Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Landing a good cover letter is the key to a dream job. Creating a perfect cover letter for a teacher’s position may be a challenging task. However, with our help and a cover letter example teacher, you will manage to accomplish this task and write the finest CV. You may even order a CV from a professional cover letter writing service to make it flawless. 

In this article, you will learn how to write a сover letter, find useful tips on how to describe your career, and how to apply your CV successfully. There is no single recipe on how to write a cover letter, but following the guidelines will help you do it as best as possible.

Cover Letter for a Teacher [Example]

The next example teacher cover letter shows the general structure for such types of documents. It aims to state your accomplishments in general and show that you are fit for the position.

[Today’s Date]

[Hiring Manager’s Name]

[ School Address]

[School’s City, State, Zip Code]

[Hiring Manager’s Telephone No.]

[Hiring Manager’s Email]

Dear [Principal]

I write to show my interest in the position of Middle School English Teacher role at your establishment [put the name of the school]

My main degree is a bachelor’s in English. Besides, I completed the courses on class preparations and classroom management, which answer the requirements. I have a current state license. In addition, I completed a supervised teaching program to back my knowledge with experience. I have skills and knowledge on how to plan, create, and give a lesson in class. The students will learn the proper use of the English language, literature, grammar, and writing techniques. I cherish creative soft skills and try to catch the attention of my students to engage them in the lesson. 

I know how to design exams that will help in students' evaluation. The test will show how fully they understand the material before proceeding through the program. Also, I’m qualified to supervise a drama club, speech, or debate team. 

My contact number is (555)-555-5555 



This teacher cover letter example covers the basic skills and knowledge that a teacher should have. It may differ from your personal experience, and you may look for another sample of cover letter for teacher. For example, different positions or qualifications. Anyway, the best teacher cover letter is the one that fully reflects your experience and knowledge.

Teacher Cover Letter Template 

A modern cover letter should follow certain criteria to look professional. Many cover letter teacher examples keep the following parameters: 

  • 3-4 paragraphs 
  • Georgia, Helvetica, or Calibri font
  • 1.15 spacing 
  • 1-inch margin per page 

When you apply for a  job application, you need to present your CV professionally. Besides work experience, each company values attitude toward the work. Professional business correspondence begins with your CV formatting. 

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Ultimate Guide on How to write a Teacher cover letter

You need to write more than one cover letter teacher example to master this type of text. We all were students, but when it comes to an interview, it is important not to miss an opportunity. That is why our writers are ready to help with any kind of assistance. They are the professionals that convey all the provided information into a convenient and elegant form. The chances of your cover letter becoming the beginning of your success story are higher with our service. The following paragraphs will introduce you to the vital points of a teacher’s cover letter and how to write it. 

Stick to the Professional format

The cover letter format teacher is the first step to writing a perfect CV. Following the accurate formatting provides the necessary information for HR managers. It helps to emphasize your statement concerning taking the job position.  The teacher’s CV consists of the following elements: 

  • Heading 
  • Date and company details 
  • Greeting 
  • Body
  • Closing 

Cover Letter Heading 

Your cover letter starts with a heading. A hiring manager won’t look further into the CV if the heading does not meet the professional standard for job application. The hiring department may even weed out the CVs before reaching them fully. Still, you don’t need to worry that much about the heading; the following example cover letter teacher will show you how to format it properly. 

Cover Letter Sample for Teacher [Heading]

The CV heading consists of several elements: your personal and contact information, date, and school details. This structure is universal for teacher’s CV heading, like in the following cover letter example for teacher: 

John Doe 

Email: emailforwork@domain.com 

Phone number: 555-555-555

Date and company details on Cover Letter

After you provide your personal information, you need to write the CV’s actual date and company details, including address. This piece of information is important for a hiring manager to automate CVs processing. The following example of teacher cover letter shows the heading’s structure.

Example Cover Letter Teacher [Date and Company Details]

When you apply for a position as a teaching candidate, you need to list all the trivia before the actual CV. It does not affect your competence in work with pupils but shows that you know how to be a good teacher. An example cover letter for teacher:

  • Date: 09.10.2021
  • Random Street, 53 [School’s address]
  • Random city, state Washington, 0000 [School city, state, zip code]
  • Jane Doe [Hiring Manager’s name]

Cover Letter Greeting 

Cover letter greetings open your communication with an employer. It should follow the formality rules but do not be too official. If you know HR’s name, “Dear Mr./Ms.” works fine. If you need alternatives, “Dear school team” will do. An example of greeting will be covered in the next section of cover letter sample teacher. 

Cover Letter Example for Teacher [Greeting]

Greetings in teacher cover letters do not affect your career growth. However, a nice and straightforward greeting increases the chances of the manager to hire you

Dear Mr.Doe, I write to express my interest in the teacher's position in your school. 

What to include in a teacher cover letter [Body] 

You need to present yourself in the body section of your teacher cover letter. Write about the position you want to occupy and the school or company name. Include a bullet list of your greatest accomplishments. End the body section by restating your interest in taking the job. 

Teacher Cover Letter Sample [Body]

There are many are aiming for. 

y cover letter examples for teachers that cover different background and experience. Choose one which fits most the job post yo

Dear principal, I have a bachelor's degree in the required subject. I can prepare and give lessons as well as efficiently communicate with pupils.

Closing Paragraph for Cover letter

To make your CV stand out, you need to think outside the cover letter for teacher example.  If you want to increase your chances of getting hired, try to add something creative and unusual in the closing section. You may end the cover letter with some of the creative skills, knowledge, and gratification that make you stand out among other candidates. 

Teacher cover letter example [Closing]

When you go to the interview, your cover letter teacher will serve you as a plan and background. Besides your skills and accomplishments, you need to write a strong ending to highlight your personality. 

‘I managed the drama club with my pupils, which helped to develop not only academic but also creative skills in them. 

Describe your skills 

Among numerous questions on how to write a cover letter teacher, the skills section may be one of the most important. It shows whether you are fit for the job application or there are more worthy candidates. It is important to highlight your strong skills due to the heavy applicant tracking system (ATS) involvement. Write about your hard and soft skills such as proficiencies in certain subjects or communication abilities: 

Hard skills example:

  • Hard science degree (Maths, Physics, Biology, etc.) 
  • Tests design
  • Analytical skills

Soft skills example: 

  • Easy communication with the classroom. 
  • Leadership abilities. 
  • Time management skills

This will increase the chances for your CV to be noticed. If you need a resume edit help, our resume editing service can take it with no hassle!

Research the company 

Another useful tip besides a sample cover letter for teacher position is to research the company or school to which you are applying. Certain keywords that may interest the school may increase your chances of getting the job. The keywords vary in nature and cover different aspects of the teacher position. That is why one should learn more about the school, its specialization, and the people who work there.  Keywords may include certain personal traits (dedicated, focused), specialization (degree, English, professor), and background (experienced, novice). 

Main Points 

This cover letter example for teachers guide includes several key points that will help you write a decent CV. Make sure to do the following steps: 

  • Make sure you are following the right format
  • Include your contact information, date, and address in the CV’s heading. 
  • Start the letter with a polite and formal greeting. 
  • Show your background and proficiency in the body section. Describe your skills, knowledge, and qualification. 
  • Close the CV with a bit of personal information 

About our service: 

If you want to make sure that a hiring manager will notice your CV, you may ask for writing help with our top cv writing services online. Besides checking sample teacher cover letter on our website, you may contact our writers to proofread, edit, and even compose the CV from scratch.

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