The Best Highest Paying Jobs All Time

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Such spheres as healthcare, management, finance, law, engineering, and IT refer to the list of the highest paying jobs in recent years. The main reason for it is the set of valuable skills required for employment. So, if you want to work in the best-paying position, you need to choose one of these fields. 

Some of these jobs provide an opportunity for a flexible schedule. So, you can also choose one of the highest paying remote jobs in IT or management. However, it is not as easy as it looks. The employee should have advanced education because it significantly affects the salary. Also, licensure and extensive work experience are among the main requirements. 

Look through this list of the best-paying jobs to find the most fitting variant. 

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1. Surgeon: $216,248 per Year

The position of the surgeon is one of the highest paying jobs in California and other states. The scope of practice depends on the setting where the specialist works. But briefly, the main responsibilities of the surgeon include preoperative diagnosis, the operation itself, and postoperative treatment and care.

Here is a list of other surgeon general duties:

  • collect and analyze patient’s history;
  • develop treatment plans;
  • communicate with the family concerning all issues related to the operation;
  • cooperate with the team of health specialists.

The statistics show that this job position is in the top 3 of best-paying jobs. Also, the overall employment will grow up to 3% during the next 10 years. The main reasons for the high wage are irregular working hours and high pressure on both physical and mental health. They need to work for 12 hours or even longer and make decisions that influence one’s safety and even life. 

2. Internal Medicine Physician: $194,938 per Year

Internal medicine physician is the next best-paying job in the healthcare field. These physicians specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illnesses. Also, an internal medicine physician refers the patient to advanced treatment specialists after the initial diagnosis. General practice physicians are responsible mainly for periodic exams and common diseases treatment. 

There are also other general physician’s duties:

  • diagnosis and treatment of acute diseases;
  • prescribing medication and therapy;
  • monitoring patient’s condition;
  • preparing official medical documents.

The high internal medicine physician salary is related to qualification, special training, and schedule. In the nearest 10 years, a 6% growth in employment is predicted. However, the job seekers should be ready that it does not refer to low stress high paying jobs and accept the absence of flexible hours. 

3. Chief Executives: $184,460 per Year

The job positions of chief executives imply the highest-ranking employees in the company. The main responsibility of such specialists is to make crucial decisions that affect the whole organization. Chief executives jobs require higher education. So, you will need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business management or related spheres.

Here are the key responsibilities:

  • communicating with shareholders and the public;
  • creating the organization’s vision and missions;
  • making a strategy for the company’s development;
  • cooperating with other executive leaders.

Chief executives are not on the list of low stress highest paying jobs, as these specialists have quite a loaded schedule. Furthermore, their duties are varied, and the decisions may affect the development of the whole company. The latest statistics show that it will be one of the top-demanded positions because of the 4% increase in the next decade. 

4. Airline Pilots: $121,430 per Year

Airline pilot is also among the highest paying non medical jobs nowadays. The pilots and captains are responsible for the whole flight. They should monitor the pressure inside the airplane cabin, do preflight checks, control how much fuel is burned, and so on. 

The main duties of airline pilots are

  • creating a flight plan (including destination, aircraft performance, and weather conditions);
  • controlling the cargo weight;
  • checking all the systems before the flight.

This position also requires special qualifications and training. Airplane pilots should have a driver’s license, 20/20 vision, and excellent knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations and safety issues. 

When answering the question “how much do airline pilots make?,” it becomes clear that the specialization and hard working conditions affect the sum. This profession is demanded in the modern world, and the number of airplane pilots will increase up to 3% between 2019 and 2029.

5. Pediatrician: $180,202 per Year

A pediatrician is one of the highest paying jobs in Florida, as well as other medical professions. This position involves physicians who work with children. Their main responsibility is to perform checkups and treat younger customers. In case of complex health conditions, pediatricians refer the patients to other specialists. 

The pediatrician salary depends on the qualification and experience of the worker. It requires special qualifications and licenses. Typical duties of the general pediatrician are the following:

  • diagnosing physical/psychological concerns;
  • treating diseases and disorders;
  • ordering and analyzing procedures and laboratory tests;
  • completing various medical documentations.

High payment is related to the training and education of these employees. Also, this job is quite stressful, and pediatricians often work overtime. In the nearest future, the number of these medical specialists will grow up to 2%. 

6. Enterprise Architecture Manager: $168,762 per Year

Enterprise architecture manager is one of the highest paying jobs in the world, and the US is not an exception. These specialists coordinate all technical aspects related to engineering projects. Besides, they are in charge of the arrangements with customers and reviewing the budgets and contracts. So, the schedule of such workers is quite loaded. 

Look at the main responsibilities of enterprise architecture manager:

  • hiring and supervising staff;
  • preparing plans for the development of the design or new product;
  • research and development of projects;
  • checking the technical accuracy;
  • cooperating with staff and other managers.

It’s important to mention that the enterprise architecture manager salary depends on several factors, including qualification, the complexity of the project, and experience in this sphere. As it is a high-demanded job position, the number of specialists is expected to grow up to 3% by 2029. 

