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Can a cover letter be two pages?

Cover letter

A long cover letter is certainly unusual to a point where you might need some help getting them right. A professional cover letter service will surely be able to deal with such a task. And if you really adamant on writing one yourself, look for a resume cover letter examples to see how it looks like when done right.

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If you are wondering, “can a cover letter be two pages,” the answer is no.

To explain this, let’s answer another question - do recruiters actually read those cover letters? Big companies receive hundreds of applications. You can imagine how much time it will take to read every applicant’s resume. And it takes even more time to read each one’s cover letter. Cover letters often get left behind. So, if you want it to have a chance to be read, don’t make it too long.

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The best advice we can possibly give anyone wondering how to write a cover letter is to keep it as short as possible!

The purpose of this letter is to introduce yourself and tell what makes you a perfect fit for a certain job. That’s it; it should do no more, no less than that. This brings us to the main point - there really is no need to make your cover letter that long. One page or less is enough.

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Unless required in the job description, submitting a cover letter with your CV is not even mandatory. It’s certainly a good way to boost your chances of being hired, but it’s not a must.
Due to this reason, hiring managers have full freedom to decide whether they want to read your cover letter or not. You can be sure their decision will be negative if it’s too long. So, no, writing a cover letter longer than one page isn’t okay.

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