Office Assistant Cover Letter Sample

The position of an office assistant varies in requirements and opportunities. An office assistant may be your entry position or a major change in your career. The competition is fierce between office assistant candidates, and you have to row down many candidates to apply for a certain position. 

A cover letter becomes an integral tool in the job search. Yet, there is a question: how to write a cover letter efficiently? The easiest answer is to apply for a professional cover letter writing service for assistance. Qualified resume writers will craft you a perfect cover letter and tailor it for any position. 

Following a detailed guide is another viable option. In this article, you will learn: 

  • How to format your cover letter. 
  • How to greet hiring managers and sign off. 
  • What information to include in paragraphs, etc. 

Besides learning how to write a cover letter, the article will provide you with a practical office assistant cover letter sample so that you may use a template for your own cover letter. 

Office Assistant Cover Letter [Example] 

A cover letter for an Office Assistant follows the regular, professional cover letter format. The following example ticks off all the necessary blocks of an office assistant cover letter: 


[Your name]

[Contact number]

[Contact email]

[Hiring manager's name]

[Company address] 

[Company contact email] 

Dear Hiring Manager, 

I would like to submit my application for the office assistant job position at ABC company. My extensive knowledge of IT technologies and high interpersonal skills will help me fill this role. 

In my previous position in the Ocean Tech company, I provided customer support and consultation on many company products. One of my brightest accomplishments in the previous position is upgrading one of the app's ratings by 10%. 

I am well familiar with modern office software and have the necessary communication and organization skills to provide team members with regular updates. 

ABC's company mission to provide the best quality possible resonates with my personal ethics. I'm a determined and focused person who easily finds a common language with people within and outside the team. 

You will find more details in the attached resume to confirm that I meet all the requirements. I'm eager to meet you in person during an interview and clarify all the necessary details. 

Best Regard, 

John Doe

Office Assistant Cover Letter Template 

The office assistant's cover letter structure follows the same rules as any modern cover letter. When you apply for an office assistant job, do not forget to include the following information in your cover letter: 

  • Company contact information is in the heading.  
  • Personalized greeting. 
  • Interest in the position in introduction. 
  • Actual work experience in the body. 
  • Professional sign-off after the conclusion. 

This cover letter template is universal, and you may modify it for any specific job description. 

Ultimate Guide on How to Write an Office Assistant Cover Letter

Writing a decent cover letter may be a challenging task. You may modify a cover letter sample and even get decent results. However, a great cover letter may mean the difference between a simple interview and landing a rewarding Office Assistant position. 

The easiest solution is to get professional help from competent writers. Our specialists have the necessary skills and qualifications to meet any requirements and craft a winning cover letter. 

Authenticity is the key to a successful cover letter. Skillhub expert Perla Aroyo suggests the next tip: try to communicate your intentions honestly, and you will have the opportunity to show it during the real job task. 

This guide will show you how to convey authenticity through practical tools and methods. 

Stick to the Professional Cover Letter Formatting 

Cover letter formatting for an office assistant cover letter is a vital component. Professional formatting helps make a decision about giving you an interview opportunity. Poor formatting, on the contrary, may show you as an underqualified candidate for an office assistant position. 

Stick to the following parameters to make your document look professional: 

  • 3-paragraph structure. 
  • Use professional font: Georgia, Helvetica, Calibri. 
  • 1.15 line spacing. 
  • 1-inch margins. 

Cover Letter Heading 

A professional-looking cover letter heading will make a positive first impression on a hiring manager or even a hiring department team. When you are considering an office assistant job application, even such nuances as heading may contribute to your success.

An example of cover letter for office assistant at the beginning of the article has a proper heading structure, and the following example office assistant cover letter will provide more details on how to craft a professional heading. 

Cover Letter Sample for an Office Assistant [Heading] 

You may use the following cover letter sample office assistant as a template and modify it for any position.

