Product Manager Cover Letter Sample

A product manager’s position is one of the most popular applications in the modern job market. Product managers work with customers, analyze the market for their company, and make sure products are salable. 

Yet, due to high competition, a candidate needs a decent cover letter to attract the attention of an employer. So, how to write a cover letter? This article will answer this question and provide a product manager cover letter sample you can use. 

Besides, you will learn: 

  • how to format your cover letter; 
  • what greeting and sign-off to use. 
  • what you should mention in the cover letter’s body. 

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Product Manager Cover Letter [Example] 

Many product manager cover letter samples follow the same cover letter format. Make sure the format you use is professionally acceptable and will work for the desired position. You may use this cover letter as guidance and edit it according to your specific work experience and skills:


[Your name] 

[Contact number] 

[Contact e-mail] 

[Hiring Manager name]

[Company address] 

[Company contact mail] 

Dear Hiring Manager, 

I’m interested in the opening for the product manager role at ABC Company. With 3+ years of experience and a passion for developing innovative software solutions, I would like to contribute to ABC Company’s future projects and make the most of them. 

As a product manager in the XYZ Company, I was responsible for the full product development cycle, including QA testing, market analysis, and product launch. Due to my unique strategy of market research and data implementation, seven products exceeded income expectations by 10%. 

I’ve mastered the variable abilities of a product manager, such as agile mastery, strong interpersonal communication skills, and a unique analytical skill set. I am sure that the company will see profit in my experience and expertise during the new products development. 

I would appreciate it if we discussed how I can contribute to your company’s growth. During an interview, I’m eager to learn more about the product manager position. You may see my resume in the attached files, and I added contact details as well. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Best Regards, 

[Your Name] 

Product Manager Cover Letter Template 

Product management cover letter templates follow the standard set of rules. If you apply this cover letter template to your job application, you will have all the chances to land an interview. The following structure has proven its efficiency, and you may use it to apply for any product manager job position: 

  • Heading; 
  • Greeting; 
  • Introduction; 
  • Body paragraph; 
  • Closing; 
  • Sign off. 

Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Product Manager Cover Letter 

You can use a cover letter sample to make things simpler for you. A great cover letter may secure an interview and help you land a job. However, it is not easy to master all the necessary writing skills to nail a single, winning cover letter. 

If you need help, our career experts are ready to assist you at any stage of product over letter and product resume writing. They have the qualifications, knowledge, and dedication necessary to write a top-notch cover letter for a product manager. 

If you want to seize an opportunity, the following guide will help you craft a compelling cover letter for your dream position. 

Follow the Professional Cover Letter Formatting 

The right cover letter formatting is the first thing that attracts attention to your application. Many product manager cover letters fail to pass the applicant tracking process due to poor formatting. Ensure that your cover letter meets the standard formatting requirements: 

  • three-paragraph structure; 
  • professional font: Helvetica, Georgia, Calibri; 
  • 1.15 line spacing; 
  • 1-inch margin. 

Before making any statement to hiring managers, evaluate how your letter fits the standards above. It will make any information more presentable and help you land a desired position. 

Cover Letter Heading 

You may find different variations of a heading in product manager cover letter examples. Yet, there’s no need to overcomplicate it. Leave the list of the goods or services you worked with for a resume summary section as part of your job application. 

The main purpose of a heading is to provide clear contact details. This way, the hiring manager can easily reach you if you’re the right fit for the position. 

Cover Letter Sample for Product Manager [Heading]

Now, let’s take the first step to highlight you as a strong candidate. You may use this cover letter example to create your own heading. Its structure has all the necessary elements: 

John Doe

Contact number: 555-555-555

Work email: 

Date and Company Details on Cover Letter 

Date and company details are another critical piece of a cover letter product manager. If you mention the company’s contact address and place the date when you sent the letter, it will show your professional attitude. A recruiter will be interested in looking at your training and the rest of the letter’s content. 

Example Cover Letter Product Manager [Date and Company Details] 

You may use the following example of a cover letter for product manager in your cover letter. A section with a date and company details will help you stand out among other potential employees. 



Beverly Lane 22nd. 

Cover Letter Greeting 

A good cover letter greeting will catch the hiring manager’s attention from a single glance. Most job seekers follow the formal addressing “to whom it may concern.” Such a form of greeting is commonly accepted in the professional sphere. Yet, this type of formality may not fit all companies. A more personalized greeting will make you a promising candidate. 

Cover Letter Example for Product Manager [Greeting] 

You may use the product manager cover letter example from the beginning of the article as your template. Ensure that your cover letter greeting addresses a person or their position directly. A personalized greeting may help decide to hire you and secure your future career growth. 


  • Dear John Doe; 
  • Dear Product Team. 

What to Include in a Product Manager Cover Letter [Body] 

In the introduction, you express interest in the chosen position. The body of a product management cover letter is the place to demonstrate your most relevant accomplishments. 

Emphasize significant achievements and prove to recruiters that you are the best candidate for the position. Mentioning key product manager skills such as product planning and the ability to go through all the marketing phases is a plus. 

Product Manager Cover Letter Sample [Body] 

You may use the cover letter examples product manager above as a template for your cover letter. You should remember that your resume is the main document to demonstrate your professional experience. In the body of your cover letter, you should highlight your strengths and express your willingness to contribute to the company. 


In my previous position at the EDF company, I oversaw the whole development cycle: from the concept to the launch of the product. I have developed strong leadership skills and managed to provide meaningful advice to different development departments. I strive for the best quality of the final product and want to put this dedication to use in your company. 

Closing Paragraph for Cover Letter 

Generally, you may find a restatement of the desire to join the company and contact information in the closing paragraph of a product manager cover letter sample. Such a way to end the cover letter is a practical strategy to boost your chances of getting hired by the firm. 

If you want to add another accomplishment, it is better to do so in your resume and direct a recruiter to it in the closing paragraph of a cover letter sample. 

Product Manager Cover Letter Example [Closing]

The product manager cover letter samples above should lead you to a strong ending that will help you stand out among other candidates. You should not actively promote your skills in the end and focus more on the intention to arrange an interview. 


Thank you for reading this letter. I hope to show more during an interview, and you may find a detailed list of my accomplishments in the attached resume. 

Present Your Skills Effectively 

There is one thing that you may not find in most of the product manager cover letter examples: the necessity to use keywords to highlight your skills. Many recruiters and recruiting firms use ATS bots to scan through candidates’ documents. 

An applicant tracking system (ATS) looks for particular words that are present in a job application and denies documents that do not have them. Therefore, it is important to show your skills in a way that will pass an ATS system. 

Here’re key soft skills for a product manager: 

  • critical thinking; 
  • flexibility; 
  • problem-solving. 

And here’re the hard skills

  • proficiency in economics; 
  • analytical skills; 
  • basic product management knowledge.

Study the Company 

One of the best sources for keywords for product manager cover letters is the company you are applying to. Usually, ATS bots look for keywords that are mentioned in the job description and the company’s statements. 

Studying the company’s corporate values and using the right words from the job description will help you achieve the desired results. 

Final Words 

You can write an efficient product manager cover letter with the provided guide. Stick to the main points, and you will have a neat cover letter product manager: 

  • choose professional formatting; 
  • follow the three paragraphs template; 
  • add information about the company and date in the heading; 
  • make a personalized greeting; 
  • highlight your skills with keywords; 
  • communicate interest in the position openly. 

Do you need assistance? Then get professional help from our professional resume writers to make a perfect cover letter that lands interviews. Our team members have the necessary qualification to make the right impression on the hiring manager and secure you the position you want. 

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