Top 10 Content Writing Tips that Make you a Writing Expert in 2023

To become good at content writing, a copywriter should have a clear understanding of what is content writing. Content implies creating something engaging and insightful for your audience. When you make content, you want your readers to learn from it and share it with others. 

Like any other craft, copywriters may improve their content writing abilities with persistence and practice. When users make an inquiry, they look for an authentic and relevant person who will answer their requests through their content. 

This article will explore helpful tips and practical advice on how to write captivating and exciting content. 

Create a Headline that Can Sell 

Creating catching headlines is one of the vital elements of good content writing. A selling headline is a headline that answers a client's burning question. Whether a user looks for a product, wants to invest in their career, or is looking for a service - a headline should answer this inquiry. 

Promises of new, valuable information will make a headline selling as well. Phrases like "you should try" or "you will learn" will interest the user. 

It may be challenging to come up with a good headline right away. Therefore, you may start with a placeholder and change it after you've done with the article. Besides, do not forget about SEO optimization. The best content writing mixes relevant keywords with an approachable writing style. 

The headline should be focused as well. The whole article focuses on a particular audience and its question. The headline should align with the focus too. For example, "Top 10 Products for Japanese Car Owners" will be more relevant than "Top 10 details for car enthusiasts." A focused approach is a key to success, starting with the headline. 

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Write a Hook that Grabs Reader's Attention

Only two out of ten people keep reading after the headline. A few more only scan the article briefly. You must hook your reader even after you sell the article's name. It is the purpose of your article's introduction. A key to a good introduction is to move straight to the point. 

A content writer may provide context and background to clarify the article's purpose for the reader. Yet, the end of the hook should disclose the article's essence or what a reader may learn from it. 

It should be noted that there are different types of articles and various types of hooks, respectively. For example, a guide on web design and a travel blog article is entirely different and should use their unique approaches to hook their audience. 

A hook should not overwhelm a user and shove its idea in the user's head. Instead, a good hook complements the headline and expands it a bit. For example, "This article will explore ten time-proven details for Japanese cars, from old models to the newest installments."

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Know your Audience  

Your audience knowledge is essential for excellent content writing. A good content writer should know their audience's gender, age, occupation, and, most importantly, needs. This knowledge comes from research and work experience. The more a copywriter pays attention to their audience's needs, the more efficient their content becomes. 

The audience's knowledge also influences language usage in content writing. Short, simple, and easy-to-read sentences are the universal approach for content creation. Yet, it is not the only solution. 

Language's complexity depends on the audience's proficiency in the subject. More experienced readers prefer more professional terms and definitions, while novices will look for introductory content. Take this factor into account when you write your article. 

Finally, great content writing includes SEO optimization. Using the right keywords is relevant for web engines, ATS bots, and content engagement. Efficient use of keywords may require additional research with specialized resources. Yet, it will have a significant payout in the future. 

Concentrate on a Single Idea 

Coherent structure and disclosure of a single idea are necessary for any content article. The article's focus appears from the data and research you've done before: who is your audience, and what do they need? Answers to these questions will give you the focus you should follow. 

A content writer may provide introductory information, expand the idea with examples, and provide relevant real-life applications of the content information. Yet, all the content should be directed to answering a single question from the introduction. 

This part of content creation may be tricky. It would be wise to get professional help from a content writing agency in material proofreading and editing. There is nothing wrong with giving professionals with high qualifications to edit the content. The road to excellence in content writing requires time and a lot of learning. 

Be Engaging 

Engagement consists of two components: relevance and authenticity. You will keep the relevance by sticking with the main article's focus and not deviating from the topic. Authenticity comes when you write about something genuinely. 

The best way to achieve authenticity is to write about things you know and love. Travelers writing about exciting places and auto-mechanics describing complex machinery are authentic examples. 

Content writers do not have to be experts in every field they write about. Yet, they must put effort into subject research to provide qualitative material. Therefore, reading additional materials and self-educating yourself on relevant topics would be an intelligent way to invest in your career as a content writer. 

