Human Resources Cover Letter Sample

Becoming a member of the human resources team in a reputable company is possible with a perfect cover letter.

And our guide, along with a human resources cover letter sample, will help you understand how to write a cover letter fast and make it look professional.

We will show you how to:

  • write a cover letter heading;
  • create a body for your cover letter;
  • make a correct closing paragraph;
  • showcase your professional skills.

Composing a cover letter human resources takes much effort and dedication. Of course, you can always turn to an online cover letter writing service for writing a great cover letter if you have a hard time crafting it. Or you can follow all of the steps in this guide to have the highest chances of getting noticed by the employer.

Cover Letter for a Human Resources [Example]

Bear in mind that you cannot just copy human resources cover letter examples word by word. An example human resources cover letter should be your source of inspiration, and your job is to highlight your own experience according to the cover letter format. Recruiters pay attention to human resources cover letter with experience; that is why you should put all efforts possible to make it look professional.

[Today’s Date]

[Hiring Manager’s Name] 

[Company Address]

[Company City, State, postcode]

[telephone number]

[hiring manager’s email address]

Dear [Ms, Mrs, Ms.] / [Manager’s name],

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Human Resources manager advertised on your website. I heard a lot of positive reviews about your company’s policies, and it’s essential for me to work for a company that shares my values. 

While I have a comprehensive background in recruitment and staff training, my emphasis is on the development and implementation of HR initiatives and systems. I can offer you 4 years of experience in the Human Resources department for top-tier outsourcing companies, excellent communication skills, emotional intelligence, and an open mind. 

I consider myself to be a dedicated professional capable of handling various HR roles like recruitment, onboarding, training, and development. I have a strong understanding of labor laws and employment procedures. 

Feel free to look through my attached resume to have a whole picture of my professional abilities. Also, do not hesitate to contact me if you need any clarification on my experience. I look forward to meeting you and discussing the position in detail.

Thank you for your attention,


[Your Name and Surname

Human Resources Cover Letter Template 

No matter what you’re doing for your job application, trying to craft a winning resume, or showcasing your accounting software qualification in a modern cover letter, you need a template for it. With a good cover letter template, you will increase your efficiency in writing. 

Check out the guidelines you should follow to create a decent cover letter for the human resources job: 

  • be concise and try to express crucial information within 3-4 paragraphs;
  • apply readable fonts, such as Georgia, Helvetica, Calibri, or Trebuchet MS;
  • maintain 1.15 spacing throughout the document;
  • set 1-inch margins.

Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Human Resources Cover Letter

Job seekers who try to create their application without a cover letter sample have lower chances of landing an interview. But people who use a sample cover letter for human resources position usually have an opportunity to get noticed by recruiting firms. 

If you are a young professional, the guidance of a career advice expert is key to your success during the job search. 

It is essential to send a great cover letter right at the moment you’ve seen the job listing. To win precious time, send an inquiry to our team of qualified cover letter writers: they have proven knowledge of career resources and are available 24/7 for your requests.

How to Format Your Cover Letter the Right Way 

Hiring managers usually skip job applications that candidates fail to format in a modern way. Your cover letter for human resources should follow widely accepted standards. To succeed in cover letter formatting for an HR position, you need to:

  1. list your contact information;
  2. include the hiring manager’s address and today’s date;
  3. write a salutation; 
  4. make an objective statement in the introduction;
  5. add 2-3 body paragraphs;
  6. finish with a final paragraph and a call to action;
  7. leave your signature. 

Cover Letter Heading

The hiring manager makes their first impression about your job application through the cover letter header. That is why you need to do it the best way possible if you don’t want another candidate to take your position. Take a look at the header from the sample human resources cover letter below. 

Cover Letter Sample for Human Resources 

The heading is the first of the elements in the structure of the cover letter. You can distinguish a strong candidate from the weak one by the way they adhere to cover letter formatting rules. 

Here’s what the heading looks like in the helpful cover letter example:

Jenny S. Divour

4758 W. Taylor Dr.

Los Angeles, CA 45520



Date and Company Details on Cover Letter

Including a specific name and the date can get your human resources position cover letter to the hiring manager faster. Not all job listings contain the department manager’s name, adress, and contact, but they are usually free to access on the Internet. You can research this info online or contact the company directly. 

