Success Story: 6 Jason Feifer's Insights for Career Changers

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Ever since childhood, most of us have been dreaming about building a successful career in the field that we find the most interesting. As we grow older, the interests, as well as dreams and goals, change, which is natural. However, unfortunately, only a few manage to fulfill any of those dreams.

There is no secret that the job market is extremely competitive these days. This is a part of a reason that makes individuals give up on their dreams and spend years in occupations they don’t really like. And there are many other reasons as well.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that! Jason Feifer, the editor-in-chief of the well-known Entrepreneur magazine, believes that it is never too late to land a dream job. Read on to learn more about Jason Feifer’s success story and gain valuable insights that will allow you to work on jobs you love too!

Where to search for openings? How to meet the future employer’s demands? And how to prepare yourself for a career change?

Jason Feifer shares his insights to help you find the answers to these and many other questions.

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Start With Your Resume

In order to land a good job with a solid salary, an applicant should submit a flawless resume that will engage the recruiter. However, needless to say that building a solid resume for a career change is much harder as you may yet lack the training or experience required for the job you want to land.

The current editor of Entrepreneur magazine was lucky enough to gain certain experience in the field of his interest also he knew how to choose right cover letter format and resume format. So, by the time he went for professional growth, he already had a solid base. But, if you are a complete beginner, you can get help from a professional resume writing services and ensure that your resume will be flawless.

Ask Yourself “What Can I Learn?”

In the interview, Jason said that his attitude throughout his career can be described by a single question - ‘What can I learn?’. This is one of the biggest insights career changers should keep in mind if they want to succeed.

Prior to becoming the editor-in-chief of the Entrepreneur magazine, Jason has worked as a reporter at a number of small newspapers and also at some completely random jobs that were not related to the field he had chosen. He admits that he didn’t really like these jobs. Yet, he always approached each as an opportunity to learn something new that would help him reach his ultimate goals.

“Even as I got into magazines and started to grow my career I was not really all that concerned about the kind of magazine I was at. I was far more concerned about the tasks and what I was going to learn.” - says Feifer. And this is an approach that you should adopt to get the most of each stage of your career path.

Use the Available Resources

One of the biggest questions career changers ask themselves is where to look for open positions. Jason Feifer is convinced that finding job opportunities is not hard at all. During the interview, Feifer confessed that he simply used job listing boards to land his first job as well as subsequent ones.

This is a resource that is available to everyone, so don’t hesitate to use it. Apart from this, you can also use other available resources such as social media (e.g. LinkedIn) or network to discover opportunities.

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Apply to Multiple Openings

When we asked Jason Feifer how he landed his first job and how much time did it take, he responded that it was simple and rather fast. “There is nothing special to say about it. I applied to a number of jobs and got this one.” - says Jason. 

Persistence is the key to success in the job search. When you are open to different opportunities and apply to numerous jobs at once, the chances that one of them will get you hired are much higher. Thus, if you are planning a career change, be sure to apply to multiple openings.

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Build Skills Sets

Another tip Jason Feifer can give to career changers is to identify their skill gaps and work to fill them.

“Because of my thinking throughout my career about focusing on building skill sets I’ve learned a lot of things, like how to be good on camera and on stage and how to create a podcast.” Jason believes that it is his vast skill set that makes employers want to employ him as they see him as a good asset.

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Make Sure You Are a Good Fit

In order not to waste your as well as the potential employer’s time, be sure to apply for positions that suit you. Reach out when you feel like a particular opening is a good fit for you.

Start Working on Your Next Job Right Now

“Finally, a single best piece of advice that I would give to the people that are going to switch jobs: start working on your next job right now.” Even if you are currently employed at a different job, you can start making small steps towards your goals already now.

Look for ways to grow professionally and personally. And never postpone this for later. This will help you ensure success!

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The Bottom Line

Stories like the one of Jason Feifer can’t help but impress and inspire. These stories are full of dedication, passion, motivation, and, most importantly, hard work towards one’s goals. Such stories teach us one important lesson - everything is possible if you truly wish it and do something to reach your goals.

It doesn’t matter if you only have a high school diploma or are a qualified expert. It also doesn’t matter if you’ve been in your current career field for a year or 10+ years. It’s never too late to make a change and pursue your dreams!

We hope that the example of Jason Feifer, as well as tips that he shared with us, will inspire you and help you change your life for the better too!

Do you have questions about shared insights? Did you want to add any more suggestions career changers?

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