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Ever wondered how to write a cover letter to get your dream job? Well, you have found the right place to answer your question. A perfect cover letter will let your resume shine before the recruiter reads it. Whether you are an office employee or a laborer, a cover letter will multiply your chances of getting a job.

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Want to know how to write a cover letter? Keep reading, and you’ll learn the hacks from the professional cover letter writing service on writing a cover letter for resume and mistakes to avoid in the process.

Software Engineer Cover Letter Samples

Before you dive into a job search, make sure that your cover letter format follows the cover letter writing rules. 

Check an example of a cover letter for an software engineer below.

Software Engineer Cover Letter 

Name and Surname


Address (optional)


Date When the Letter Was Written

Name of the Hiring Manager

Company’s Address

Telephone of the Hiring Manager (optional)

Email of the Hiring Manager

Dear (add the name of the Hiring Manager)!

This letter signifies my interest in the job position you have posted on (add the name of the site you’ve found the job ad). I believe that my master’s degree in computer science and my technical knowledge will be beneficial to your company. 

I am applying for a job position of a software engineer in your company because I believe that my technical skills and computer knowledge will bring Globant to new heights. 

When I had a role as a software engineer at ThoughtWorks, Inc., I developed software solutions for business needs. One of my projects was an application that tracked the expenses of the company’s clients. My application improved the work of the financial advisors since the information they needed was constantly entering their database. In the end, ThoughtWorks, Inc. had a 17% increase in client turnover.

Thank you for reading my cover letter! I am attaching my resume so you can learn more details about the projects I’ve been working on at ThoughtWorks. I am excited about working for Globant because my aspiration is to create software that improves the world.

Best wishes, 

Your Name and Surname

Software Engineer Cover Letter Template

A traditional cover letter template would include the following. 

  • Length: 3-4 paragraphs. To apply for the position at the company, mention your work experience in the second or third paragraph. 
  • Font: Arial, Verdana, Calibri. 
  • Spacing: A modern cover letter is written in single spacing. 
  • Margins: Use 1-inch margins to answer the job application with your cover letter.

Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Software Engineer Cover Letter

Honing your skills and accomplishments in a resume is not enough. Yes, you’ll nail that job interview. But to win a rewarding software engineer career, focus on your cover letter. Our experts have created a guideline on writing a great cover letter below. 

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Check more information on the cover letter writing below.

Mind Cover Letter Formatting

A great cover letter formatting catches an opportunity for a career-building job interview. Also, an efficient structure of your software engineer cover letter will keep your reader’s attention. 

The elements of the cover letter format are as follows:

  • heading;
  • date and company’s details;
  • greeting;
  • body;
  • closing.

Cover Letter Heading 

If you enter “example cover letter software engineer,” you’ll see that all cover letters have a heading. 

Whether your job application is for a traditional in-office or online job, the first thing every hiring manager sees is the cover letter heading.

Check an example of a cover letter heading below to learn the specifics.

Cover Letter for Software Engineer [Heading]

This cover letter example contains all elements required for a cover letter heading. 

Software Engineer Cover Letter 

Tina Black

(415) 202-3711

58 Middle Point Rd

San Francisco, California(CA), 94124

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Date and Company Details on Cover Letter

Mentioning the date when the cover letter for software engineer was written and the company’s information allows the hiring manager to check whether the letter has come to the right adress.

After writing down the letter’s date, separate the data on the company by a space and list the name of the hiring manager, and later the name and address of the company itself. 

Example Cover Letter Software Engineer [Date and Company Details]

Once you type “example cover letter software engineer,” you’ll find that the date and the address are among the most important elements in one’s cover letter to apply for a job.

May 15, 2020

Tabitha Rose

814 Mission St,

San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 206-1789

Cover Letter Greeting

An ATS-bot of any employer aims to scan resumes and cover letters to make sure they follow the rules and format. An efficient cover letter greeting catches the hiring manager’s attention and starts the invisible conversation between you and the recruiter. Yet, this is why choosing a fancier than “to whom it may concern” greeting is a must. 

Cover Letter Example for Software Engineer [Greeting]

A great cover letter greeting will persuade the recruiter to hire you and give you an opportunity to build a stellar career. 

The following cover letter example for software engineer has an effective greeting because it contains the manager’s name.

Dear Tabitha Rose!

What to Include in a Software Engineer Cover Letter [Body]

The body of a cover letter for an software engineer is a part showcasing your talents to the company recruiter. 

When you apply for the job position, remember:

  • the first sentence is an attention grabber - be inventive here;
  • you’ve got only 3 paragraphs to sell your skills; yet, stay detail-oriented;
  • use bullet points for skills and accomplishments.

Software Engineer Cover Letter Sample [Body]

Check a body from a software engineer cover letter sample below.

“I am excited to apply for the software engineer position at Simform. I have found your job post on LinkedIn. As you can see in my resume, my technical skills and background will bring your company to new heights.”

Closing Paragraph for Cover letter

An efficient example of software engineer cover letter will always include a closing paragraph. After mentioning your work experience and accomplishments, choose a proper closing line. In the process of getting hired, the recruiter will focus on your written communication while scanning your cover letter sample.

Check an example of a proper closing below.

Software Engineer Cover Letter Example [Closing]

After demonstrating your skills, use a proper closing line to increase your job interview chances, like in a software engineer cover letter example below.

“Thank you for reading my cover letter. I am attaching my resume so you can learn more details about the projects I’ve been working on at ThoughtWorks. I am looking forward to your answer. 


Thomas Bell”

Let Your Skills Shine Out

Your skills make the lion’s share in the cover letter. They also beat the applicant tracking system (ATS) if organized right. While answering the job application in your cover letter, think of listing your software engineer hard and soft skills in a bullet-point list. You may use your skills to highlight your accomplishments in the cover letter software engineer example. 

The main hard and soft skills to mention are

  • knowledge of coding languages;
  • knowledge of software testing;
  • OOD skills; 
  • excellent teamwork skills; 
  • verbal and written communication skills.

Find Vital Information About the Company

While applying for a job position in a specific company, search for the basic information you can use to catch the recruiter’s attention. Mention why the company is interesting to you. Here, you can talk about the products the company creates or the values. 

Meanwhile, use professional keywords in your software engineer cover letter. The keywords that are most likely to capture the hiring manager’s attention are “software development,” “coding,” “team player,” “testing,” “debugging,” etc. 

Final Thoughts

We hope our article has taught you how to write a cover letter for an software engineer. Let’s recall the main steps to follow: 

  • name your qualification in the header and add personal information;
  • include the name of the hiring manager, the company, and its address;
  • add a greeting;
  • write a body with keywords to beat the resume-scanning software;
  • add a closing line.

To refresh your memory on the cover letter writing tips, check the cover letter for software engineer example above. 

If you need assistance while writing your cover letter, contact us! We are a professional resume and cover letter writing service, and we have already made thousands of dreams come true. Check it yourself!

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