Production Assistant Cover Letter Sample

A well-written cover letter opens doors to many companies once you decide to apply for a new career. In this article, you will learn how to write a cover letter and get a production assistant cover letter sample to see how the end result should look like.

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Production Assistant Cover Letter Example

Our experts have prepared an example of a cover letter for an production assistant to show you the requirements of a cover letter format.

Maria Gonsalez


9 Spruce Circle

New York, NY 10003

October 4, 2020

Harry Hudgens

Rising Pictures

637 San Pablo St.

Huntington, NY 11743


Dear Mr. Hudgens! 

I have found your job post on LinkedIn. I have majored in communications and minored in film & theater studies. Yet, as a professional in the media and arts industry with a 4-year experience, I believe that my skills and knowledge of the industry will bring your company to new heights. 

I am excited to apply for the production assistant role at your company because I have always been interested in promoting arthouse films. To improve my organizational and administrative skills, I have also finished management courses recently. Hence, I am fully equipped with all the necessary skills to apply for the required job position at your studio.

As a production assistant at the Eisenhower Hall Theater, I have ensured the best communication among the crew members. I have assisted with the casting process, reviewed scripts, and distributed the script copies among the crew members. I have also managed the schedules of actors and show runs. 

While working at the Eisenhower Hall Theater, I have implemented effective management software tools. As a result, technical mistakes in the schedule organization decreased by 24%. In turn, perfect scheduling ensured a smooth working process.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my skills and accomplishments. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! 

Kind regards,

Maria Gonsalez

Production Assistant Cover Letter Template 

Before you apply for a job position at a company, write a modern cover letter. Here, make sure your job application follows the rules of a cover letter template.

  • Structure: 3-4 paragraphs to mention your work experience and accomplishments. 
  • Font: an official-looking font like Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman;
  • Space: 1.15 or single-spaced.
  • Margins: 1-inch as a rule.

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Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Production Assistant Cover Letter

A rewarding production assistant career is a direct result of an efficient resume and a great cover letter. As a production assistant, you need a guide on writing a perfect cover letter sample to present your skills and nail that job interview. 

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But what is a cover letter from a recruiter’s perspective? Learn the cover letter rules in the section below.

Focus on Format

Don’t know how to start a cover letter? Proper cover letter formatting gives one an opportunity to organize the education and career information effectively. At the same time, a poorly written production assistant cover letter decreases your chances for a job interview. 

The cover letter elements are as follows:

  • header;
  • date;
  • company details;
  • greeting;
  • body;
  • closing line.

Cover Letter Heading

An efficient production assistant cover letter example ensures that your job application goes to the right company department. Otherwise, a hiring manager will never be able to read it. 

Writing a proper header is easy - just check the example below. 

Cover Letter Sample for Production Assistant [Heading]

The following header in a cover letter example contains all elements necessary for one to present their personal information to a recruiter.

Name Last Name

Your Address 

Phone Number


For instance:

Jane Great

8619 S Wolcott Ave

Chicago, Illinois (IL), 60620

(773) 229-6133

Date and Company Details on a Cover Letter

There is no cover letter for production assistant that would not contain the date and company details. 

When composing this part of the header, start with a date when the cover letter was written. Further, write down the information on the hiring manager or the company. Add the company’s adress, phone number, and the recruiter’s email. 

Production Assistant Cover Letter Example [Date and Company Details]

Before you apply for a job position, type an “example cover letter production assistant” and explore more cover letters. 

The second part of the average header would commonly be as follows.

July 22, 2021

Harry Hudgens

Rising Pictures

637 San Pablo St.

Huntington, NY 11743


Cover Letter Greeting

“Dear [Name]” or “Dear Hiring Management!” sound better than a trivial “to whom it may concern” greeting. 

An average employer hunts for a production assistant with great written communication skills. No need to be inventive here. Just show such skills by composing a cover letter greeting that is warm and formal simultaneously. 

Production Assistant Cover Letter Example [Greeting]

A recruiter would hire a friendly entry-level specialist rather than a rude professional with a stunning career. Hence, work on the tone of your cover letter greeting.

Here is a standard greeting from a cover letter example for production assistant:

Dear Mr. Brian!


Dear Hiring Manager! 

What to Include in a Production Assistant Cover Letter [Body]

The body of a cover letter for an production assistant is the core part to focus on. 

In the first paragraph, mention the position and name the company to start an effective monologue. Add information on your education.

The second and the third paragraph is the place to write down your skills and accomplishments in a bullet-point list.

Production Assistant Cover Letter Sample [Body]

The opening paragraph in the following production assistant cover letter sample sets a professional tone and mentions necessary education details. 

“Dear Hiring Manager!

Thank you for contacting me on LinkedIn. The job post on a production assistant position has interested me. I believe that my educational background in management and film studies will contribute to your company’s success.”

Closing Paragraph for Cover Letter

To emphasize the end of your cover letter monologue, use a standard closing line as a part of your closing paragraph. 

Again, a sample with a closing line increases your chances of getting hired because it showcases your communication skills.

Check a closing paragraph sample in an example of production assistant cover letter below.

Production Assistant Cover Letter Examples [Closing]

Make sure to prove your communication skills before an actual job interview starts. 

An efficient production assistant cover letter example always contains a closing paragraph. 

For instance:

“Thank you for showing interest in my resume. I am excited to become a part of your team. Looking forward to your answer!

Best wishes, 

Luna Lee”

Let Your Skills Stand Out

There is a high chance that an applicant tracking system (ATS) will check your job application. It’s another reason to add ATS-beating skills to your cover letter.

The following are skills from a cover letter production assistant example.

Hard Skills

  • Strong organization skills
  • Excellent administrative skills
  • Basic office skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Soft Skills

  • Strong knowledge of industry processes
  • Good pressure resistance
  • Good software knowledge
  • Strong adaptability and flexibility skills

Like Company, Like Skills

When applying for a production assistant job position at a filming studio or company, use professional keywords. The latter beat the ATS bots and attract the attention of a hiring manager. 

Keep the keywords profession-related in your production assistant cover letter. The most effective professional keywords to use are as follows: cinematography, show runs, schedule, office skills, verbal communication, theater, filming process, and others.

Also, make sure the keywords are well-placed in the cover letter. For instance, they must be everywhere, not only in the opening paragraph, as some readers may think. 

Final Thoughts

We hope our experts have helped you with the cover letter writing guide.

In short, follow the tips below to recall how to write a cover letter for an production assistant: 

  • start with a header and a warm greeting to a hiring manager;
  • in the cover letter body, mention your qualification, education, and talk about your job experience; 
  • in the closing paragraph, restate your interest and close the monologue. 

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