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7. Computer and Information Systems Managers: $146,360 per Year

Computer and information systems managers refer to the highest paying jobs in America like other positions in the sphere of IT. These specialists are responsible for various processes, including systems analysis, computer programming, Internet access, and electronic data processing. 

Duties of computer and information systems managers include

  • evaluating how the systems function;
  • managing a team of staff;
  • ensuring compliance with software licensing laws;
  • consulting computer users;
  • scheduling and implementing upgrades;
  • testing and modifying systems.

The management information systems salary is high because of a variety of responsibilities, overloaded schedule, and appropriate qualifications and training. IT is the fastest-developing sphere in the modern world. So, it is one of the most promising positions. The number of job positions in this field will grow up to 10% during this decade.

8. Architectural and Engineering Managers: $144,830

In the list of the top 100 highest paying jobs, architectural and engineering managers are among the most demanded positions. These specialists are charged with coordinating different technical aspects. It requires a background not only in the architecture sphere but also in management and administration.

Here are the main responsibilities related to this position:

  • employment of the staff;
  • controlling various processes related to the development of new products;
  • encouraging employers to improve the effectiveness and quality of products;
  • developing the overall concept of the project.

The management engineering salary is high because of stressful working conditions, appropriate training and education, and an overloaded schedule. The recent statistics show that this job position demand will increase by 3-4% compared to related spheres. 

9. Director of Information Security: $149,204 per Year

The director of information security is in the leading position among the highest paying tech jobs in America. These specialists are responsible for designing, managing, and implementing security measures in the organization. What is more, they have a variety of other duties, such as

  • planning and accomplishing goals in improving the security measures;
  • maintaining security policies;
  • collaborating with other specialists;
  • developing working strategies to overcome security incidents.

The high information security director salary is related to high responsibility and diversity of tasks. The job seekers should demonstrate rich experience in this field to get more interviews. Thus, the demand for these specialists will be increasing in the next 5 years up to 8%. So, if you are a fitting candidate, you have great chances to work in this field. 

10. Petroleum Engineers: $137,720 per Year

Petroleum engineer will be one more non-medical position in the highest paying jobs in the world 2022 list. Sufficient growth in demand for these professionals is expected in the next decade. The main goal of petroleum engineers will be to change the approach to the methods of extracting fossil fuels. 

Here are the main responsibilities of petroleum engineers:

  • monitoring and analyzing the geological formation information;
  • using surveys to update the data about new reservoirs;
  • overseeing the production operations and their improvement;
  • working with various equipment.

The high petroleum engineers salary is related to diverse requirements, such as high qualification and variety of experience, as well as a creative approach. According to the latest job market surveys, the number of these professionals will grow up to 3%. 

11. Enterprise Architect: $142,355 per Year

The answer to the question “what are the highest paying jobs in the non-medical sphere?” is an enterprise architect. These professionals are in charge of developing and solving business, information, and technology issues.

Key responsibilities of an enterprise architect include

  • evaluating business development strategies;
  • creating business architecture models;
  • suggesting ideas to reduce costs;
  • organizing training for employees;
  • mentoring personnel. 

Career advice experts suggest preparing a resume with a solid background in this field. To get this position, you will need a bachelor’s degree in IT together with technical and analytical skills. However, starting a career in this field involves a high enterprise architect salary and many opportunities. What is more, the 5% growth in the number of these positions is expected in the next 10 years.

12. Senior Clinical Pharmacist: $136,971 per Year

Senior clinical pharmacists are at the top of the highest paying medical jobs in the US. These professionals should know the dosing and side effects of diverse medications. Furthermore, they should be able to communicate with different patients. 

Here are the pharmacist’s duties:

  • evaluating medication therapy;
  • making appropriate recommendations for patients;
  • monitoring patients’ progress with medications;
  • advising patients on the best medications;
  • controlling the work of other pharmacists;
  • preparing progress reports and summarizing results.

The senior clinical pharmacist salary depends on experience in this field, education, and qualification. This position requires additional training and licensure. Despite the lack of openings in this field, the situation is expected to change due to the predicted rise up to 3%. 

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13. Chief Information Officer: $123,155 per Year

In the highest paying jobs 2022 list, the chief information officer is not in the last place. These professionals are responsible for the computer systems and the organization’s IT. Also, they recommend software upgrades and cooperate with the executive team. Because of diverse tasks, the chief information officer salary is quite high. 

Main duties related to this position are the following:

  • developing goals and strategies to improve the work of the IT department;
  • implementing new IT systems;
  • monitoring changes in technologies;
  • creating platforms to improve clients’ experience. 

If you do not have enough qualifications, attending classes will help you get appropriate training in this field. Also, you will need to craft a winning resume and cover letter to attract employers. Nevertheless, specialists in this sphere have good chances to get this job because of the growing demand of up to 5%. 

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Final Words

Of course, the modern job market has changed a lot because of the recent events related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The innovations in diverse fields resulted in the reduction or growth of workplaces. Nevertheless, the situation is stabilizing now, and in the near future, professionals will be in demand as usual. 

Now you know what are the highest paying jobs in the market. To start a career in one of these fields, you need to have appropriate qualifications, a strong skill set, and a winning resume. We wish you good luck in your attempts to find a job.

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