2023 Guide: All you Need to Know About Letter of Interest

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During the job search, we all focus on cover letters. However, a letter of interest is no less important as it helps to get a position that isn’t even open! Don’t confuse these two papers as they have different aims. 

While the first is written to highlight qualities relevant to a specific position (it traditionally complements your application), the latter isn’t tailored to a particular posting. It’s more general: here, you communicate why you want to work for a company and state that you are a good fit for them.

In our detailed guide, we study how to write a brilliant letter of interest, drawing attention to your best skills. Plus, you will find some excellent examples and see what mistakes to avoid.

The article’s plan looks like this:

  • How can a letter of interest raise your interview chances?
  • Do the cover letter and a letter of interest have something in common?
  • What’s the best time to write such a paper?
  • How to come up with a letter of interest?
  • What examples should one follow to get a job?

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What Does A Letter Of Interest Actually Mean?

So, you study the company’s site in detail and get enthusiastic about working for them. You are sure that your successful past and broad expertise will help you get the job. But to great frustration, you see no job postings!

However, the light of hope is still burning as the company encourages candidates to submit CVs for future consideration. And a letter of interest for a job is what you need to get on their radar. 

It has plenty of names: a statement of interest, expression of interest, a letter of interest. But the essence is the same. It’s a letter you send to employers, telling them you are interested in discovering future opportunities. As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s not related to a particular job posting (unlike a cover letter). 

Letter Of Interest VS. Cover Letter

The main difference between a cover letter and a letter of interest lies in one specific factor. You work on a cover letter, targeting a particular posting. In fact, everything you share about yourself must show employers that you are a perfect fit for that specific position. 

Thus, a company advertises an offer, looking for an excellent employee, and your cover letter is an answer to that. Your CV together with a cover letter must help you stand out from the crowd of other applicants.

On the contrary, a letter of interest is your own initiative. You write it to ask about future opportunities and express your willingness to work for a company. Of course, you highlight your relevant skills and experiences to get an interview. 

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Appropriate Time To Write A Letter Of Interest

Everything is clear when it comes to a cover letter. A business organization opens up a new position – and you send it, that’s it. But what is the right time to express your interest in a job when there are no postings? Here’s the list of the best occasions for a simple letter of interest:

  • An intriguing company motivates you to conquer new career tops, plus, your skills will be quite handy there;
  • A new field office is about to be founded, and you want to know that it offers;
  • Your friend or contact tells you there’s a new job opening, but the announcement hasn’t been made yet;
  • There’s a company whose working culture, mission, values and location are ideally suited for you.

Why Is The Letter Of Interest So Important?

Many of us know what their perfect job is. Let’s admit it: waiting till your dream company posts an offer can take ages, and you certainly don’t want to be unemployed, just waiting. So, the only thing left to do is to take the future into your own hands and make the first move. That is, to send letters of interest. 

They definitely raise your opportunities to reach your goal and work for a company whose culture fits you best.

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How To Write A Letter Of Interest?

Once you decide to write a letter of interest, be sure you did profound research on the company, including its goals, mission, projects as well as employees’ feedback. Does everything you explore suit your expectations? Great! 

At this point, try to collect some insider information – it will surely not hurt. Perhaps some of your acquaintances work there and thus, know which challenges the company is facing. Maybe you can help by solving them? Take this into account when thinking through basic sections. 

They include:

  • Your name;
  • Contact information;
  • Date;
  • Employer name;
  • Employer contact information;
  • Greeting;
  • Introduction;
  • Body paragraphs (2-3);
  • Conclusion;
  • Signature.

Small Introduction

To begin a short simple letter of interest, you should introduce yourself and let employers know how you heard about them. State what type of work interests you the most. It might be the sales department, HR, finance, etc. Then, explain why the idea of working for them seems amazing to you. Describe the reasons why you admire its services, products, or marketing campaigns.

Also, share which problems you’ve identified and what you can do to help an organization overcome them. Don’t forget to mention that you are aware of the fact that there are no open job postings. However, your experience may bring the company to a new level. 

Write Down Your Relevant Skills

Basically, an interested letter has something in common with a cover letter. In both papers, you write which soft (time management, flexibility, communication) and hard skills (foreign languages, tools) you possess. 

You should also mention your accomplishments, including numbers to measure your success. Don’t underestimate this point as numbers can make a huge impact on employers, being a determining factor of your future employment.

Describe Your Experience

Moving on to the body in letters of job interest, concentrate on your accomplishments and skills from your previous experience. Why not talk about an outstanding project? Mention your methods and specific approaches. Turn to storytelling technique: speak about an obstacle and how you overcame it, and the way all this helped you move on to a higher level. 

It would also be beneficial to include quantifiable data and statistics. Believe us – this step is essential to make an impression. Perhaps, you signed up 750 new clients or increased profits by 30%. The organization should certainly know about that!

