Top Career Tests and Quiz That Let You Know What is Best for You in 2023

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Imagine you chose work for your entire life, and now you don’t like it. “What went wrong?” you might think. Well, probably you didn’t know yourself well by that time or never used career apitude tests to check your skills and personality traits. Regardless of the number of flexible hours in the schedule or the amount of money, you’ll hate the work if it doesn't match your inner aspirations and strengths.

Everyone wants a fulfilling career with a promising future in employment. This is where career direction tests come to help.

In this article, our professional resume writing services near me will tell you:

  • what a career test means;
  • types of career tests; 
  • where to find top career tests and free career aptitude tests;
  • a list of top 10 career tests; 
  • advice on which test is best for you and your current goals. 

What Is a Career Test and How Does It Work?

Never tried a career test? It’s time for you to change it. A career test is an effective tool commonly developed by psychologists and researchers and measured in special trials. The best career aptitude tests go through a cycle of experiments and are thoroughly developed to give you best results. 

An effective career test won’t tell you the amount of money or the basic wage that would make you happy. What top career aptitude tests would tell you is the duties that have a great potential to make you happy. 

Top career aptitude tests define:

  • the candidate’s professional strengths and weaknesses;
  • the candidate’s interests and motivations;
  • the candidate’s personality traits and values;
  • the candidate’s skills.

Most career assessment or career personality tests will require one to pay a specialist who can professionally assess the results and give tips on choosing the most suitable career. Usually, the professional is a career advice expert who has a short session with a client later. During the session, they discuss the client’s concerns and can choose the client’s career path. 

However, if you don’t need long sessions to discuss your professional aspirations, you may only want summarizing results and interpreting them. This can be easily done with the ten top rated career path tests online.

Check the list of career and personality assessment tests we’ve prepared for you. Be ready to dive into your future of work right through your desktop computer!

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Lists of Top Ten Career Tests for 2022 Career Test is one of the personality tests to find career. It’s based on Carl Jung’s theory about extroverts and introverts. Sure, you can find a few other career tests like value interest inventory tests. 


  • tests come in a package;
  • great for choosing education;
  • predicts which job positions will suit your character the best.


  • the tool is not one of the top free career tests - you should pay for each test;
  • most tests found on are free on other sites. 

Conclusion is a well-organized platform and comes at a low price. It’s a great option if you need to define your professional skills and choose a school for a start in your career. 

MyNextMove: O*Net Interest Profiler Career Test

One of the best career interest tests nowadays, O*Net Interest Profiler, will take you to your career destination and won’t ask for any payment. During the test, you learn about six professional areas and choose which one excites you the most. 


  • one of the top career tests for adults;
  • free;
  • has a detailed explanation for each job area. 


  • some users may find it too complex and detailed. 


This career interests test defines your interests and explains what each career requires. For instance, if you fall into the Realistic area, you might like driving. However, becoming a driver and giving a lift to riders requires a driver's license first.

MAPP Career Test

Now, this is a godsend to a career searcher! Choosing a career tests has never been easy. But we definitely advise you on this one since it is one of the most comprehensive tools certified by psychologists.


  • has 71 questions in the beginning;
  • gives you a career outlook in the middle; for instance, working at a coffee shop means dealing with customers and products payment;
  • in the end, it tells you which colleges can give you the necessary skills.


  • some users may find the test time-consuming.


We think the MAPP test is one of the best personality and career tests on the web. It is fully free and guides you on skills and education one needs to get their dream job. 

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CareerHunter Career Test

This tool is one of the best career tests for adults. The CareerHunter Career Test contains six tests aimed to define and measure your skills, interests, values, and natural talents. 


  • CareerHunter cooperates with online knowledge platforms like Udemy. For instance, you like making arrangements, managing social media, and creating schedules. A career as a personal assistant might be a good match for you. Hence, the test will advise you which Udemy course will improve your skills. 
  • It is free when you use it for the first time.


  • Starting from the second trial, the user should pay for all tests. 


The CareerHunter is one of the best career decision tests with tons of career plans worth a try. 

