Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample

To build a career in health services, one must present their skills and job experience in a superbly written resume. Once you have decided to apply for a medical assistant job position, make sure to write a perfect cover letter too.

In this article, you will find

  • a medical assistant cover letter sample;
  • how to start a cover letter professionally;
  • format rules for a cover letter;
  • the importance of a superb cover letter structure;
  • tips on how to write a cover letter professionally. 

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Cover Letter for a Medical Assistant [Example]

There’s no need for typing more “cover letter sample medical assistant” requests. We have already prepared a cover letter sample written according to the cover letter format rules. 

Check the sample below.

Jamilah Amin

5723 S Damen Ave

Chicago, Illinois(IL), 60636

(872) 207-5674

July 5, 2021

Mark Brown
9361 S Saint Lawrence Ave
Chicago, Illinois(IL), 60619

(773) 956-7321

Dear Mark Brown!

I have seen the job post for a newly opened medical assistant job position at GoodLife Centre. I believe that my associate’s degree in medical assisting and a bachelor’s degree in business management will contribute to the commercial success of GoodLife Centre. 

While working as a medical assistant at San Francisco Hospital for 6 years, I have strictly followed the professional requirements. I am highly trained in record management and office administration. My role in the hospital team also included performing basic medical services like taking vital signs. 

Among my recent accomplishments as a medical assistant is the implementation of record-management software. The change I have proposed has reduced critical wait times by 27% and system mistakes - by 35%. As a result, we provided our healthcare services smoothly while the hospital ratings increased. 

Thank you for reading my letter. I am excited to become a part of your organization.

Yet, I hope to hear from you soon. 

Kind regards,

Jamilah Amin

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Template

Having startling work experience and love for helping patients is not enough for one’s job application or medical assistant resume. Once you decide to apply for a medical assistant position, follow the format rules of a modern cover letter. 

An efficient medical assistant cover letter example will be as follows:

  • structure: 3-4 paragraphs;
  • font: Arial, Times New Roman, etc.;
  • spacing: 1.15 or single;
  • margins: 1 inch.

Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Medical Assistant Cover Letter

Our SkillHub writers have created a list of tips on writing an effective medical assistant cover letter. Not everyone knows how to write a cover letter properly. For instance, where to put your skills of doctor assistance? Or where to write about your professional accomplishments? 

If you feel lost, our experts will gladly help you compose a great cover letter that nails a job opportunity. 

Check the next section to learn how formatting rules can win you a job interview.

Keep Your Format Rules on Top

If you type in “cover letter examples medical assistant,” you’ll find that all samples contain perfect cover letter formatting. For instance, a job statement always goes in the first part of the text. 

A common cover letter format for any job position contains the following elements:

  • header (add contact information here);
  • date;
  • company details;
  • greeting;
  • body;
  • closing line.

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Cover Letter Heading

A header is an irreplaceable part of all sample cover letters for medical assistants.

A header is evidence of your written communication skills. That’s why it is so important to mention the necessary information regarding the hiring manager or company department in your job application.

Cover Letter Sample for Medical Assistant [Heading]

Make sure the elements in your cover letter medical assistant structure contain accurate contact information.


Mira Andino

634 Lee Rd SW

Hartselle Alabama (AL), 35640

(321) 643-1120

Date and Company Details on a Cover Letter

Like any other cover letter, medical assistant cover letters must contain information on both the company and hiring manager. 

The elements of this section are: 

  • date;
  • name of the hiring manager or company;
  • company adress; 
  • phone number;
  • email.

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Example Cover Letter Medical Assistant [Date and Company Details]

When you apply for a job position to win a career opportunity, make sure your cover letter for medical assistant position reaches the medical office manager. Hence, check the contact information twice. 


July 5, 2021


(334) 173-7633

945 N Donahue Dr

Auburn, Alabama (AL), 36832

Cover Letter Greeting

A well-written cover letter greeting is a formality that shows an employer your ethical standards. Be formal but friendly here. Yet, use other greeting alternatives for “to whom it may concern.” 

Cover Letter Example for Medical Assistant [Greeting]

Any medical assistant cover letter sample would tell you that a well-written cover letter greeting makes an excellent first impression. You need the latter for an employer to hire you and ensure constant growth in your career.


Dear Mr. Black!


Dear Hiring Management Team!

What to Include in a Medical Assistant Cover Letter [Body]

The body is the core of all medical assistant cover letter examples. This is a place to mention the job position you are applying for, the reason why you have chosen the company, and the professional accomplishments you have. 

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample [Body]

The opening paragraph of a cover letter template for medical assistant is a place to list your medical assistant skills and education. For instance:

“I have found your job post on LinkedIn. I believe that my 5-year professional experience in medical assisting in fast-paced settings and my educational background in management will contribute to your company development.”

Closing Paragraph for a Cover Letter

A well-written closing line in a cover letter for a medical assistant will increase your chances of getting hired. One should end the cover letter with a few sentences in the closing paragraph. Keep it concise and polite. Add the closing remark at the end, followed by your name and last name. 

Check the example below.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Example [Closing]

In the closing paragraph, you may restate your job skills or show your hope for a future interview. A strong ending in medical assistant cover letter samples is always ethical and short.


“Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon. 

Best wishes,

Tim Laverson”

How to Let Your Skills Shine

A well-crafted sample medical assistant cover letter emphasizes your professional skills. If your skills are properly arranged, they beat the applicant tracking system (ATS) and put your cover letter in the first line. 

In your cover letter or job application, divide your skills into Hard and Soft skills columns. For instance:

Hard Skills

  • basic medical skills;
  • excellent office skills;
  • strong computer knowledge; 
  • efficient communication skills.

Soft Skills

  • empathy;
  • time management;
  • attention to detail.

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Company Information and Keywords - What to Focus On

Creating a medical assistant cover letter with experience is much easier than making sure you enter the healthcare industry as an entry-level specialist. To make your cover letter efficient, use professional keywords as often as possible while applying for the job. 

Search for the company and use the keywords relevant to the position. For instance, the most appropriate keywords for a medical assistant cover letter are “medical skills,” “interpersonal communication,” “vital signs,” “record system,” “health insurance,” etc.

Final Thoughts

The more cover letter medical assistant examples you explore, the better. To refresh your memory on how to write a cover letter for medical assistant, check our list of tips below.

  • Make sure to write a properly structured header with your personal details and the contact information of the company and hiring manager. 
  • Use a standard greeting.
  • Mention your job qualification, education, and experience in the body of the medical assistant cover letter.
  • End it with a proper closing line.

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