Cyber Security Cover Letter Sample

If you’ve solemnly decided to devote your life to maintaining security in the digital world, it’s time to find an employer that will provide you with the necessary resources. First, learn how to write a cover letter. If you don’t have time for it, choose an online cover letter writing service and get Skilhub's professional cover letter to nail your dream job. 

Check the tips from our experts in the article below to

  • Learn how to write a cover letter that glues the recruiter’s attention to you as an applicant; 
  • Get a free cyber security cover letter sample;
  • Find the cover letter format that suits your perfect cover letter the best.

Cover Letter for Cyber Security Internship [Example]

When composing a cover letter for a cybersecurity specialist, make sure you use a proper cover letter format. We also advise you to check as many cyber security cover letter examples as you can to learn how to write a cover letter cyber security. Meanwhile, check an example of a cover letter that follows a standard cover letter structure. 

Melinda Warren

(315) 732-0312

LinkedIn (optional)

13th August 2022

Dear Ms. Miller! 

I’m happy to express my interest in the role of a cybersecurity specialist currently open in CyberTech+. After I found your job post online, I thought that I could benefit your company as a specialist with 10 years of industry experience.

I believe that my Master’s degree in Information Technology and Cybersecurity has provided me with powerful knowledge on how to prevent hacking and other attacks. My critical thinking is one of the traits that have built my professional abilities as a security architect and provided the clients of TechChance with top cybersecurity in place. When working for TechChance, I have provided top management to junior specialists and added to their career growth and skills development.

Being well-versed in how technical devices work and which algorithms are needed to protect the networks is not enough. As a security architect, I highly value teamwork and active listening. Hence, I believe that my soft skills will contribute to your company’s culture as well.

Thank you for your consideration! In case of any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime by phone or email. 

Kind regards, Melinda

Cyber Security Cover Letter Template 

Use the following tips when composing your job application and persuading the recruiter of your efficiency to prevent damage in the digital realm as a potential member of their company team.

  • Structure. A cover letter template usually contains 3-5 paragraphs;
  • Font. If you apply for a high-rank position, keep your font as formal as you can;
  • Spacing. A modern cover letter includes 1.15 spacing;
  • Margins. 1 inch is enough.

Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Cyber Security Cover Letter

Having clear guidelines on what a standard cover letter sample includes is a must to nail a job interview and showcase your qualifications in the best light. A great cover letter shows your industry knowledge and creates a new opportunity for expanding your career horizons. 

If you feel stuck with cover letter writing, our specialists are here to help you! Just reach out to them and get a cover letter that suits your needs. Meanwhile, check the cover letter writing guidelines below. 

Format Always Matters

In a whirlwind of digital information, hiring managers have less time to go through thousands of cover letters. Hence, cover letter formatting rules exist to make sure your cyber security cover letter or statement includes the required data that shows whether you’re fit for the position or not. 

The main sections to remember are 

  • Heading;
  • Date and Company Details; 
  • Greeting;
  • Body;
  • Closing.

Cover Letter Heading

A heading is a vital element in your job application that ensures a hiring manager receives your letter and determines whether you’re fit for the company’s job position.

Check a cover letter example for cyber security in the section below.

Cover Letter Sample for Cyber Security [Heading]

A common cover letter example will include all header elements placed over the date and company details. A traditional structure of a heading might be as follows:

Name and Surname

Phone Number


LinkedIn or Website (optional)

Date and Company Details on Cover Letter

In the age of digital literacy, a cover letter for cyber security might omit the Company Details like address because all you need to contact the company’s hiring manager is your email and the Internet. 

However, the Date section always stays.

Example Cover Letter Cyber Security [Date and Company Details]

Check the Date, and Company Details section in the sample cyber security cover letter employees need to apply for a job and change a career after getting an opportunity to do so.

21st August 2022

Mr. Miller

Hiring Manager


4230 Peach Street

Pascagoula, Mississippi 


Cover Letter Greeting

Sure, a cover letter greeting is a formality. However, all recruiters demand this formal element from any candidate. We advise you to stay polite and use the actual hiring manager’s name in the greeting instead of trivial ‘to whom it may concern.’

Cover Letter Example for Cyber security [Greeting]

A cover letter for a cyber security position doesn’t differ from a cover letter greeting for any other career when a company decides to hire a professional to ensure business growth. 

Dear Hiring Team!

Dear Hiring Department!

Dear Mr/Ms. Brown!

What to Include in a Cyber Security Cover Letter [Body]

Whether you send your cyber security application cover letter to apply for a position in utilities or an engineering company, making sure your cover letter highlights your professional accomplishments is a must. 

  • Mention the position;
  • List your technical skills and work experience;
  • Restate your interest. 

Cyber Security Cover Letter Sample [Body]

A cyber security cover letter example will list your accomplishments and skills like in the sample below.

My professional experience allows me to implement top cybersecurity programs and ensure top-notch cybersecurity for a client. I also believe that your company will benefit from my strengths, like critical thinking. 

Closing Paragraph for Cover Letter

To maximize your chances of getting hired, we advise you to end the cover letter with a firm but polite and formal sentence. In the concluding part of your cyber security cover letter, restate your interest, remind the reader about how they can reach out to you, and express gratitude for their time and consideration.

Cyber Security Cover Letter Example [Closing]

Most effective cyber security cover letter examples will include a strong ending that highlights your communication skills and wins you an interview.

Thank you for your time! Please reach out to me by email or phone call. 

Looking forward to your answer!

Best wishes, Ariadna 

How to Present Your Key Skills

So, how to make sure your job application passes the applicant tracking system (ATS)? 

In the end, how to write a cover letter for cyber security that lands on the recruiter’s table? The answer is simple - by presenting key skills required for the position. 

Which hard and soft skills might you require for a cybersecurity position? Check the lists below.

Hard Skills

  • Strong knowledge of operating systems and networking;
  • Coding skills;
  • Risk analysis.

Soft Skills

  • Critical thinking;
  • Strong knowledge of laws and regulations;
  • Teamwork.

Dig More Data on the Company

A cybersecurity cover letter that gets jobs usually contains industry keywords that catch the recruiter’s attention and pass the ATS exam. Follow the next tips to land a job: 

  • Tailor your cover letter according to the position requirements when applying for a job. Do they need a person well-versed in coding? Talk about your programming skills!
  • Make sure your cover letter aligns with the company’s mission and values. Is the company famous for its strong environmentalism? Mention your volunteering experience if it’s somehow connected with nature.

Final Thoughts

Congrats! Now you know how to write a cybersecurity cover letter that lands job interviews. The best way to compose a job-winning cover letter is to follow the structure of a cover letter example for cyber security. Meanwhile, follow the tips below: 

  • Follow a traditional cover letter structure;
  • Mention your qualification by listing your skills and work experience;
  • Think of keywords that will attract the attention of the company’s hiring manager. 

Still feel confused about cover letter writing or have no time? Reach out to the best cover letter writing service and get your dream job with our specialists!

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