Social Work Cover Letter Sample

If you’ve decided to apply for a position of a social worker, write a perfect cover letter to increase your chances of getting the job. Once you find an online cover letter writing service, ask yourself, ‘Can I pay someone to write my cover letter and land the job?’ The answer is ‘yes.’ You may delegate the task to professionals or use the article below to learn how to write a cover letter and springboard your social work career. 

In this article, you will: 

  • Learn the traditional structure for a cover letter; 
  • Find how to write a cover letter for a social worker; 
  • Check a social work cover letter sample.

Cover Letter Examples Social Work [Example]

When writing a cover letter for a social work, make sure you use a professional cover letter format that highlights your accomplishments and presents you as a good fit for the role. Check an example of a cover letter that follows the requirements of standard cover letter writing. 

Julia Williams

Phone Number: (020) 6453-765


Address (Optional)

Social Media (Optional)

Christine Taylor 

Oriental Bay, Wellington

91 Lambton Quay, 6011

Phone Number: (020) 5428-999


Dear Miss Taylor! 

I’m happy to apply for the job position of a social worker at Phoenix Center. Once I found the post on the company’s LinkedIn profile, I decided that my decade-long experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies make me a perfect candidate for the job. 

During the last ten years, I’ve worked for three social centers that specialized in providing mental care services to victims of domestic abuse. The last four years in my practice included more than 250 crisis interventions with a 97% success rate. I’ve diagnosed and assessed the mental state of my clients. After that, I developed treatment plans that helped my clients process the trauma and lead happier lives.

I believe that my superb communication skills, empathy, active listening, and critical thinking will allow me to help more clients at the Phoenix center. I would be honored to be part of your team and keep making the world better.

Thank you for your time and consideration! You can always contact me by phone or email. 

Kind regards, Julia

Social Work Cover Letter Template

An average social work cover letter example will be composed according to the cover letter template rules. Check the requirements for a cover letter in social work. 

  • Structure. Your answer to the job application should contain 3-4 paragraphs. Mention your work experience in the Body; 
  • Font. If you decide to apply for a job at a company, don’t use decorative fonts; 
  • Spacing. Make sure your spacing is 1.15; 
  • Margins. Follow a 1-inch rule. 

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How to Write a Social Work Cover Letter

A social work cover letter significantly increases your chances to land an interview and nail an amazing job opportunity. If you google ‘cover letter social work,’ you’ll find tons of cover letter samples written by professional resume writers. Our specialists are here to let you enjoy rewarding social work by highlighting your skills in a cover letter. Contact them any time and get a professional cover letter fast! 

Keep reading to learn the core sections of a traditional cover letter sample. 

When Cover Letter Formatting Matters

Proper cover letter formatting is important because a social work cover letter must include all necessary sections. By making sure your cover letter has a standard structure, you maximize your chances of nailing a job interview and winning a great career opportunity. 

The sections to include are as follows:

  • Heading;
  • Date;
  • Company Details; 
  • Greeting;
  • Body;
  • Closing Paragraph.

Cover Letter Heading

An average hiring manager wants to see a heading in your cover letter. Why so? To check whether your job application has reached the right department. If you search for ‘example cover letter social work,’ you’ll find that all cover letters include a header. 

Check an example of a proper cover letter heading below.

Social Work Cover Letter Sample [Heading]

Make sure to include details like name, phone number, and email. A well-composed cover letter example will contain a header that looks approximately like the one below: 

Name: Josie Torres

Address (optional): Waiake, North Shore, 

232 Farnham Close, 0630

Phone Number: (020) 6482-754


Social Media (Optional): link

Date and Company details on Cover Letter

A cover letter for social work must include the name of your hiring manager, the company email, and the address. The date goes between the Header and Company Details. It’s important to include this section because the data in it ensures the letter lands on the recruiter’s desk. 

Cover Letter Examples Social Work [Date and Company Details]

If you decide to apply for the job, make sure an example cover letter social work includes relevant company data. Check a sample for the Company Details section below. 

Date: 05.07.22

Michael Green 

Flagstaff, Hamilton

151 Badminton Court, 3210

Phone Number: (020) 9539-063


Cover Letter Greeting

Using a cover letter greeting demonstrates your great communication skills to the employer. When it comes to greetings, we advise you to use ‘Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss’ instead of ‘To whom it may concern.’ If you don’t know the recruiter’s name, opt for ‘Dear Hiring Department!’

Cover Letter Example for Social Work [Greeting]

To persuade the recruiter that your communication skills are proper, use a cover letter greeting. A manager will hire you, and you’ll start a dream career just by showcasing your interpersonal skills.

Check a traditional cover letter example for social work below. 

What to Include in a Social Work Cover Letter [Body]

The Body is the main part of your cover letter for a social work. Here, you should mention the reasons you’re applying for the position and where you’ve found the company. Mention your accomplishments (you can write them down in a bullet list). 

Restate your interest in the closing paragraph. 

Social Work Cover Letter Sample [Body]

Check a Body section of a social work cover letter sample below.

“I’m glad to apply for the position of a social worker in your company. I’ve found your job post on the Internet. Once I read it, I understood that my background in Social Studies and volunteering at shelters will help me grow as a professional in your company.”

Closing Paragraph for Cover Letter

A perfect cover letter sample includes a well-written Closing paragraph. This is usually the last sentence in your letter. There, restate your interest in the ad, express your hope for getting hired, and add personal details like contact information. 

Meanwhile, check an example of social work cover letter in the section below.

Social Work Cover letter Example [Closing]

The social work cover letter example below contains contact information and restates the interest. 

“Thank you for your time! I hope you’ll consider my skills beneficial to your company. For the further interview, please contact me by phone or email.”

Let Your Skills Shine

To boost your chances of your job application reaching the recruiter’s desk, take measures to beat the applicant tracking system (ATS). This is software used by hiring managers. An ATS system analyzes the number of professional keywords and summarizes whether the candidate is a good fit. 

A cover letter social work example might include the following hard skills and skills that maximize one’s chances of getting an interview:

Hard Skills

  • Empathy;
  • Communication skills;
  • Interpersonal skills;
  • Active listening.

Soft Skills

  • Time management;
  • Organization;
  • Self-discipline. 

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Learn Company Specifics

Before applying for the job position, browse the Internet for more data on the company. Tailor your social work cover letter according to the company specifics. If the company specializes in working with teens, then focus your cover letter on the work with adolescents rather than adults. 

Use keywords that are job-related and can beat the ATS system. For a social worker, these keywords might be ‘crisis intervention,’ ‘treatment plan,’ ‘consultation,’ and others. 

Final Thoughts

Congrats! Now you know how to write a cover letter for an social work! A bot-beating cover letter helps a candidate get the job they want. To improve your cover letter writing skills and raise your qualification, we advise you to explore as many cover letter examples for social workers as possible. Meanwhile, don’t forget about the following rules:

  • Follow a proper structure; 
  • Use a standard cover letter format; 
  • Stay polite and keep the data job-relevant. 

Want to impress a hiring manager with an impeccable cover letter? Contact our professional resume writing service at and land your dream job!

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