Cover letter example for heading

John Doe

Contact number: 555-555-555

Date and Company Details on Cover letter 

Putting the date of the letter submission and the company's contact details is another critical detail in your cover letter for an office assistant. This attention to detail will show a hiring manager that you are a reliable employee who knows how to do preliminary work. 

The following example of an office assistant cover letter expanded heading will show you how to format the company's address and other details.

Office Assistant Cover Letter Sample [Date and Company Details] 

You may apply this office assistant cover letter format as a template for your heading details: 


GreyTech Company

(208) 983-1522, 210 SE 5th St, Grangeville, Idaho(ID). 

Cover Letter Greeting 

A proper cover letter greeting helps to establish a connection with a potential employer right away. A personalized greeting in an office assistant cover letter will help you to stand out among other candidates and catch the attention of the hiring department. Therefore, you should address a hiring manager by their name. If you do not know it, then use the position or department. 

Cover Letter Example for Office Assistant [Greeting] 

A personalized cover letter greeting may be a small detail, but it may contribute to your career and help recruiters or recruiting firms make a decision to hire you

You may use any cover letter example for office assistant from the following list in your cover letter: 

  • Dear John Doe. 
  • Dear recruiter. 
  • Dear Hiring Manager. 
  • To whom it may concern. 

What to Include in an Office Assistant Cover Letter [Body] 

In the introductory paragraph of your cover letter for an office assistant, you have expressed your desire to work in the company. In the body paragraph, you need to provide your brightest accomplishments and qualifications to fit the position. 

An example of a cover letter for an Office Assistant at the beginning of the article may give you an image of a solid body paragraph for your cover letter. 

Office Assistant Cover Letter Sample [Body] 

Your resume is the primary source of your background information that is required for the job post. You may use a more straightforward, simpler approach in your cover letter, like in this Office Assistant cover letter sample: 

"I find a common language with different people easily, and my organization skills help keep the workflow running smoothly." 

Closing Paragraph for Cover Letter 

In the closing paragraph of your cover letter, you should emphasize your desire to get hired. The example of Office Assistant cover letter sample uses a call to action to close the paragraph. Besides the call to action, you may emphasize your skills, draw attention to your resume, or thank them for reading.

Office Assistant Cover Letter Example [Closing] 

There are many ways to close your office assistant cover letter, and a cover letter example for office assistant at the beginning of the article is only one option. In the closing paragraph, you may call for an interview, highlight your skills, or express gratitude for reading your cover letter. 

Office assistant cover letter samples for closing: 

  • Thank you for your time and consideration. 
  • I believe my qualifications and knowledge will contribute to the company's goals. 
  • I hope to discuss this position in more detail during an interview. 

Demonstrate Your Skills Professionally 

You may find many qualitative office assistant cover letter examples and use them as a template. However, they still may fail to help you land an interview for the job application. The reason behind it may be poor ATS optimization. 

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software that scans cover letters and resumes for necessary skills and work experiences. Ensure that an example of office assistant cover letter has good optimization for ATS bots before you use it. A bot-beating cover letter may secure you a position in the company. 

Key soft skills for an office assistant: 

  • Empathy. 
  • Written and oral communication. 
  • Time management. 

Key hard skills for an office assistant: 

  • Office software knowledge. 
  • Organization skills. 
  • Knowledge of the industry. 

Study the Company


A good source of the right keywords is the company to which you are applying. A company's mission, job description, and professional requirements are the basis for ATS system scanning requirements. A random cover letter example Office Assistant cannot predict particular words.  Therefore, spend some time preparing and learning all the accessible information about the company. 

Final Words 

Congratulations, now you know how to write a cover letter for an Office Assistant. With a cover letter for Office assistant example and detailed guidance, you will impress any hiring manager. Before submitting your cover letter, ensure that: 

  • Your cover letter has professional formatting. 
  • You have used appropriate keywords. 
  • You have personalized the greeting. 
  • You have used all the necessary company details. 

In case you do not have time to master cover letter writing, our professional resume writing service is ready to assist you. Our writers have the dedication and qualification to craft a winning cover letter for any office assistant position. 

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