You should not confuse engagement with quirkiness. Writing jokes in a non-entertaining article will not make it more engaging. Instead, stick with the original tone and focus of the article. It will create the necessary engagement of a reader. 

Provide a Needed Knowledge 

The best content writing engages the reader and answers current issues. So many confusing parts of our lives require closer study. Copywriters help to find these issues and present them to their audience in an understandable way. 

Everything starts with an Internet search. Whether people look at how to get more interviews or how to become a prospective boss, there is a question that a copywriter may answer. Research tools like Ubersuggest will help you find commonly asked questions for your topic. 

Another good way to provide relevant content is to look for articles that already answer the given question. Different articles on a particular topic do not diminish the value of new ones. On the contrary, the more information the users will have, the fuller their understanding will be. 

Each copywriter provides a unique take on a given subject. So look for what other specialists say and add your take on the question. 

For example, there are dozens of articles about applying for a job. Yet, each year we have a few more. There is always something to say, even about the most explored issues. 

Create a Clear Outline 

A well-developed outline is an excellent tool for a content writer. Besides, it is a great anchor for catching readers' attention. As mentioned, only a few readers scan the article after reading the headline. Instead, they will likely stay if they see what they are looking for in the outline. 

Many content writing experts will advise you to start with an outline. An outline will give you a solid plan to disclose the information you have gathered during research. The number of paragraphs in the outline will depend on the content you need to provide. 

However, there are always major points you should include in the outline: 

  • Introduction;
  • Body paragraphs; 
  • Conclusion. 

The introduction of the article is your hook. Then, the body paragraphs' headings are the most critical part. They provide the necessary information for the reader. Finally, a conclusion shows where the article reaches its final point. 

Write in your Unique Voice 

Developing your unique style and voice may take some time. Yet, it is worthy of the effort. Many content writing experts are successful due to their unique writing style. Unfortunately, there is no single solution to create a successful writing style. Still, some tips will help you find yours. 

If you are an independent content writer, you must look up to people whose style you like. Try to write several paragraphs mimicking their style, and point out what you like about it. Then, write a few more paragraphs and point out things you like about your style. Compare the notes and choose similarities. They will be your guiding lines in developing your writing style. 

If you are a copywriter for a brand or company, you must stick with the corporate guide. It may not be as unique as your voice. Yet, you will form a brand's identity and help to promote it to the audience. 

Include Tips and Examples 

If you are writing educational content or giving tips and advice, do not forget to include essential tips and examples. It may be highly frustrating if an article promises a solution or advice for a particular issue but does not keep this promise. 

For example, an article may hook a reader with a reliable way to land an interview. Yet, the article speaks only in vague terms like confidence, having a good resume,  and how to greet your recruiter. Instead, readers look for essential tips and practical advice on how to solve their problems. The sooner they get them, the more efficient your article will be. 

Tips and advice may come from personal experience or be the result of research. The point is people need to see something reliable. Do not be afraid to be grounded or describe something complex in simple terms. The main idea is to deliver the right message straightforwardly. 

Add Trust Factors 

Trustworthiness is another component of successful copywriting. If readers can trust your content, they will share it more eagerly. This article uses a reliable content writing example describing third-party programs for gaining needed knowledge. 

An expert's opinion or link to a trustworthy source will give your content credibility. You do not have to follow the academic standards and make a citation for each quote you use. Yet, if you provide enough background for your claims, your content will gain the reader's respect. 

You may link the resources that you used during the content preparation. However, your content should not be a direct rewriting of the sources that you provide. Use them as enhancement and support instead. 

Key Takeaways 

Becoming a content writing expert takes time and dedication. However, with the right approach and tools in your hand, you will reach this goal. Good content writers know their audience and what they want. If you want to hire freelancer as a content writer be sure that they using all tips to create a great content. Answers to relevant questions make content needed. 

Content writing experts know how to hook readers' interest and attract their attention with clever headings. A good outline helps to keep readers on the page and reading it through. 

Qualitative content means reliable and relevant information. If a content writer manages to answer the audience's burning question straightforwardly, it means quality. Besides, practical tips and reliable sources are a good addition as well.