UX Cover Letter Examples

The question of how to write a cover letter is relevant for any position on the modern job market. A perfect cover letter may make a difference between success and failure during the job search. 

It is true for UX designer positions also. In the following article:

  • You will see a practical UX designer cover letter sample. 
  • Useful tips on how to write a cover letter yourself. 
  • Helpful advice on how to highlight your strengths as a specialist before a potential employer and secure the desired role for you. 

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UX Designer Cover Letter Example 

The following cover letter sample UX designer follows a standard cover letter format, and you may adapt it for your UX cover letter. Yet, do not forget about specialization for your particular position: 

[Your Name, Contact information, E-mail]


Dear John Doe, 

I am interested in the role of a UX designer the XYZ company proposes. I have been following the industry and noticed that your company delivers only the highest quality products, and I want to contribute my design skills and experience to this goal. 

For the last two and a half years, I have been designing and developing applications for the ABC company. I developed highly interactive interfaces and managed overall application optimization, which led to 30% more positive user reviews. 

Your corporate values and reviews on the career resources make me believe that you have a perfect working environment. Being part of a dedicated team working toward the best result possible is a career opportunity I have been looking for. 

I want to apply my abilities and expertise to the position of a UX designer and become a part of a great team. I have attached my resume and portfolio to this message. You may also contact me via phone: 555-555-555, or working e-mail: emailforjob@mail. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Best Regards, 

[Your Name] 

Сover Letter UX Designer Template 

A UX designer's cover letter does not differ from any modern cover letter structure. You express your interest in the application and the desire to show your efficiency in a job interview. When you apply a cover letter, ensure to include the following points of the cover letter template: 

  • Date
  • Hiring manager name or address to the relevant position. 
  • Greeting. 
  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph 
  • Closing paragraph. 
  • Sign off.

Ultimate Guide on How to Write a UX Designer Cover Letter

A good cover letter may give you an opportunity to land an interview, but a great cover letter may help change your career. You may follow the best cover letter sample and yet require much time to hone your cover letter writing skills. 

In this case, reaching out to a professional cover letter writer is the best option. Our writers have the knowledge and qualifications to deliver the best cover letter for any UX design position.

However, if you want to make your cover letter personal, the following guide will help you through each step of writing a cover letter. 

Follow a Professional Cover Letter Format. 

Cover letter formatting is the first thing that a hiring manager sees. Therefore, your primary objective is to make your ux designer cover letter readable. The cover letter includes your professional statement on why you want to join the position. Besides, it should contain the basic information on why you fit the given position.  

In the following paragraphs, you will learn how to format: 

  • Heading. 
  • Introduction and body. 
  • Closing paragraph. 

Cover Letter Heading 

The heading is the very beginning of your cover letter for ux designer. It should contain the basic information for the hiring manager to see, such as your name, contact data, and the date the letter was sent. A well-formatted heading will help track your job application in the company and highlight you as one of the fitting applicants for the position. 

Cover Letter Sample for UX Designer [Heading]

Check out the following structure elements of this cover letter example to show that you are a strong candidate:  

Jane Doe

Contact Number: 555-555-555

Work e-mail: emailforwork@mail.com 

Date and Company Details on Cover Letter 

At the beginning of your cover letter UX designer, you should mention the date you send it. It will be easier for a hiring manager to sort the incoming applications and track yours. After the date, provide the address and contact information of the company.

Example Cover Letter UX Designer [Date and Company Details] 

It is one of the possible UX cover letter examples for the heading. You should apply for it if you see a fitting opportunity and stand out among other possible employees.


Hiring Manager's Name 

[Company Address] 

Palo Alto, California, 3535



Cover Letter Greeting 

The cover letter greeting is another vital part of your presentation as a fitting candidate. The trick to the best greeting is personalization. If you know the hiring manager's name, you should address them in person. If you cannot obtain this information, follow the regular, formal address. For example, to whom it may concern is a universal formality when addressing a company's hiring staff. 

UX Cover Letter Examples [Greeting] 

Use a personalized approach in your user experience cover letter. A cover letter greeting addressed to a specific person will attract their attention and will increase your chances of getting hired and possible career growth.


  • Dear John Doe
  • Dear Hiring Manager
  • To whom it may concern

What to Include in a UX Designer Cover Letter [Body] 

Regarding the body of UX designer cover letter samples, it is important to show your most worthy accomplishments. You should express your interest in the given position in the company in the introductory paragraph. And support this interest through your professional background in the body. 

UX Designer Cover Letter Sample [Body]

You may check out the UX designer cover letter sample at the beginning of the article to have an idea about a solid body paragraph. In sum, you should mention how your strengths can contribute to the company and what is your most profound professional experience. 

Closing Paragraph for Cover Letter 

Restate your interest in the position in the closing paragraph of a UX design cover letter; you may check the sample above for a better idea of closing your cover letter. If you manage to end the cover letter in a way interesting to the firm, it will increase your chances of getting hired.

UX Cover letter Example [Closing]

You may find the best fitting strong ending among different UX designer cover letter samples. Do not forget to mention that you've attached the resume, with your detailed skills, and that you are waiting for an interview opportunity. 

Use Keywords to Show Your Skills. 

Many recruiting firms and recruiters use ATS bots not only for resumes but for cover letters as well. There is a high chance that your UX designer cover letter will go through an applicant tracking system (ATS) before a hiring manager sees it. 

Therefore, before sending the letter, study the job application carefully and use the exact skills that the job description asks from a potential employee in your cover letter. For example: 

  • Hard key skills like wireframing. 
  • Prototyping. 
  • Soft skills like time management. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills. 

Study the Company 

The keywords for your cover letter UX designer fit not only for your skills section. The more you know the company you are applying to, the more chances recruiters will see your cover letter. You should study the company carefully to craft a winning cover letter. Try to use as many keywords from their corporate statements and values as possible to make ATS bots notice your resume among other applicants. 

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Bottom Line 

Excellent! Now you have all the necessary tips for writing a cover letter for UX designer on your own. Try to learn as many UX cover letter examples as possible before giving it a real shot. Besides:

  • You may scan the company's website to learn what kind of skills and qualifications it requires. 
  • Do not forget to personalize your cover letter for the job position and the hiring manager's name. 
  • Do not exceed the one-page length. 
  • Use professional formatting to make your cover letter easy to read. 

Finally, if you want to get professional help in cover letter writing, our service is ready to help you make the best cover letter possible and show your genuine interest in any given UX designer position. 

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