Must-Have Skills in Computer Science to Get a Job

here are several professional paths one can take with computer science skills. Naturally, most of the occupations in IT are generally well-paid. If you are interested in becoming a computer science professional, learn how to present your accomplishments, and check out this article to find out: 

  • what technical and non-technical skills are on demand; 
  • top skills necessary to craft a winning resume;
  • how to improve your qualifications;
  • how to emphasize your skills in a resume.

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What Is Computer Science?

Generally speaking, computer science has to do with computational systems. Many computer science job opportunities are about software rather than parts of computers. 

All types of requirements for computer science job will mention coding and programming skills. If you wonder what role computer scientists play, take any smartphone or a computer. All the software in devices is a result of many computer scientists’ success. 

Computer Science Technical Skills 

There are several computer science technical skills one must be certain of when applying for a job. The main skills for computer science positions are as follows. 

  • Computer and technology. The applicant must know how computers work, ideally, both in terms of hardware and software. 
  • Software development. Very often, a computer scientist will know one or several programming languages. Any of them gives a good start in the field. 
  • Data analysis. Almost any IT profession requires skills in handling loads of data: from reports in spreadsheets and presentations to complex site architecture. 
  • Technical writing. A professional must be able to describe their work in words for other team members to understand it.
  • Math. It is hard to work in computer science without robust computing skills. 

Computer Science Non-Technical Skills

Apart from technical skills, effective teamwork will be hard for a data science professional without basic soft skills. Usually, technical skills are enough to perform as a developer or a coder. But if you want to move your team further, your duties will include some leadership skills as well. 

If you want to grow in this position, pay attention to non-technical computer science job requirements: 

  • attention to detail;
  • creativity;
  • communication;
  • time management;
  • teamwork;
  • analysis;
  • mentoring and training. 

Top Skills to Win the Dream Job

If you want your resume to consist of the top skills for computer science, it is worth mixing the technical ones with the soft ones. To attract recruiters or recruiting firms you apply to, make a clear picture of what you can do in the position. List the skills. Mention how they work in your projects and how you plan to improve them. Here’s our best pick:

  • manual software quality assurance;
  • JavaScript and Python programming languages;
  • leadership and time management skills.

Now, let’s discuss what it implies in depth.

Attention to Detail 

Attention to detail will be on top of the skills for computer science. No wonder, as a tiny error in a code will collapse the whole feature or a part of the product. 

Usually, in the IT field, the quality assurance work is to make sure there are no bugs in the way the program works. However, the employer usually expects the coder to review their code and look for errors in it. Hence, attention to detail will save a lot of your time. 


An IT specialist will not go far alone. Every product is a result of team collaboration and interaction. For that reason, communication is among the skills needed for computer science. It ensures you can be a part of a team. Plus, if you reach a senior or a team-leading position, you will have to talk to managers, clients, and your subordinates. 

The ability to build professional relationships and move the team forward is crucial for the success of the whole company. This is why recruiters will mind your communication abilities while making the hiring decisions. 


This field is about logic and computing. But one’s computer science skill set will be incomplete without creativity. 

Thinking outside the box is paramount to solving problems you have not encountered before. Actually, finding unpracticed solutions for trivial problems is what moves the whole industry forward. 

Try to come up with several solutions to trivial problems. Then, your candidacy will look way more attractive to employers. Approach the same task in different ways to develop this skill.

Time Management

It is ideal when a team works like clockwork. This is why time management is one of the skills required for computer science. It is important for a developer, tester, or coder to meet the deadlines they commit to. You should be able to manage your work and give realistic predictions about the time needed to complete it. 

Practice efficient time management by setting priorities and not overloading yourself or your team. It is better to overperform within the set expectations than fail after an overpromise. 

Programming and Coding Languages

It is clear that a career in computer science is impossible without coding skills. Your computer science skills resume must give a clear picture of what coding languages you know. Additionally, you can elaborate on the organizations you worked for. Then, mention the problems your performance solved. 

It is best to either show the variety of languages you code in or the levels of mastery in a single one to impress the hiring manager. Naturally, the best way to prove your skills is to take a short test assignment. 

How to Improve Computer Science Skills 

Informational technologies are now an extremely successful and expanding field. To keep your knowledge and skills relevant, you need to educate yourself all the time. You also need to meet all the requirements from the job description in your resume; otherwise, you won’t pass through the applicant tracking system (ATS).

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In addition, here are some tips from our team on how to improve computer science skills and keep them relevant throughout your career. 

It is about a genuine interest in the work you chose and about expertise exchange with your other team members. Follow what is going on in the industry. 

Follow Influencers in the Field 

There is plenty of knowledge out there. Find the computer science blog you trust and consult it should you have questions. 

Most computer science education happens when you already have a job and work in the required position. Look for fellow professionals on the Internet. 

  • Better Programming blog. Here you can find answers to your possible questions and see the recent cases of outstanding programming. 
  • David Walsh Blog. Check out a personal blog of an outstanding professional in the field. 
  • SoloLearn. This is a space where you can learn coding nearly from scratch. Also, look for professional insights and inspiration. 
  • CoderDojo on Twitter. It’s an account of a youth coding club.
  • Jennifer Dewalt on Twitter. Follow a long-time expert in coding.
  • Niamh Scanlon on Twitter. Admire one of the youngest computer science talents. 

How to Showcase Your Skills 

Your skills are as important in the application as their presentation. Make sure to draw attention to your candidacy by making your skills stand out. 

The list you make must correspond to the computer science requirements in the opening. This way, you will convince the employer you can fit the workplace demands and complete the tasks you commit to. Ideally, you should accommodate your resume and application to a particular opportunity. Yet, there are universal principles it is best to follow. 

Computer Science Skills in a Resume Skills Section 

It is clear that the recruiter will look for the skills relevant to the profession. Make sure to read the job description and its responsibilities well. Then, you can highlight how your computer science qualifications will contribute to the success of the company. This list will look more attractive within the context of the opening. 

Relevant Skills

  • Advanced skills in problem-solving
  • Can-do attitude and initiative 
  • Python and C++ coding
  • Time management, goal setting, prioritization, and communication
  • Data analysis and attention to detail
  • Working with diverse data libraries

Computer Science Skills as Part of Your Work Experience

It is important to list the previous workplaces right to impress the hiring manager. When listing your abilities and computer science skills for resume, you need to say a few words about how you applied those and how they contributed to the company. Here is a short example. 

Front-end developer,

BlockBuild Tech, 

North Carolina, 2019–2022

Developing the site interface in collaboration with web designers. Applying different coding techniques to achieve the designed result and satisfy the need of the end-user. 

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The Bottom Line

Writing a compelling resume is not usually among one’s core computer science skills. Yet, it is important to present your skills and experiences to engage the future employer. If you want to get more interviews with an impressive and top-notch resume, you can always get help from writing professionals. Whether you only have an idea of how it should look or an entire scope of information to systemize, there are writers ready to improve your hiring chances.  Impress employers with your resume and make a big move in your computer science career. 

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