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What about a handwritten CV?

Read the statements about using a handwritten cover letter provided below and define which one of them is true.
a. It is unacceptable to use a handwritten cover letter, but it is fine to use a font that mimics handwriting.
b. A handwritten cover letter is a good way to make it more personal and make a positive impression on an employer.
c. A handwritten cover letter looks unprofessional and should be avoided.
d. A handwritten cover letter convinces the employer that you are a friendly person.

Cover letter

When going through the application process, practicality is more important than flair. The best cover letter writing service professionals will help you strike that balance. You can also use professional cover letter examples to get inspired.

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We are living in the 21st century when technology has already rooted into our lives too deeply to avoid using it. This fact influences all spheres of our life, and the process of job search is not an exception. Today, a handwritten cover letter looks messy and makes you appear unprofessional.

Most cover letter and resume writing tips stress the importance of typing your documents. Therefore, option C is a true statement. Cover letters written by hand should be avoided.

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The answer is C. Handwritten documents are no longer a norm in the professional world. Speaking of the job application process, in particular, it’s worth noting that most employers these days won’t even accept a cover letter written by hand.

Companies receive hundreds of applications, and it’s no longer a secret that they use scanning software (ATS) to filter out those that don’t meet their needs. If your cover letter or resume is handwritten, such software won’t even consider them.

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It’s C. Cover letters that are written by hand indeed look unprofessional and should not be used. Besides, handwritten letters are also ineffective, and there are several reasons for that.

First of all, a handwritten cover letter can be too hard to read and understand, which is why employers and recruiters will most likely skip them. Besides, in the digital world, submitting a letter written by hand is too old-fashioned and can make people think that you are not good with technology.

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