How to Write the Best Cover Letters

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Technology leading up to 2021 has completely changed the way we apply for and get the jobs we want. Today, potential employees can easily increase their chances of getting hired in numerous ways online. This article will give various types of candidates all the information they need to get further in the hiring process. 

Here’s what you can find in this exclusive article for writing a great cover letter.

  • What Is the Best Cover Letter?
  • What Are the Main Criteria for the Best Resume Cover Letters?
  • Best Examples of Cover Letters
  • More Examples of the Best Cover Letters (by Industry)
  • Additional Tips
  • Cover Letter Template

This article contains loads of useful information to create the best cover letters. It can help attract hiring management and improve the success rate for job seekers. After reading this article and following some of the recommendations, you can become the right person to be employed in your desired area.

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Let’s dive right in.

What Exactly Is the Best Cover Letter?

Most employers would define the best cover letter as a sample of a candidate’s personality, desire for the job, and passion for the company. It is a way of learning more about a person. For instance, because cover letters are supposed to be succinct, candidates simply have to put all of their thoughts out in a concise way. And the ability to convey one’s thoughts and ideas concisely and neatly is one of the biggest reflections of talent. 

One should also consider adding their experience, achievements, and other important skills when applying to an open role. Еhe process of “how to make a great cover letter” is about knowing how to effectively communicate with one’s hiring manager on paper.

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What Are the Main Criteria for the Best Resume Cover Letters?

A great cover letter always includes all the right details, information, and segments. Here’s a mini list of the main criteria to create the best job cover letters:

  • should be written to the right person and sent to them only;
  • should address all the points in the job description;
  • should be concise, crisp, and easy to read;
  • should contain everything not mentioned in the CV or resume;
  • should mention qualifications, achievements, experience, and important skills a candidate has.

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Here Are Some of the Best Examples of Cover Letters

Our team of experts has compiled some of the best cover letter samples that will surely help job seekers improve their application and reach success. We have carefully selected the most suitable cover letters from some of the main domains across several industries. Applicants can use some of these samples to make a statement and increase their chances of getting hired.

General Cover Letter Sample

Look at one of the best cover letters for resume that every employer would appreciate.

18+ General Cover Letter Templates - PDF, DOC | Free & Premium Templates

General Cover Letter Examples: Explanation

To us, this example stands out from several other general sample cover letters. Right from the first line, the candidate shows focus and intent regarding the company she is applying to. 

The job seeker then assures the hiring manager that she has the necessary experience and skills for the position. She states her education, qualifications, and relevant experience to back her pitch. She ends by reminding the HR manager about her attached CV and provides all her contact details to take it further.

Overall, she is precise and straightforward. Her cover letter contains all the details necessary to grab the attention of a company recruiter. She has formatted her letter well and has kept her lines short yet informative. Job applicants should use their ability to deliver information succinctly.

Creative Cover Letter Sample

Here is another example of the best creative cover letters for qualified professionals aiming to highlight their skills.

Creative Cover Letter: Explanation

The first thing about this creative cover letter that caught our eye was its structure. One of the reasons why is because we love the look and effect of bullet points. It’s simple, smart, easy, and conveys all the relevant information in a way that can be better absorbed. 

The second thing that caught our eye was the design of the document, which includes the bright header at the top! The design and structure of creative cover letters are crucial aspects because they demonstrate how good an executioner of ideas can be. 

The applicant shows that they are competent and reliable through presenting their growth rates at previous jobs. The applicant also mentions all of the media forms they have created and worked on. Additionally, the applicant emphasizes taking on the responsibility of leading a team, which is always a great bonus.

Career Change Cover Letters Examples

If you’re not passionate about your current work and want to try something new, check out the career change cover letter below.

Changing Career Cover Letter: Explanation

There are many career change cover letter samples out there. But what makes a really good one? Well, the above is a great example of a career change cover letter that fulfills several objectives. This letter is not only well-written but also has an excellent flow with engaging content. The formal tone with an undertone of excitement used by the potential employee clearly shows their ability to deliver in the field of public relations.

The candidate has also mentioned one of their key accomplishments along with certain details and a monetary figure. The header is neatly created and contains all types of relevant information about the candidate. Overall, the cover letter has an amazing feel to it and conveys the applicant’s ideas and thoughts in an excellent way.

