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Sales associate
That’s where we’ve found an expert team of software developers for our project. Looks like Skillhub only offers highly qualified and well-built teams because we had a wide choice of good options here.
Customer ID: 3283
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Chemical Engineer
I love how Skillhub made the process of hiring freelancers as simple as can be. You don’t have to figure out how it works for hours: freelancers are proactive and meet you halfway.
Customer ID: 3283
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Financial advisor
As a CMO of a small agency, I often look for contractors specializing in a narrow niche, so Skillhub comes to the rescue. It’s a gold mine of top designers and copywriters.

Hire Freelancers FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a freelancer?

When the thought “I need to hire a freelancer” first pops into your head, you start thinking about the expenses. Of course, it’s a very convenient process that allows you to find a competent worker without any hassle. Still, the financial aspect is very important for a business.

In most cases, remote workers are paid by the hour or by the project. It all depends on the profession and specialization, but usually, a remote worker is 1.5 times cheaper than finding an in-house specialist. For example, a day of work for a freelance graphic designer will cost you about $250.

How much do freelancers get paid?

Once again, it all depends on the kind of work to be done. Also, the level of expertise of each remote worker is connected to the level of their pay. If you want the best results for the minimum price, you can hire a junior specialist. A day’s work for this level will cost you around $200.

Mid-level and expert freelance specialists will require higher payment for their services. When you hire online freelancers with years of expertise, it will set you back around $300-500 for one full day. In the long run, it’s still much cheaper than hiring an in-house worker with all benefits and insurance!

Which skills should your freelancer excel at?

There are some things that you as an employer should look for. For example, when a remote worker is punctual, you can be sure that all your orders and projects will be completed on time. On our website, you will find that remote workers possess those qualities that allow them to achieve the best results.

So, what comes after thinking, “I want to hire a freelancer”? What skills should you look for?

  • attention to detail;
  • creativity;
  • communication;
  • resilience;
  • motivation;
  • time management.

In general, you need to look for an organized worker who has lots of positive reviews. This means that other clients were satisfied with the performance of this remote employee.

What's the best way to find a freelancers?

The Internet is full of places where you can find help with your projects. Of course, the best place to hire freelancers is a trusted company with great credentials. On our website, you can be sure that you will get outstanding results. Our expert freelancers will go out of their way to deliver what you asked for.

It’s always a good idea to ask for recommendations from your colleagues or other agencies. High ratings and customer satisfaction are very important to us, so we find the best professionals in their fields. So, you need to look for a company that you can trust based on online reviews and the general appearance of the website.

Where to hire freelancer?

If you still don’t know where you can hire skilled freelancer, don’t worry! The global talent pool is huge, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right place. There are some places that have great reviews in general, like Upwork or Behance. The only problem is that such platforms usually allow any remote worker to provide their services here.

It’s a whole other case when you go on a specific website with a limited talent pool, like our company. Here, you can be sure that we vet our freelancers and hire the top ones! In this case, you don’t have to look through hundreds of profiles with different reviews on them.

What are the best countries to hire freelancers?

Usually, platforms that provide remote workers for hire are not located in any particular place. In other words, you will be looking through remote specialists from all over the world to do a good job for you. Of course, there is talent everywhere, and you can’t really predict where you will find the employee of your dreams.

Still, there are some countries that allow you to hire top freelancers:

  • United Kingdom;
  • Portugal;
  • Ukraine;
  • Serbia;
  • Pakistan;
  • Germany.

You can find amazing remote workers in any corner of the planet. But studies and experience show that these countries have lots of talent in IT, design, marketing, and academic research.

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