6 Tips on How to Share LinkedIn Profile

how to share linkedin profile
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Networking is a must for those who want to find a top-paying job. Creating an appealing LinkedIn account is the first step towards getting noticed by a potential employer. The second one is sharing it in a professional way with your colleagues, HR managers, and recruiters from the most desirable companies.  

LinkedIn has a pretty complex structure, so for many users, it may be a bit hard to navigate and efficiently present resumes. If it’s your case, read further and get ideas on how to share LinkedIn profile and make your achievements visible. First tip: do not simply send a link or a friendship request and read below for less obvious ideas.

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Why Do You Need to Share Your LinkedIn Profile?

Sharing a LinkedIn profile is pretty much like sharing a resume or a portfolio. Yet, unlike the case of sending the latter two, when you send your LinkedIn profile link, people see more than just a set of professional credentials described in it.

  • Design of the profile, including the background picture and the candidate’s photo, makes the first impression faster than the text description.
  • This social network broadens the options for professional self-presentation as you can send your LinkedIn profile link along with the resume.
  • It helps get more benefits from the professional connections within the company and outside it.

Statistical data shows that those who share LinkedIn profile with other people in the LinkedIn communities get noticed more often and get better chances for securing professional opportunities.

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Sharing a LinkedIn Profile URL

A public profile is the applicant’s face they present to recruiters. Take the following steps if you want to know how to share LinkedIn profile link:

  • Tap the Me icon on the top right corner.
  • Press View profile.

how to share a linkedin profile
  • Below you will see the More option.
  • Pick Share Profile option in the dropdown.
share a linkedin profile
  • You will notice the New-message window with the option to select one or several connections to share your profile with.

As an alternative, you could send the current URL to people that could help you in the job search or recommend you to the employer. If you are doing it in an app on your phone, instead of the More button you may see symbols like three dots.

how to share your linkedin profile

Add a Personalized LinkedIn URL to Your CV

For a successful job application, it is essential to know how to share LinkedIn profile on resume. Certainly, relevant skills and qualifications gained by experience could encourage the recruiter to consider your candidacy. Yet, a resume does not ensure a full representation of your personality and soft skills. Here are three key reasons to help HRs find your LinkedIn profile by adding its URL to a CV:

  1. When looking for a candidate, recruiters consider all information available. So, your social media pages are likely to join your CV in your personal file. Make this search easier for the recruiters and show them exactly those profiles you would like them to find.
  2. The URL link shows that you are open to communication at all levels.
  3. A CV usually does not give full information on your interests, capabilities and portfolio.

The employer needs to see the candidate's incentive to get the position. A professionally composed cover letter and linkedin resume will help in that regard.

What to Include in LinkedIn Profile

If you choose to share a link to your LinkedIn profile, make sure that it contains data on the completed projects and samples of your works. Web designers could give links to the websites they have created. Marketing managers could upload presentations or some projects’ data.

In general, people usually share:

  • main soft and hard skills;
  • certificates;
  • personal qualifications like stress resistance or the ability to work under pressure.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Different Than Your Resume

In any resume, the employers look for primary information about the qualifications and experience of the applicant.

If the recruiters see the same information on LinkedIn as on the candidate’s resume, they might appear somewhat disappointed. A CV is a chance to establish the first connection, a LinkedIn profile is the chance to improve your professional image.

For example:

  • Photo is not required in the resume, while on its LinkedIn version, it is highly desirable.
  • Unlike a CV, LinkedIn allows posting other people's recommendations on your profile, to show communicative skills you could send LinkedIn profile URL directly to the recruiters.
  • On LinkedIn, you can give a more advanced characterization of your skills and experience than on a resume.
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Main Steps: How to Share LinkedIn Profile on Your Resume

The first step is drawing up a CV and sending it as a pdf file.

The second one is creating a professional profile page on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, depending on the type of job you are looking for. List the job-related information and upload your portfolio. Next, share LinkedIn profile URL with your connections within the social media or outside it.

There is also an option to find out how to share your LinkedIn profile on a resume.

In a few words, it is a few-step task:

  • Create an editable CV.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile comprising additional information on your qualifications.
  • Copy the profile’s URL from the top of the page.
  • Insert it into your CV.

The Perfect Place to Share LinkedIn Profile on a Resume

To share LinkedIn profile URL on resume, simply copy the URL of your profile and paste it into the Contacts section of the CV. Usually, this information goes on the top right corner right next to the photo or name. It should be placed among your email address and contact information. It would also be better to include a LinkedIn icon next to the link to highlight it. Some portfolio-type professions require a separate section for social media links and related information.

perfect place to share your linkedin profile

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Create a LinkedIn Custom URL

A successful career comprises many factors from giving the right message to the employers with your CV design to actually bringing projects and tasks to successful completion. The use of professional social networks like LinkedIn or specialized Facebook communities may open a window to new professional achievements.

Below, you’ll find a quick guide on how to make custom LinkedIn URL:

  • From the main menu at the top of the page, hover over to Profile with your mouse and select Edit Profile.


how to share a link to your linkedin profile
  • On the right side of the page click on the edit icon next to Your Public Profile URL.
how to share my linkedin profile URL
  • In the edit box, enter your name or any other definitive description. Users can have between 5 and 30 letters or numbers. Symbols or special characters are not allowed.
  • If your custom URL is unique, save and exit! If some other user has already taken it, try creating a new LinkedIn custom URL.

How to Share Your LinkedIn Profile Via Email

If you choose not to include the LinkedIn profile URL in the CV, you could send someone your LinkedIn profile link via email. It would be a nice gesture to establish a closer connection with the recruiter and show them that you are interested in the position.

  • Look up in search engine “share my LinkedIn profile in email” as it could give you a couple of ideas on how to frame the link with the text.
  • Write a short note before the link describing the reasons for sharing this information.
how to share your linkedin profile via email
  • Add a small icon next to the link to make it more visible.
  •  Click ‘send’.

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Take Actions to Become the Most Desirable Candidate

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