Scrum Master Skills

Scrum master is a vital part of any team responsible for product development. Scrum master oversees the whole process, communicates with the client and the team, and makes sure that everyone speaks the same language. 

Scrum master skills include both proficiency in the data science field and communication. If you are into becoming a Scrum master, this article will be helpful. From our affordable resume writers, you will learn how to craft a winning resume, how to sell your accomplishments, and what you need to know to get the job. 

Who Is a Scrum Master? 

Scrum master’s position was developed as a part of the Scrum framework. A Scrum master is proficient in Scrum execution and coaches others. If you want to engage in this position, you need to know that Scrum master technical skills have the same value as their leadership. If you want to get more interviews for a Scrum master position, you should have a wide range of experiences, including the skills related to IT development. 

Scrum Master Technical Skills 

A Scrum master position is not technical per se. However, some technical skills for Scrum master would be useful to organize the process more efficiently. The reason to know them is to create a stable ground for the future and give you some edge over other resumes for a scrum master position. 

When it comes to the efficient automation of the workflow, the next skills will be useful:

  • knowledge of one of the relevant coding languages (C++, C#, Java);
  • knowledge of the Agile software development process; 
  • basic knowledge of software testing. 

Soft Skills 

Knowledge of the technical side of the process is important for a Scrum master. However, Scrum master non technical skills are what make one a professional. The soft skills of a Scrum master revolve around efficient communication with people, both written and oral. 

A Scrum master should be a good negotiator and organizer. They should know how to coach people in terms of Scrum. A scrum master knows how to communicate with a client clearly and how to transmit the customer’s ideas to the team. 

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Skills You Need to Be a Good Scrum Master 

When you upload a resume for recruiting firms, you hope that recruiters will notice you and invite you for an interview. To achieve such an outcome, you need to have at least one of the top Scrum master skills. The next list is not exhaustive, but it will help you understand what skills make a good Scrum master: 

  • SQL; 
  • Agile methodologies; 
  • empathy; 
  • estimation and planning;
  • keeping track of the team’s activities.


SQL is an essential tool for Scrum advancement. It helps organize the structure of the project, keep everything at hand, and share resources within the team. However, if you are asked directly about years of experience with SQL, then you should consider another position. 

SQL became more an optional tool than a necessity in the modern working environment. Therefore, it is good to know SQL and apply this knowledge when it is needed, but it should not be the backbone of your Scrum master abilities. 

Agile Methodologies 

Many professional Scrum masters agree that Agile methodologies are not a set of particular premade solutions but a mindset. Agile methodologies imply that you find an approach to a particular team and implement their strongest sides in a stable workflow. 

Agile methodologies require a decent managerial background. In this case, you have a decent amount of approaches to choose from and build a unique working methodology for a collective. Agile methodologies are not a single answer for all situations but the ability to develop a unique solution for each case. 


Empathy may be considered one of the essential Scrum master skills. A good Scrum master cannot pull off a successful project if he or she lacks empathy. In that case, empathy is not the general feeling toward a fellow human being but an ability to maximize efficiency from the team’s members. Scrum masters work with specialists of different nature, and they should know how to motivate them and make the job done in time. 

Estimation and Planning 

A good Scrum master knows how to distribute the loading of the project among the team. In the end, the very essence of the Scrum methodology is to adequately evaluate the task and divide it into simpler pieces. A Scrum master should be able to know what their team can and can’t do and transfer this knowledge to the client.

With the task at hand, a Scrum master should know how to analyze the objective and distribute the workload accordingly. 

Keeping Track of the Team’s Activities

There are a lot of distractions and barriers that may keep the team busy with unnecessary activities. A competent Scrum master knows how to avoid these inconveniences and shields the team from them. The obstacles may be unwanted meetings, procedural complexity, working environment, or any other difficulty. The more Scrum master contributes to the workflow security, the more efficient the team becomes in the end. 

How to Improve Scrum Master Skills 

The Scrum master skills require regular improvement, just like any other set of skills. The most suitable way to do so after graduation is to take online courses and apply the knowledge to freelance occupations. It will take time, and the results won’t come immediately. Therefore, you should be passionate about the field you are applying to and make the most of the educational process. 

Online Education as an Entry Step 

There is no such degree as “Scrum master” offered by a regular education establishment. The Scrum master skills set is created by the modern job market. There are a lot of duties for a Scrum master, including data management, team coaching, and negotiation commitment. Therefore, you should search for online courses and focused coaching that will introduce you to the field or help develop your abilities in the right direction. 

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Follow Influencers in the Field 

A good way to advance in the Scrum master field is to follow influential figures. Blogs and Twitter accounts of Scrum experts would be a good place to begin with. 

Top 5 Scrum Master Blogs 

  • Agile Alliance. Agile Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the concepts of Agile software development. 
  • Mountain Goat Software. This Scrum master blog provides certified Scrum Master and Agile training. 
  • LeadingAgile. It’s a blog dedicated to Agile training, coaching, and transformation. 
  • The blog provides professional training and assessment in software delivery. 
  • Age of Product Agile. Check out tools, examples, and practical implications of the Agile methodology. 