Self-Directed Search Career Test

This test is the next product by John Holland’s Self-Directed Search. John Holland was a professor who created the RIASEC theory. According to the theory, people and job spaces can be divided into the following categories: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. 


  • one of the best career guidence tests, the Self-Directed Search Career Test takes only 20 minutes;
  • all you need is a computer and Internet access to the sites;
  • it suggests all details on education about your matching careers. 


  • some users may find it too general. 


One of the 2022 top career assessment tests, Self-Directed Search Career Test contains enough information to guide you through tons of modern careers and even build a free career plan for you.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Myers-Briggs based her test on Jung’s theory. Sometimes called the “16 personalities test,” Myers-Briggs Type Indicator explores the user’s values and interests based on four dichotomies. 


  • very effective when it comes to describing one’s values and focus in life; 
  • suggests tips on choosing your career yet is one of the career path tests; 
  • the whole site is a small universe of characters;
  • has a vast community.


  • additional career options tests should be paid for (however, they are a minority). 


The Myers-Briggs test is a fun way to explore yourself. The most surprising thing is how the test uses scientific knowledge to tell you about your natural hobbies and skills. For instance, it explains why you prioritize family or why you joined nannies one day and are so great at communicating with parents. 

PathSource Career Test

Like any other career test, PathSource suggests interview questions and creates progress reports after summarizing results of the questions. This app is especially effective for school students who can only guess what their skills and hobbies are. Explore your choices with the PathSource Career Test!


  • one of the top rated career path tests, PathSource has its own free mobile application;
  • has a list of colleges to choose from. 


  • more effective for school graduates-to-be than adults. 


If choosing a career tests sounds like a job to you, start with this test. Designed for the Millennial generation, the PathSource mobile app is easy to navigate and fun to explore. Regardless of your age, the PathSource is a versatile tool to use while looking for a college to enter or education to continue.

Career Explorer

The creators of this app claim they’ve used career satisfaction data and psychometrics to ensure the greatest accuracy ever. Yes, they’ve done everything to take career builder tests to a brand new level. Check it yourself!


  • uses machine learning models to ensure superb quality of the results;
  • has a pool of 800 careers to match you with;
  • suggests a field of knowledge for improvement.


  • passing a test may sound like a lifetime if you’re in a hurry;
  • definitely not one of the short career tests to consider.


If you’re currently in part-time employment and have tons of time to explore yourself, do it! Otherwise, you can use this test to encourage your family member to change their career if they have such plans. The test is surprisingly motivational. 

Sokanu Career Test

The Sokanu Career Test is one of the recent career assement tests that resembles the Career Explorer Test discussed above. Sokanu is a company built in 2012 by Spencer Thompson, who wanted to improve lives by creating tests to find career path. 


  • helps you define your natural talents and strengths;
  • has a pool of 1000+ careers;
  • suggests financial aid services.


  • takes time to explore the whole education platform. 


If your parents encouraged you to pursue an unfilling career because it was prestigious, use the test. This tool gives you an opportunity to pause your life and think about a dream job that can make you happy. The cherry on top - the community has career plans.

123 Career Test

This simple test is based on Holland Code personality types research. One of the quick career tests, 123 Career tool, uses images instead of plain text to measure the answers. For instance, you must choose whether you’d like to reinstate wallpaper or remove a cataract. Obviously, the answers are images to choose from. 


  • fun and quick to explore;
  • saves time.


  • does not give you accurate and extensive answers.


The 123 Career Test is a great way to blow off some steam before sending a resume to a recruiter. One of the best online career tests, the 123 Career tool is fun and simple. However, for a deeper career analysis, we advise you to focus on other tests. 

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Final Thoughts

A good career test is a popular tool among career advice experts to define clients’ interests and hard skills yet find the perfect job match. The good news is that nowadays, anyone can take career interest tests online for free. A career test expands your job research and helps you find a job that fulfills your talents and expectations. As our top 10 career tests in the article show, choosing a perfect option is possible. Try as many tests as you can, compare and contrast the results, and be patient. Good luck with finding your dream job!

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