Acting Cover Letter Sample

A perfect cover letter wins you tons of job opportunities and springboards your career in a blink of an eye. It allows you to contact the best of the hiring agencies and reach the employer of your dream. Always wanted to learn how to write a cover letter? 

Contact an online cover letter writing service or check Skiilhub's great cover letters to master the art of cover letter writing. To make the job easier (pun intended), check the article below and find:

  • An acting cover letter sample;
  • The structure and cover letter format
  • How to write an acting cover letter;
  • Examples of cover letter sections. 

Cover Letter for Acting [Example]

Before writing a cover letter for an acting job, think of the cover letter format first. Apply the rules of structure and keep your cover letter sections readable and well-composed. Check an acting cover letter example written according to the cover letter writing rules below. 

Gina Bhaduri

4483 Nelson Street, 

Keewatin, Ontario



Date: 28.06.22

Mrs. Greenberg

Forsight Pictures

1763 Hamilton Street, 

Eastend, Saskatchewan 

S4P 3Y2

Dear Mrs. Greenberg! 

I am excited to apply for the recently opened role of a leading actress in the stage adaptation of ‘White Teeth’ by Zadie Smith. I believe that seven years of performing in the filming industry provided me with outstanding experience and superb acting skills. 

When acting in the screen adaptation of ‘Pearls of the Lost Seas,’ I have learned Meisner’s technique that allowed my acting expressiveness to win numerous accolades. My outstanding time management skills and self-discipline contributed to the early distribution of my cinematographic work. In the end, the film has grossed a greater total than our team had expected.

I believe that my natural expressiveness, combined with a Master’s Degree in Film & Theater Studies, make me the best fit for the acting job at Forsight Pictures. Also, my Bangladeshi background and strong acting abilities will allow me to relate to the character and convey her in the best way.

Thank you for your time and consideration! Please contact me by phone or email anytime. 

Kind regards,

Acting Cover Letter Template

A modern cover letter requires an applicant to follow a detailed cover letter template. Whether you apply for a supporting role or need a job application for playing in theatrical plays, follow the cover letter formatting rules. 

  • Structure. Up to 5 paragraphs;
  • Font. Official and formal fonts like Arial or Georgia;
  • Spacing. Keep it 1.15; 
  • Margins. 1 inch is enough. 

Ultimate Guide on How to Write an Acting Cover Letter

Composing a great cover letter isn’t easy if you have no writing experience at all. Sure, improvisation works in acting, but does it work for winning a job interview? 

To nail that gorgeous career opportunity, use the guide on writing a cover letter sample in the chapter below. 

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A Cover Letter Format Always Matters

Great cover letter formatting turns your acting cover letter into a bold statement of your professional skills. Whether you’re involved in film distribution or production, the information you add to the cover letter should persuade the reader that you're a professional. 

The cover letter sections to add are:

  • Heading;
  • Date and Company Details;
  • Greeting; 
  • Body;
  • Closing. 

Cover Letter Heading

All acting cover letter samples contain a heading. There, a hiring manager sees your personal data before reading your entire job application and learning about your acting skills. When you audition for the role, you always introduce yourself, right? The same happens in the Heading. Check the example below. 

Cover Letter Sample for Acting [Heading]

Check the elements and structure of a Heading in the cover letter example below. Avoid using the date in this section!

Jonathan Rose

1014 Heritage Drive,

Calgary, Alberta



Date and Company Details on Cover Letter

A well-written Company Details section in a cover letter for acting ensures flawless contact with the HR department or agency. While the Date line includes a date when the letter was written, the Company Details will include the following: 

  • The HR Manager’s name;
  • The company address; 
  • Email and phone number (optional). 

Example Cover Letter Acting [Date and Company Details]

To stand out among other employees and nail that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, check acting cover letter examples when you decide to apply for the job position. 

Date: 25.04.22

Hiring Department

Lamp Films

2334 Cork Street,

Guelph, Ontario

N1H 2W8 

Cover Letter Greeting

Think of a cover letter greeting as a formality that solves everything. A standard ‘Dear Hiring Department!’ or ‘Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms. Name!’ sounds far better than the old-fashioned ‘to whom it may concern.’ To be considered a great candidate for the job, keep your greeting formal. 

Cover Letter Example for Acting [Greeting]

For a recruiter to hire you, showcase your outstanding communication skills. In the nearest future of work, having a strong work ethic will let you build a career and ensure its rapid growth. Hence, use a well-written cover letter greeting. Check a sample acting cover letter below. 

‘Dear HR Department!

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms. Brown!’

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What to Include in an Acting Cover Letter [Body]

Once you google ‘cover letter examples acting,’ you’ll find that the body of the cover letter for acting is a place where you mention your accomplishments. Start your job application with a catchy opening, mention your experience, and list your skills and talents. Persuade the recruiter that you’re the best fit for the role. 

Acting Cover Letter Sample [Body]

Your main answer to ‘How to write a cover letter for acting?’ is ‘With a note of persuasion.’ 

‘My objectives for contacting your company are simple: I like your business mission and values. I believe that my professional strengths like acting talent and vast experience in the ad industry will help me convey the message in your company’s ad.’ 

Closing Paragraph for Cover Letter

A standard talent agency will assist you in getting hired. However, they want to see a professional with multiple skills. When sending an acting cover letter to agents, end the cover letter with a closing paragraph to showcase your communication and interpersonal skills. Restate your interest in the position and add a postscript if necessary. 

Acting Cover Letter Example [Closing]

A traditional acting cover letter template will include a strong ending. Again, the closing paragraph maximizes your chances of landing the job interview, as it is a statement of your interpersonal skills. 

‘Thank you for your time! Please contact me by phone or email.’

Use Your Skills to Land a Job

Your skills are a direct way to build a career in acting. Meanwhile, your cover letter acting is a tool for beating the applicant tracking system (ATS). The latter is software that HR managers use to check the candidate’s skills and experience in the job application. To beat ATS, use keywords that indicate your hard and soft skills.

Hard Skills

  • Memorization;
  • Reading;
  • Physical stamina;
  • Creativity;
  • Communication skills. 

Soft Skills

  • Teamwork; 
  • Active listening;
  • Strong work ethics.

Know Your Employer

Add professional keywords to your acting cover letter. Your cover letter is a key to the second act or a job interview in your ‘get-a-job’ play. While applying for the job position, use keywords that are most likely to capture the manager’s attention. For an acting job, use keywords like ‘drama,’ ‘theater,’ ‘cinema,’ ‘director,’ etc. 

Also, ensure your skills and talents align with the company’s mission and values. For instance, emphasize your theater gigs when applying for a role in a play. 

Final Thoughts

To shoot a perfect scene, a director will try different techniques and angles. The same goes for writing a cover letter. 

How to write an acting cover letter? 

  • Start with an Introductory sentence;
  • Express your emotions in the body sections. Mention your gratitude for the chance; 
  • Write down your qualification and experience;
  • Conclude your letter with a closing paragraph. 

To get a bot-beating acting cover letter sample, contact the best cover letter service! Our resume specialists will gladly help you win your dream job and move forward on your career ladder.

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