Personal Assistant Resume Sample

If you ever worked as one’s personal assistant, you know how much attention to detail is important. Just like in writing a resume for personal assistant. This article contains everything you need to know about the work process, personal assistant’s responsibilities, the resume’s format, and its content. 

You will find a personal assistant resume sample with Skills, Experience, and Education sections. For those with no experience, you will learn how not to skip the Experience section and make it beneficial.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average personal assistant’s salary at $39,680 per year and $19.08 per hour.

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How to Format a Personal Assistant Resume

A standard resume sample has a layout created according to one of the three formatting styles. Choose them wisely.

  • Functional. A great option for entry-level specialists who would like to showcase their skills and talents instead of the experience. 
  • Chronological. The most used personal assistant resume format. To let your job application win an interview, write down your job experiences in chronological order.
  • Mixed. This format has taken the best from both worlds. You can equally focus on your skills and experience in this case.


3 Top Best Resume Formats

Personal Assistant Resume [Sample]

Name Surname

Address (If not necessary, omit this part) 

Phone Number



(Your personal assistant resume may contain a Summary instead of an Objective. Check out the difference between the Objective and Summary lower). 

A detail-oriented personal assistant with 7 years of experience in providing support to top managers. Has mastered superb organizational and communication skills in the performance of administrative duties and event planning. Looking for a personal assistant position within a top company.


Hard Skills

  • Attention to detail;
  • Superb organizational skills;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Soft Skills

  • Basic software knowledge;
  • Quick adaptability and flexibility.


Name of the Company, State 

Job Position, Start Date - End Date

Lower, list the responsibilities and duties like in this part of the resume sample for personal assistant. 


Florence & Nightingale, New York

Personal Assistant to the company’s CEO, September 2017 - June 2020

Provided efficient management in both personal and professional areas. 

  • Managed personal and job correspondence; 
  • Scheduled appointments and planned firm events;
  • Organized traveling;
  • Utilized the company’s software for high-level organization and communication. 


Regardless of your experience, the recruiter needs this section to hire you. 

University or College Name, Date of Graduation

Name of the Degree (Minor: Add it if the requirements say so); GPA (also optional) 


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2015

Bachelor in Business Administration (Minor: Accounting); GPA 3.7

Additional Sections

This part is optional and depends on the secondary skills, awards, or hobbies you want to highlight. For instance:


  • Fluent in Spanish;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Intermediate knowledge of Portuguese and French.

Resume Objective & Resume Summary

Though the two sound familiar, there is a subtle difference between the summary and objective. 

  • Objective. Your personal assistant resume objective will contain a few sentences. It will persuade the recruiter that you have got enough training to apply for the job. It will also contain your career goals and state your best skills. When writing your objective, do not forget to mention what you are going to achieve in the job. 
  • Summary. As the name tells it, this section summarizes all your skills and experience in the industry. Perfect for specialists who want to win a job interview and have enough job experience to showcase.

Resume Summary [Examples]

In the majority of personal assistant resume samples, you will find examples that are too general. 


A highly organized personal assistant with 5 years of experience. Provided personal assistance to top CEOs. Good at making last-minute arrangements, ensuring travel experience and organizing events. 

If all job seekers write the same summary, the job market will have no competition. To let your resume sample work, add more details.


A superbly organized personal assistant with efficient communication and organization skills. In 5 years of assisting top managers learned diplomacy and flexibility. Excellent at multitasking and using a special company’s software. 

Resume Objective [Examples]

An efficient resume example will contain a resume objective that would be direct, official, and lack personal stories. 


A personal assistant which has worked with various population categories. As a professional, I do not mind making changes at the last minute because I am very flexible when it comes to time.


A personal assistant with superb organization and communication skills. Needs additional training in using an accounting program for managing the client’s finances.

Resume Examples [Experience]

An immaculate Experience section is rarely required to be a sample personal assistant. However, you should keep this section organized. 

  • List the duties you had at the last workplace. The recruiter must understand what you already know and what kind of training to add. 
  • Keep it short and simple. Your personal assistant sample might not include all your job data. If you have been in this particular business for a long time, just mention the main workplaces.
  • List your experience in chronological order. Especially if you have chosen the chronological or reverse-chronological format. 

Entry-Level Personal Assistant Resume [Experience]

Asking for new responsibilities is scary if you have no experience at all. 

