Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Sample

A well-written cover letter is an indistinguishable part of modern corporate ethics. If you want to impress a potential employer and land a job in the company of your dream, you will need a perfect cover letter. But how to write a cover letter to begin with? After completion of this article, you will learn: 

  • How to write a cover letter efficiently. 
  • What format should you use?
  • How to greet and sign off. 
  • The best fonts for your customer service representative cover letter. 

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The modern job market is extremely competitive. Information from this article may mean the difference between landing an interview and getting another "Thank you, we will contact you later." 

Customer Service Representative Cover Letter [Example] 

When you write a cover letter for a customer service representative, ensure that you follow the professional cover letter format and that your cover letter is easy-to-read. The following is one of the many cover letter examples customer service representative that you can use as a template: 

[Your Name] 

[Your contact number] 

[Your contact mail] 

Dear [Hiring Manager],

I write concerning the open customer service representative position in your company. As a telephone sales executive in the ABC company, I have developed various skills and abilities to fill the role. Your company's products are outstanding, and I want to contribute to their spreading on the market. 

In my 2+ years of experience in the ABC company, I have acquired working skills with agitated and unfriendly customers, devised my selling strategy, and participated in multiple projects. My most relevant achievements are: 

  • Sixty cold calls for individuals and businesses to promote goods and services. 
  • More than 90% customer satisfaction rating. 
  • Maintaining monthly sales and meeting the company's objectives regularly. 

As a sales executive, I developed leadership and strong interpersonal skills, which elevated my team's workflow and communication with the clients. I have coaching skills also, mentoring a team of five new staff members. 

I admire the quality of the company's products and would like to contribute my qualification to its promotion. I have attached my resume and contact information, and wait to meet you in person during an interview. 

Best regards, 

[Your Name]. 

Cover Letter for Customer Service Representative Template 

A cover letter for a customer representative follows the modern cover letter standards and has a universal template. You may use the following cover letter template as a rule of thumb for any job application. Here it is: 

  • Heading. 
  • Greeting. 
  • Introduction. 
  • Body. 
  • Closing paragraph. 
  • Sign off. 

A good cover letter may increase your job search efficiency and help you land an interview. Therefore, a professional structure is a must for your cover letter. 

Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Customer Service Representative Cover Letter

A cover letter may seem like something ordinary, and you add it to your resume and hope that a man and not an ATS bot will read it. However, a great cover letter may give you an opportunity to land a successful interview.  

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And if you want to nail your customer service representative cover letter on your own, the following guide will give you all the necessary knowledge. 

Stick to the Professional Formatting

Your cover letter formatting shows your attitude to the position you are applying to hiring managers. Before making any statement and providing personal information, ensure that you have all the right formatting for your cover letter for customer service representative position. 

The standard professional formatting for cover letters has the following parameters: 

  • 3-4 paragraphs, no more than one page long. 
  • Best fonts: Helvetica, Calibri, Georgia. 
  • Line spacing - 1.15
  • 1-inch margins.

Cover Letter Heading 

The cover letter heading is a part of your customer service representative cover letter that shows your attention to detail. It does not matter how big the scale of trading goods of a company is, and you should mention all the necessary details about the position in your job application. Include information similar to the following example. 

Cover Letter Sample for Customer Service Representative [Heading]

The following cover letter example contains all possible elements of heading that you can mention to present yourself as a strong candidate. 


[Hiring Manager's name] 

[Company's name] 

[Company address]

[Your Name] 

Contact number: 555-55-55. 

Work email: 

Date and Company Details on Cover Letter 

There is an important element of any cover letter for customer service representative position. Company's contact address and date when you send the message. It may not show your actual training in the specialty but emphasizes your attention to detail and intention concerning the given position. 

Example Cover Letter Customer Service Representative [Date and Company Details] 

Use the following cover letter sample for customer service representative for any job position to which you apply. Mentioning company details may attract the attention of employees from the hiring department and give you an interview opportunity: 


John Doe, Hiring Manager. 

ABC Company

123, Main Street. 

Cover Letter Greeting 

A good cover letter greeting may score you some points before a hiring manager starts to read your letter. Usually, a candidate goes with formal "to whom it may concern" However, such formality is not always beneficial. The personalized greeting is a more viable approach. 

Cover Letter Example for Customer Service Representative [Greeting] 

A personalized cover letter greeting implies addressing a hiring manager by the name or, at least, position. People are more attentive to messages when they are addressed personally. Such a greeting in your cover letter may boost your career growth and help a potential employer to decide to hire you. You may use one of the following cover letter examples for customer service representative: 

  • Dear John Doe
  • Dear Recruiter
  • Dear Customer Representative Team. 

What to Include in a Customer Service Representative Cover Letter [Body] 

In the introductory paragraph, you express your interest in the position that the company suggests. Then, in the body paragraph of your cover letter customer service representative, you need to show that you have the necessary experience to back this interest. 

The main source of your accomplishments is your resume. Therefore, you should mention only the most relevant achievements and that you have your way with the clients. 

Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Sample [Body] 

You may use the content for your body paragraph from the sample cover letter for customer service representative above. In brief, demonstrate respect for the company and its services, highlight your strengths and support it with your professional experience and achievements.


In my previous position at EDF company, I handled customers' requests and concerns regarding the company's software products. With my interpersonal and analytical skills, I managed to maintain the company's positive reputation and increase its popularity among the customer base. 

Closing Paragraph for Сover Letter 

You may find different variations of the closing paragraph among different customer service representative cover letter examples. The sample at the beginning of the article reiterates interest in the company's services and the wish to contribute to them. You may end the cover letter in different ways. You may add post-scriptum or double your contact information to increase your chances of getting hired. The particular approach depends on the firm to which you apply. 

Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Example [Closing] 

It may take time and practice to craft a winning resume cover letter for customer service representative. You should remember that a strong ending may win you a chance to land an interview and show your actual work skills. You may modify the closing paragraph of the sample above depending on the position you are applying to achieve the best results. 


Thank you for your time and consideration. I have attached my resume and my contact details so you may message me whenever you see fit. Your company and its services are paramount in the market, and I believe my experience and expertise will fit the proposed position perfectly. 

Emphasize Your Skills Professionally

You may follow a sample of cover letter for customer service representative impeccably and still not score an interview. Keywords are another vital component of a successful cover letter. 

Many recruiters and recruiting firms use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to search for the best candidates for the job application. ATS bots scan cover letters too. Therefore, when you write about your customer service representative skills, ensure that you use the right wording. 

Examples of soft skills of a customer representative: 

  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Empathy. 
  • Patience. 

Key hard skills for a customer representative: 

  • Fast decision-making. 
  • Analytical skills. 
  • Familiarity with the products or services of the company. 

Do Preliminary Research 

One of the best sources for keywords for your cover letter for customer service representative is the company to which you are applying. Besides, you may learn more about corporate values and aims. Including this information in your cover letter will show your meticulous attention to detail and will help you land an interview. 

Bottom Line 

The customer service representative cover letter sample at the beginning of the article is a practical example of a cover letter that you can modify as you see fit. You have a good cover letter if: 

  • Your formatting is professional. 
  • You included the date and personal information in the heading. 
  • You made the greeting personal. 
  • You followed the three-paragraph structure. 
  • You researched the company and used the right keywords for your skills to attract the attention of a hiring manager. 

Don't have the possibility to master all the aspects of cover letter writing? Our professional resume writers for hire are ready to help you write the best customer service representative cover letter possible. They have the necessary qualification and passion for making a genuine cover letter that will help you secure the desired position. 

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