Read on to get more information and human resources cover letter samples.

Example Cover Letter Human Resources [Date and Company Details]

Don’t miss the opportunity to apply and become one of the employees of the human resources department of an international company. Look at the human resources cover letter example and learn to write the date and company details in your application:

August 5, 2020

Tina Astin, Human Resource Director

3W Group, Inc.

387 CleverStreet

Atlanta, Georgia 35551

Cover Letter Greeting

What is an ideal cover letter greeting? Every candidate must keep a formal style of writing. This formality can be reached by including the hiring manager’s first and last name. Yet, if you don’t know the name, refer to the whole department instead of writing a cliched “to whom it may concern.”

Cover Letter Example for Human Resources [Greeting]

It is crucial for your career growth to include a proper salutation in a human resources cover letter. Recruiters are likely to hire candidates who have a relevant cover letter greeting in their applications. Have a look at the example:

Dear Mr. Black!

What to Include in a Human Resources Cover Letter [Body]

Your body paragraphs must be focused on the company and the position you are applying for. You must prove that your work experience and accomplishments are relevant to the job description. A winning human resources specialist cover letter must also prove that you have a relevant set of skills, like communication skills. 

Human Resources Cover Letter Sample [Body]

The body of your cover letter for human resources job must give a hiring manager a clear view of your strengths and professional experience. Take a look at the example: 

I consider myself to be an enthusiastic individual who possesses excellent critical thinking and conflict management skills. My key goal is to work in a healthy business environment, and, as a human resources manager, I want to build and maintain this environment in your company. 

Not all people can create an effective cover letter body because it requires advanced writing skills. If you want to be sure that your job application is written according to recent standards, order a cover letter in 5 easy steps.

Closing Paragraph for Cover Letter

From a good example of human resources cover letter, you can find out that generic closing paragraphs will not lead you to getting hired. So, end the cover letter with words that express your sincere interest in working for this firm. 

If you still don’t know your personal career interests and motivations, take a career test and make it clear for yourself. And remember that even in a formal writing style, you can use metaphors and humor to make your job candidate profile stand out. 

Human Resources Cover Letter Example [Closing]

Your closing lines should persuade a recruiter to land an interview with you. It will be a plus if you show the value of your skills; that’s what makes a strong ending. Check out this human resources sample cover letter closing:

I’m excited to learn more about this job opening and show you how my problem-solving skills can help 3W-Group’s mission to deliver HR excellence.

Wow the Recruiter With Your Skills 

Those who want to build a successful career in human resources must perform a people-focused function. They should demonstrate the following hard skills: 

  • advanced computer skills;
  • recruitment;
  • onboarding;
  • interviewing;
  • compensation and benefits management;
  • employee relations.

But soft skills are no less important for every HR professional:

  • communication; 
  • negotiation;
  • leadership; 
  • organizational skills;
  • resolving conflicts;
  • decision-making.

They must also be proficient in modern HR software, like the applicant tracking system (ATS) intended to screen every job application. The ATS system will scan the content of your human resources position cover letter, and if it matches the set of keywords for the position, it will get to the hands of the hiring manager. 

Overcoming the ATS is not easy, so many job seekers use resume writing services to make a bot-beating resume and cover letter. 

Tailor Your Cover Letter to a Particular Company 

Your human resources job cover letter must be targeted at the company you’re applying to. Hiring managers value their corporate culture, and they are looking for people who would share these core values. Thus, you should include relevant keywords in a cover letter to beat the ATS and attract the recruiter’s attention. 

Ask yourself why you want to work in this particular organization. Perhaps it can give you many development opportunities that other companies can’t offer. Devote 2-3 sentences to show your motivation; the job interview appointment won’t keep you waiting. 

Wrapping It Up 

Based on helpful cover letter examples for human resources, you should remember several important points while creating your own cover letter:

  • start with your address, the date of writing, then the addressee’s details; 
  • continue with a human resources cover letter opening, which should prompt a hiring manager to read the rest of the text;
  • dwell on your work experience, qualification, and career objectives in a body section;
  • finish the letter with a catchy closing statement that will push recruiters to arrange an interview with you.

Want to learn more about crafting a winning job application or download a sample cover letter for human resources job? Our professional resume experts are waiting for your inquiries 24/7!

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