Top 5 Scrum Twitter Accounts to Follow 

  • Ken Rubin. The author of “Essential Scrum.” His Twitter account includes a term of the day with the context in terms of Agile development. 
  • Mitch Lacey. The author of the “Scrum Field Guide.”
  • Ilan Goldstein. One of the founders of “Scrum Australia.” 
  • Geoff Watts. The founder of “Inspect and Adapt.” 
  • Ken Schwaber. One of the founders of “” 

Become a Part of a Network

One of the most efficient ways to improve Scrum master’s skills is to become a part of a network. Unlike scientist skills, Scrum proficiencies may be learned more casually. 

Naturally, you will need official certification, but communication with like-minded people and constant information exchange will contribute to your professional growth greatly. 

If there’s no local network, then you may start one by sharing useful materials and engaging people in efficient Scrum techniques.

Scrum Master in the Workplace 

A Scrum master is a person who works behind the scenes. Scrum master job requirements may include knowledge of technical specialties, but a Scrum master does not take part in the actual iteration or development process. Therefore, a Scrum master has a separate place where he or she can arrange meetings, plan Scrum runs, or provide necessary information for the team or a customer. 

Note that it is a mobile position. Therefore, a specialist is not glued to one place; a good Scrum master’s working environment constantly shifts and depends on the task at hand. 

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How to Showcase Your Skills 

When it comes to the Scrum master skills demonstration in your resume, you need to focus on the achievements that you acquired with these skills. The simple list of your abilities in a separate section won’t do; there are tons of similar resumes. You need to highlight why exactly you are the most capable candidate for a position. Besides, you may write the most prominent of your skills earlier in your resume, in the summary and experience sections. 

Skills for Resume [Example] 

The answer to the question “what skills does a Scrum master need” is too broad to include in a single resume. Therefore, you should single out skills that are most beneficial for the position you are applying to. 

Wrong Example ❌

Scrum master skills: GitHub, Meeting Facilitation, Agile Planning, Agile Coaching, Servant Leadership, Automation, Interpersonal Skills, Communication, Collaboration, Time Management, Idea Systems, Detail-Oriented. 

Right Example  ✅

  • Saved $500,000 due to company-wide automation drive. 
  • Ensured successful implementation of the Lean idea system. 
  • Coordinated efforts of two 5-person teams for 10 projects. 

Skills for the Job Interview 

Profound communication skills are at the top of the skills needed to be a Scrum master. Therefore, you should demonstrate them to the recruiter during an interview. 

An interview is all about it: your speech, your confidence, and the ability to ingratiate are the key factors for a recruiter to employ you. If you show the ability to communicate with ease and confidence, you are halfway through becoming a Scrum master. 

Sample for Scrum Master Resume Skills Section 

The skills section of your resume shows your capability to meet the Scrum master requirements for the position. The section should meet the general requirements of the resume formatting to be noticed by an applicant tracking system. Remember that ATS bots are sensitive in terms of font style and size. 

If you want to make it professionally, turn it to professional resume services that will highlight it on your resume.

Scrum Master Skills in a Resume Skills Section 

Scrum master skills may be divided into soft and hard groups. Soft scrum master skills imply more general knowledge of a subject (empathy, planning, and problem-solving), while hard skills are more precise (servant leadership, meeting facilitation, Agile planning, and forecasting). 

Your skills section should not be all about hard skills and excellence in each field. Highlight your strongest sides with hard skills and cover the rest with the soft ones to showcase your overall competence. 

Here are the skills for the Scrum master resume example. 

Soft Skills

  • Teaching and coaching 
  • Communication
  • Facilitating 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Empathy

Hard Skills 

  • Removing impediments
  • Creating communication channels (team, product owner, and stakeholders)
  • Servant leadership
  • Enforcing rules

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Enlisting Scrum Master Skills in the Resume Experience Section 

Skills are not reserved solely for the “skills” section. You may write top skills for Scrum master in your experience section. When you draw your career resources, you may highlight the brightest achievements in the previous positions and indicate what skills helped you in that. 

Wrong Example  ❌

TechHelper, Inc. 

Scrum Master


  • Scrum Master in TechHelper Inc. 
  • Managed several projects in three years. 

Right Example ✅

TechHelper, Inc. 

Scrum Master


  • Managed 2 Scrum teams. Worked with cross-functional teams. This resulted in an overall revenue increase from $1.2 million to $2.0 million in two years. 
  • Scrum master for 10 products, completed an average of 7% under budget.

To Sum Up 

Scrum master is a specialist who creates a comfortable environment for a development team. To do that efficiently, one must possess Scrum master skills that include Agile methodologies, technical background, and profound communication skills. 

You can place your brightest skills throughout your resume to make a hiring manager notice you. While you work on the Scrum master skills improvement, we can write you a winning Scrum master resume.

More examples you can find here.

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