But what if you are a recent graduate with little experience? Then, your volunteer work and extracurriculars will come in handy.

Cover letters are crucial for landing a dream job that is why almost half of the job seekers (47%) write them. A lot of recruiters reject applications without them. That is why you should look through the best cover letter examples to help yourself out.

Explain Why You Should Get That Job

The last paragraph must be a link between your skills (background, etc.) and the company itself. In a nutshell, it’s a call to action – after all, you want the reader to invite you to an interview. Here, you share your excitement about the future steps as well as gratitude for the devoted time and consideration.

Next, you mention your contact details in a letter of job interest. Better ensure there are no mistakes in your email and phone number. Another tip worth following is letting the reader know that you are available not only for a formal interview. A meeting over coffee can work as well!

Letter Of Interest Format 

A format for a letter of interest must be logical, clear and easy to perceive. The structure has to be thought-out well, and the elements should be linked smoothly:

  • Opening paragraph (introduction, reasons why the company inspires you, which department interests you the most);
  • First body paragraph (relevant skills);
  • Second body paragraph (your background and valuable experiences);
  • Closing paragraph (explaining why you are a perfect fit).

Letter Of Interest Template

We’ve come up with a great letter of interest sample so that you can edit it according to your personal story. Studying it will help you get the necessary inspiration to create your own letter.

Anna Mayers. Applicant

123 Academic Street, Illinois, 12345  123-456-7898  annamayers@gmail.com

May 31, 2022

Claire Davidson

Director, Human Resources

Florence International

123 Business Rd.

Business City, NY 87456

Dear Ms. Davidson,

Not long ago, I studied an article about Florence International’s authentic approach to digital marketing in Marketing World Online, and I’m writing to inquire whether you have any marketing positions open. I know how much your company appreciates personal initiative and gives employees an opportunity to realize their creative ideas while working on marketing campaigns. That is why I was inspired to reach out about applying for a marketing strategist position in your company.

I have extensive experience (seven years) of working as a Marketing Strategist for one of Chicago’s biggest retail clothing stores. During my time in this role, I increased the number of website page views by 90% and reduced the cost of customer acquisition by 35%. In addition, our sales grew by 45% during that time.

My CV is attached to this letter so you can examine my education, work experience, and accomplishments. I would cherish a chance to talk with you or a member of the marketing department to see how my skills and background could benefit your organization. I am available to meet at your convenience and can be reached at annamayers@gmail.com or 123-456-7898. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to talking to you in the near future.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Anna M. Applicant

Common Mistakes To Avoid

  • The most important mistake you should foresee is being too generic. You have an understanding of which area is best for you. So, write about experiences suitable for it. Make an effort to show who you are and what you can do! Be specific!
  • Don’t be rude. Being overly confident won’t help you either. Forget about phrases like ‘You’ll lose a lot if you don’t hire me,’ or ‘No one can even imagine what I’m capable of.’
  • Avoid using humor. After all, you never know how the reader will perceive it. Sounding ambiguous is the last thing you need.
  • Never send a letter before proofreading – that’s what Skillhub’s authors emphasize. Employers certainly pay attention to how correct the letter is. Typos make you look unprofessional and inattentive.
  • Don’t underestimate following up. Your formal letter of interest may get into spam, or a recipient may just forget to answer it. Try reaching out one more time.

Extra Tips On How To Write A Compelling Letter Of Interest For A Job

First and foremost, use a personal approach. Do research the name of the person you will address on your professional letter of interest. The greeting should not read ‘Dear Human Resources Manager’ or ‘To whom it may concern.’ Or, try reaching out to a manager in the department that interests you.

Second, find the right entry point. The recipient probably isn’t sitting there waiting to get your letter. Therefore, you must do everything you can to grab their attention from the first sentence. Show that you are aware of what’s going on in the company. For example, say that you’ve seen the news about further expansion of the sales department, and can make a valuable contribution to support those plans.

Third, be consistent and don’t write too much. Long texts will surely scare the reader away, and they will simply lose focus. Anyway, you are to attach a CV, so there’s no need to write endless sagas.

Key Takeaways

Well, now you know plenty of valuable things about the great letter of interest for a job. Let’s remember the necessary steps when working on it:

  • Study the recipient company in detail;
  • Choose the correct time to reach it;
  • Use the template as a base for your paper;
  • Follow the right structure;
  • Be specific and use numbers and statistics;
  • Avoid sounding ambiguous;
  • Proofread your letter;
  • Follow-up is simply necessary to get an answer.

Remember that a well-written paper requires energy and time. Don’t be sad if you lack them as there’s always a wise helper to rely on. Talented specialists from the Skillhub resume writing platform know everything about crafting brilliant resumes. With their assistance, you will surely get an invitation to the long-awaited interview. And this, in turn, will finally lead you to a perfect dream job!