Entry Level Cover Letter Example

A well-composed entry level cover letter with sufficient data is an additional opportunity to assess a candidate even if they lack the required experience.

Paralegal Cover Letter: Examples & Ready-to-Use Templates

Entry Level Cover Letter Examples: Explanation

Although this section is about entry level cover letter samples, this particular candidate starts by showing their experience. He has also backed his application with an enthusiastic statistic and summary. In the introductory paragraph, he expresses his interest and knowledge about the company, which is vital to create a strong rapport.

In this case, although the candidate has some extra and unique skills, he has perfectly conveyed how they would help in the position he applies for. He then uses bullet points to draw out how his additional knowledge and skills would help the company he wants to join. The candidate ends with a smartly put CTA to take the discussion further. Overall, this sample is structured and presented very well.

Professional Cover Letter Sample

Now, let’s analyze one of the professional cover letter examples to know how to prove your professionalism and willingness to occupy the position you apply for. 

Programmer Cover Letter [Example & Download] | Resume Genius

Best Professional Cover Letters: Explanation

Seeking the best job application cover letters for professionals can be a daunting task. Most professionals need a well-structured letter containing all the necessary information and written formally and neatly. The above is an excellent example of a professional cover letter. Right from the first sentence, the candidate has gripped the reader with their experience.

In the body, the candidate mentions all the work they can, have, and continue to do. Then, they draw out some of the relevant technologies and methods they use to get their job done. The best thing about this letter is the data-driven information provided in concise bullet points. For the candidate, this can be a gamechanger in regards to the role and industry. 

As all great cover letters should end, the candidate closes with a CTA to meet and further discuss the situation.

More Examples of Best Cover Letters by Industry

More cover letter samples can be found in the following sections at :

  • Accounting & finance
  • Administration & office support
  • Business & management
  • Construction & maintenance 
  • Creative & cultural field 
  • Customer service & retail
  • Education & human services
  • Emergency service
  • Engineering
  • Food service
  • Healthcare & wellbeing
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Law & legal
  • Life situation & Entry-Level
  • Marketing & sales
  • Personal & child care
  • Spa & salon
  • Transportation & logistics

Additional Tips for Using the Best Cover Letters Examples

The job application process can be very tough as there is a lot of competition out there. Here are some useful tips for making the most out of examples of the best cover letters so you can increase your chances of success.

  • Select only relevant information.
  • Learn from well-designed and well-structured cover letters.
  • Focus on the tone of your writing. You can alter it according to the type of industry and/or organization.
  • Avoid using too many jargons or slang words: these can be perceived as informal or over the top.
  • Provide detailed information like facts, figures, and numbers to solidify your position.
  • Always send your cover letter to the person who is most concerned with your position.

Best Cover Letter Template

Want to compose the best cover letters for jobs? Here is a template for creating the best cover letters ever written.


  • Desired Position
  • Name, Date of Birth, & Other Personal Details
  • Necessary Contact Details

Addressed To:

  • Address of the Concerned Person
  • Contact Details of the Concerned Person


  • one or two lines of an appropriate greeting from the applicant to the concerned hiring manager.


  • an attention-grabbing introductory line;
  • your reasons for applying for the role and interest in the company.

Body Paragraphs:

  • presentation of your education, qualifications, professional experience, and all relevant skills;
  • facts and figures showing past project accomplishments.

Closing Lines:

  • a call to action (CTA) that ensures a smoother and quicker interview process;
  • reminding of some attached documents like CVs or portfolios;
  • giving thanks to the hiring manager for the time taken to read your cover letter.

The Takeaway for Writing the Best Cover Letters

Reading great cover letter examples or even the best cover letters ever may not always give you what you’re exactly looking for. The whole job application process is dynamic and always poses different challenges. However, you should never give up. Here are some key points to boost your chances of getting hired.

  • Always use CTAs to increase your chances of taking it to the next step and landing an interview.
  • Always use key elements like the salutation, introduction, body paragraphs, and closing lines in your cover letter.
  • Always send your cover letters to the relevant hiring manager or recruiter for the best results.
  • Always check samples from relevant industries and similar positions.
  • Always keep your cover letters succinct yet informative and engaging.

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