Resume for personal assistant with no experience should be written in a functional format. In such a way, you will focus on the skills to provide a strong reason for the recruiter to hire you. 

Think of accomplishments you already have. Great at working with process automation software? Mention it. Volunteered at the local shelter? Add it. In this case, you show the recruiter that you are ready to learn new things and take responsibility for your actions. 

Entry-Level Personal Assistant [Sample]

The minority of personal assistant resume examples will be entry-level oriented. To get acceptance to do a new job for a manager, keep this section efficient. Check a resume example that went wrong.


I have never assisted anyone in doing anything. However, long hours of preparing for exams as a student taught me organizational approaches and the importance of time. 


Being a research assistant for my professor at college taught me the value of time and efficient communication. I have learned time management and organization skills which I use till this day and which will help me provide personal assistance in other fields. 

If you have no experience, read on how to write a resume with no experience. It's simple and well-researched.

What To Put In the Education Section

Adding education to a personal assistant resume is a must in all resume writing requirements. Certainly, there is no special personal assistant education nowadays. Nonetheless, a degree in business administration might be helpful. Or courses in management that will teach you time organization. Other courses which might be helpful are ones in communication or accounting if you are going to manage one’s personal finances.

Anyway, give all education details in the creation of your resume to prove to the recruiter that you are a multidimensional candidate.

Personal Assistant Resume Examples [Education]

In many job descriptions, you will find that personal assistant requirements might differ. Yet try checking various personal assistant resume samples to ensure growth in your career once you choose the field to specialize in. 


University of Southern California, 2018

Majored in Business Administration; GPA 3.6

  • Excelled in Literature classes;
  • Attended Spanish classes to expand my primary education.


University of Southern California, 2018

Majored in Business Administration; GPA 3.6

  • Excelled in Accounting classes;
  • Organized university events which require extra communication with other colleges and international delegates. 

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Skills On a Resume For a Personal Assistant

The Skills section is a top priority for entry-level specialists. Most of the personal assistant resume samples will have similar skills listed in this part of the resume.

Depending on the career field your client specializes in, you might need some special skills. For instance, being a personal assistant might not always equal being an executive assistant only. Some clients will ask you to do personal shopping and even take their children from school. Others will ask you to manage their finances. 

A few tips to remember while organizing your personal assistant resume skills are:

  • List them from hard skills to soft skills or make these subsections separate; 
  • Focus on hard skills more than soft skills;
  • Mention the additional skills like accounting if the job description requires it. 

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Personal Assistant Resume Examples [Skills]

Efficient personal assistant resume samples contain skills organized in bullet-point lists. Depending on occupations and individuals, professional personal assistant resume examples will have similar hard skills but different soft ones.


  • Amazing at time management and organization; 
  • Have superb communication skills; 
  • Very friendly;
  • High punctuality. 


Hard Skills

  • Extreme attention to details; 
  • Excellent organization skills; 
  • Excellent time management;
  • Efficient writing and oral communication. 

Soft Skills

  • Friendly character;
  • Time flexibility;
  • Ability to adapt to last-minute changes. 

How to Make Your Resume Stunning

To increase the chances of nailing that job interview you have been dreaming of for so long, add a few secondary resume sections. They will let your other personal assistant resume sections shine out and highlight your additional skills. In such a way, an HR manager will recruit you even if you have graduated recently or are a career changer. 

Section you can add are as follows:

  • Awards and Achievements; 
  • Hobbies;
  • Languages;
  • Volunteering;
  • Projects. 

Continue the list yourself!

Personal Assistant Resume Examples [Other Sections]

If you scan the web for a professional personal assistant resume, you will learn that not all resumes include additional sections. However, an average resume for personal assistant jobs wins more interviews. 



  • Reading books; 
  • Watching Netflix;
  • Playing basketball.

To make your resume work, add only professionally relevant information. 



  • Reading books about time management;
  • Listening to podcasts that focus on business development; 
  • Writing a blog that helps people manage their finances.

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Final Thoughts

Making a recruiter like you is a tough job. Especially if this is your first job interview or you have changed careers recently. But if you choose the right format and focus on organizing the resume sections in a smart way, you have all chances to nail your dream job. 

We hope that our source has explained to you how to write a personal assistant resume effectively. If you still doubt your skills in writing a stunning resume, contact us. Our best professional resume writers near me are equipped with the knowledge to create an amazing custom resume for you. 

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