile the resume and fill the necessary stories sections. 

An office manager job description may include the next tasks and responsibilities: 

  • Organization of appointments and the schedule of meetings.
  • Management of the relations with vendors, service providers, and landlords. Ensuring that all items are invoiced and paid in time. 
  • Ensuring office efficiency by planning and executing the equipment procurement, office systems, and human resources organization. 
  • Responsibility for recruiting staff for the office. Providing training and orientation for the new employees. 

These are examples of the manager’s duties and overall job description. Your office manager resume may highlight different applications, tasks, and skills at hand. 

Office manager resume examples [Experience] 

The experience section comes in the middle of a resume. Once you have captured the attention of an HR manager with your summary, objective, skills, and business you had. You may ground them with the enlisted experience. You may apply the office manager sample resume structure for your resume. The experience section includes data about the companies in which you worked and duties that you fulfilled. 

A sample office manager resume experience: 

Random Company, random town, WA,  2015 - Present 

Worked as an organizational administrator and staff mentor. Provided support for the executing office duties, managed processing and submitting of the payrolls and the office workflow. Received a promotion due to the high efficiency at the position. 

Office Manager Resume Education: What it must include? 

Certain companies may require the education section creation in an office manager resume. Education shows where you have acquired your skills and proves that you are a competent professional. The regalia of education may be needed as well. The education section shall not be too lengthy or over-detailed. You will cover your actual skills and experience in other sections of your resume. You need to include the place where you have acquired office manager education. If you are a recent graduate, you may attach relevant coursework. 

Office manager Resume Examples [Education]  

An education section is dedicated purely to the academic proof of your skills. Your achievements, character, and communication skills. You may see that most office manager resume samples denote the necessity in the education section shortness. 

Here are the education section resume examples: 

✅ Right: 

ABC Economic University, 2013-2019:

  • Master’s degree in the economic field 
  • Applied for refresher courses and professional growth

❌ Wrong: 

Random High School 2009-2013:

  • Excellent grade in English; great communication skills. 
  • Head of the yearbook committee. 
  • A basketball’s team captain. 

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Office Manager Resume Skills Section 

The career field of a manager is a vast field for professional growth and improvement. You may base your office manager resume skills section on the job description section and apply the formulas to your knowledge and proficiencies. Different office manager resume samples may provide you with the next examples of the office manager skills: 

  • Budgeting. As an office manager, your duty may be to oversee the regular office supplies for the stable office workflow. The payrolls for the employee are included. 
  • Office programs package. A vital skill for a manager is the advanced usage of office programs. They are an irreplaceable tool in almost every manager’s task. 
  • Written and oral communication. A manager is a person who manages a great variety of tasks and upholds the communication within the office structure. Excellent communication skills are necessary for a resume. 

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Office Manager Resume Examples [Skills] 

Office manager skills may be divided into hard and soft sections. Soft skills imply a more generic approach of individuals to the application, while hard skills imply a precise area of knowledge and specialization in manager’s occupations. Soft skills are not necessarily worse than hard ones, but hard skills are more preferable. Different office manager resume samples will provide you guidelines for both hard and soft skills lists. 

✅ A right skill list resume example

Professional skills: 

  • Hiring
  • Coaching 
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Finance

❌ Wrong example: 

I am good at communication, organization, and planning. May handle conflicts in collectives easily. 

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Make your resume stand out 

You have enlisted your skills, experience, and education. Still, your resume is declined, why is that? The office manager resume sections may denote your professional and competent skills, but they do not provide information about you as a person. You don’t have to turn your resume into a biography, but adding a few personal touches may help your resume to stand out. There are no strict rules about what to include in personal resume sections. However, it has to remain competitive and focused for HRs to recruit you. 

Office Manager Resume Examples [Other Sections] 

The key point of the other sections is to keep them related to the work position you are applying to. A professional office manager resume should not discard for your personal preferences and tastes. Instead, try to highlight job activities that contribute to your resume for office manager jobs. 

✅ Right example: 

Additional activities: 

  • Have a blog about financial education
  • Participate in a group of social support 
  • Active subscriber of a Journal for Managers

❌ Wrong example: 

  • I like to ride a bike and active tourism 
  • My favorite music genre is jazz. 
  • I scan rural landscapes on weekends.

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Final Words 

There are plenty of different tips and guides on how to write a resume for a recruiter to hire you. It depends on the format of a resume, your professional skills, education, and achievements. The point is to apply strategies relevant to your goals and demands of a company you are trying to apply to. The most useful advice for an applicant is not to be discouraged. You may try to revise your resume and have a few different variants for it which may fit different companies’ requests or you can use or Skillhub resume editing service help. Keep it professional and strict, and you will have a successful interview.

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