Hospitality Careers and Opportunities for Every Skill Level

Hospitality is an ever-growing professional field to find a job in. It is a massive market with plenty of opportunities, especially in the post-pandemic times. Currently, people seek more connections, experiences, and gatherings. 

This sphere is dynamic. Even with basic hospitality skills, you can craft a winning resume and start collecting accomplishments. 

What Are Hospitality Jobs?

Hospitality jobs comprise anything related to the organization of events, rest, and entertainment. From catering to resort hotel ownership, this sphere exists to give its clients a good time on different occasions. 

Usually, the hospitality requirements for any position in this business are about communication and finding the right approach to every customer. This business sells impressions and experiences. So, the very people involved define the success of the organization or the team. 

Hospitality Technical Skills 

Contrary to popular belief, the skills for hospitality jobs are not limited to interpersonal ones. Every hospitality organization is a complicated system that is supposed to run as clockwork. Of course, it demands technical skills as well. For that reason, here is the list of the most important ones:

  • computer literacy; 
  • understanding of how to work with customer databases and digital tables;
  • workflow automation software or at least familiarity with it;
  • working with social media and communication platforms.

Hospitality Non-Technical Skills

This professional field is about interacting with people, understanding their needs, and helping them to have a good time. For that reason, there are many non-technical skills required for hospitality jobs. Employers expect their employees to have the following skills in this field to succeed:

  • multitasking for managing several processes during the event or in a resort facility;
  • resilience in handling the emotional pressures of the job;
  • communication skills to understand the needs of all customers;
  • conflict resolving for handling possible issues at the workplace.

Top Skills to Be Best in Hospitality Business

The top skills needed for hospitality of the best performers combine technical aspects and interpersonal skills. Do you want to grow into a manager and climb this ladder further up? If you answered ‘yes,’ you need to learn hospitality business management software while having robust communication abilities and talents. 

Recruiters seek outgoing and approachable people first and then teach them the technical peculiarities as they work. Hence, the formula of success is a communicator trained to work with CRMs and sheets. 


The communication skills of employees and supervisors are crucial for the whole company’s success. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small event agency or a resort hotel chain. The verbal, non-verbal, and written interactions with the customers give them profit. For that reason, the core of hospitality qualifications is about people. 

You can boost these skills by taking an entry-level position in a hospitality organization. The practice of talking to people will make you better every day. 

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are on top of any hospitality skills list. Working with people in such a business composes the major part of hospitality workers’ routine. They are expected to create a trustful yet professional relationship with customers and team members. 

People in such jobs must be approachable and caring, and it’s possible to develop such qualities. No boss expects employees to make friends with customers. Yet, effective communication and interpersonal skills are obligatory. 


Every hospitality business depends on the people that work for it. People and teams are what make a lasting impression on the visitors and event attendees. 

If you want to enter this field, you need to have interpersonal skills both in terms of client communication and team interaction. Hence, your future boss will want to see a positive and serious attitude to team duties in your hospitality skills resume. With all the staff having the same attitude, it is easier to provide visitors with satisfactory services. 

Planning and Management

The hospitality business can go nowhere without the robust managerial skills of the employees. Such a scope of skills includes planning, flexibility, coordination, and negotiation. 

Many events where people are involved can go south easily without proper planning and management. If you want to add this to your hospitality skills for resume, use online calendars and planning platforms for more effective growth. Also, think about any event as a problem with many variables to take into account. 


As we just mentioned, organizing a gathering is a large problem with many variables. To handle such tasks well, you need to include hospitality management skills in your set of professional abilities. 

Be ready for multitasking. Every proficient event manager knows that anything can go wrong while working with people. That’s why professionals approach it with a can-do attitude. Make sure your capabilities include stress resistance, patience, and creative problem-solving. People in such a business must be ready for anything. 

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How to Improve Hospitality Skills 

If you wonder how to improve hospitality skills for a successful career, rest assured the best way is to practice. Look for the junior-level work offers to hone your communication and team member skills. When you engage in processes from within, your professionalism will come naturally. Yet, there are some other sources of knowledge.

For instance, if you’re not confident in your abilities and find it difficult to beat the ATS, turn to career experts. Skillhub pros will help you underline your strengths and create a bot-beating resume, even if you’re a newbie.

Once you’re done with the perfect resume, look at what else you can do to improve your expertise. 

Follow Influencers in the Field 

The thing available for all aspiring people is online hospitality education. Follow the right people and accounts online to be in touch with what happens in the work field. 

Boutique Hotel News: the blog collects cases and best practices in this job from all over the world, giving its audience the key takeaways. 

eHospitalityTimes: this hospitality blog can come in handy for every position in the business. Whether you are a waiter or an executive, there are insights you will find useful. 

Hotel Marketing Strategies: the blog helps hospitality marketers stay on top of their game.

Foodable – @foodable on Twitter. Best reviews and inspiration. 

National Restaurant Association - @WeRRestaurants on Twitter: the association sets the standards in the restaurant business. 

Social Hospitality – @sochospitality on Twitter: the account helps give the best impressions to customers. 

How to Showcase Your Skills 

The first step into every new job in the hospitality business is assembling an impressive resume. To do so, pay attention to the requirements for hospitality management in the job announcement you want to apply for. 

Make sure the skills you present relate to the tasks that the position expects you to complete at the workplace. Make it professional and accommodate the list to a particular opening. 

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Hospitality Skills in a Resume Skills Section 

Usually, this section requires extra effort on your part. You might want to focus on the skills section, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in the field. 

Make sure everything you list within your hospitality skill set is relevant to the profession and the responsibilities it has. Here is an example of a good list of skills: 

  • flexibility in unforeseen circumstances;
  • working with planning and organization software (Google Calendar, Notion, Trello);
  • good at taking the initiative;
  • problem-solving;
  • robust verbal and non-verbal professional communication skills;
  • multitasking abilities. 

Hospitality Skills as Part of Your Work Experience

If you have previous experience in the hospitality business, make sure to present it to the hiring managers along with your professional abilities. It is best to mention specific hospitality resume skills you developed or the duties you performed while working in a certain position. Here is a brief resume entry example:

Sunshine Hotel, cleaning manager,


  • Keeping the supplies and everything necessary for the comfort of hotel rooms
  • Cleaning checked out rooms
  • Preparing rooms for new visitors
  • Diverse cleaning techniques 
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To Sum Up 

In this specific business, every day is an opportunity to develop hospitality skills. Most hospitality job requirements are about engaging with people and providing them with satisfactory experiences. 

If you want to go for a career in this field and get more interviews, be sure to use the help of a professional resume writing service. This way, you can highlight all the qualities and skills that make you a professional to compete with other applicants. So, get a winning job application and jumpstart your career in the field that grows every day. 

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