Copywriter Cover Letter Sample

A copywriter cover letter sample is a great opportunity to sell your talents and highlight your greatest strengths, but it also requires a certain degree of forethought and planning. If you want us to give you a hand making a cover letter, we’re always ready. Choose a professional template and save your time for more important tasks ahead. If you’d like to learn how to write a cover letter yourself, let’s explore all the necessary steps!

Cover Letter for a Copywriter - Example

A skilled copywriter knows how to make words sing and find a compelling cover letter format, getting their audience’s attention and gaining trust. Copywriters don’t just write; they communicate. They find ways to deliver messages that resonate with readers.

Your cover letter should be adjusted to the role you’re applying to. It should explain the type of work you’ve done in the past and prove you’re an excellent fit. Make sure to highlight your accomplishments corresponding to the employer’s requirements. Look through the sample below to get the idea. 

Your name, position, and contact details

[Today’s Date]

[Hiring Manager’s Name]

[345 Company Address]

[Company City, State xxxxx]



Dear [Mr./Mrs./Ms.] [Manager’s Name],

Kindly consider looking over this application from a highly motivated and knowledgeable professional who wishes to apply for the [position] starting [date] at your


In my role at CopyWorld as a Junior SEO Copywriter, I have composed landing pages and guest posts that contributed to increasing the company’s organic traffic by 50% in less than 2 months. Cooperating with editors and SEO specialists, I was praised for high writing quality and 30% of overperformance during the last quarter. 

I would be grateful for the opportunity to show my talent and be of help to you and your company. 


[Your Name] 

Your copywriter cover letter examples should also reference any existing projects, and they should end with a call to action, such as a request for an interview. Crafting a cover letter can be intimidating, but there is a way to make it easier. Use our sample cover letters as a guide and customize them to your situation!

Copywriter Cover Letter Template

Every best copywriter cover letter you come across follows the same set of rules, so make sure to follow them carefully. 

  • Use Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial fonts.
  • Include the job title and company name, as well as address, but make sure to check them twice!
  • Use 1,15 line spacing and 1 inch-margins for a modern cover letter.
  • Body section of the letter should be 2-3 paragraphs long.
  • Include a signature, heading, and contact info. 

Here are some Google Docs cover letter templates that are modern, stylish, and ready to use in your job application.

Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Copywriter Cover Letter

A cover letter copywriter must attract potential employers’ attention and show you in the best possible light. A great cover letter for copywriting jobs should detail your achievements and explain how you can help the company. Your cover letter should end with a statement encouraging the hiring manager to contact and interview you.

Keep in mind our writers are here to assist you at any time with professional help guides, affordable options, and top-notch service. Remember, professional cover letter service is just a click away!

Now, let’s explore how to format your letter.

Apply Efficient Cover Letter Formatting

Cover letter formatting is probably the most important task to tackle. It helps you structure your thoughts and makes the process much more manageable. Here are the main parts of the cover letter framework.

  • Heading
  • Date and company details
  • Greeting
  • Body
  • Closing paragraph

Now, let’s zoom in on each one of those to find out more about a cover letter for copywriter job!

Cover Letter Heading

The heading of your cover letter copywriter example is the first piece of writing your potential hiring manager will notice, so make sure it’s nice and polished. We’ll show the most common way of writing this section. You can check out additional tips on our site, too.

Cover Letter Heading - Copywriter Example

The heading consists of your name and the position you’re applying for, followed by your address and contact info. Here is a corresponding cover letter example copywriter.

Joanna Brie

Creative Copywriter

588 Copy Drive 

Austin, TX, 78414 United States

(445) 785-9110

Date and Company Details on a Cover Letter

After you’ve crafted a heading, company details are to be placed on the copywriter cover letter. First, put the application’s date, then your hiring manager’s name, company name, and address. This is vital information, so make sure what you wrote is more than correct.

Data and Company Details - Copywriter Example

Here’s an example of inserting data and company details after the heading in a cover letter for copywriter.

29 February 2020

John Brown

Creative Solutions Company

557 Busy Rd.

City, NY, 55896

Cover Letter Greeting

Your greeting for the hiring manager or employer on the cover letter for writing job is also very important. Use the recruiter’s name after the most common greeting starter, Dear. If you don’t know the name, we’ll show some alternatives, not including the infamous To Whom It May Concern where it is undesirable.

Cover Letter Greeting - Copywriter Example

The cover letter greeting is fairly simple. If you know the exact name, use this form from the copywriter cover letter example:

  • Dear Mr. Brown

If you don’t know the name, substitute the greeting by

  • Dear Hiring Manager;
  • Dear Sir or Madam.

Copywriter Cover Letter Body

Here’s a quick answer on how to write a cover letter for a copywriting job at best copywriting services. Your cover letter body should be two to three paragraphs long, with the first paragraph containing your introduction. The following paragraphs explain each of your accomplishments, position, and your skills that can benefit the company.

Cover Letter Body - Copywriter Example

Here’s a body of a cover letter sample for writing job:

I am writing to apply for the copywriter position at Creative Solutions, as I find my skills and experience matching the position perfectly. I have over 10 years of solid background writing copy for print, television, radio advertising, marketing materials, and promotional pieces.

Closing Paragraph for Cover Letter

The closing paragraph of the sample cover letter for copywriter allows you to establish a stronger connection with the person who’s reading your application. You have an opportunity to use some call-to-action techniques, like inserting an email address, phone number, or LinkedIn account info. Thus, you’ll boost your chances of getting hired!

Closing Paragraph - Copywriter Example

Here’s a short and sweet example of closing your copywriter cover letter:

I believe that my work experience, creative skills, and commitment to excellence are assets that I can bring to your organization. 
Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.




Showcase Your Copywriting Skills

Here’s another fantastic piece of advice to consider: talk about your skills, not your past responsibilities, in your cover letter for copywriter. You can mention your familiarity with various marketing platforms and trends, including SEO, email marketing, PPC, social media, and blogging as hard skills during your job application. Don’t forget the soft skills to be considered by the applicant tracking system (ATS)!

You can also talk about how copywriting is integral to every marketing campaign. For example, let’s say you have 10 years of experience in email marketing - talk about how, in that role, you developed strong copywriting skills.

Study the Company You’re Applying To

For your cover letter for writing job, you should research the company you’re applying to. You can learn about the company by looking keywords up on websites like Wikipedia and Investopedia or finding news articles online. You can also find press releases and annual reports on company websites that talk about its values, goals, products, and strategy.

If you find an online article that mentions the company, be sure to save it so you can use it as a reference later in your cover letter. Also, match the content of your letter to the job description to make sure your application beats bots.

What to Take Away

Let’s summarize everything we’ve covered when crafting a sample cover letter copywriter for you.

  • Format the cover letter first. In other words, work from the ground up. 
  • Talk about your copywriting qualification and key skills more than your experiences.
  • Shape the body using 2-3 short paragraphs at most.
  • Close the letter with an appreciation for the opportunity given by the hiring manager.
  • Insert a call to action at the end. 

If the process seems overwhelming, our team of experts at SkillHub is here for you with their cover letter guides and affordable resume writing service. Your copywriting cover letter will be read with enjoyment, and you will surely land an interview!

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