Cover letter

What about a short cover letter quiz?

A ______ is a type of cover letter used to request assistance and advice from the author’s job network:
a. Application letter
b. Prospecting letter
c. Follow-up letter
d. Networking letter

Cover letter

That's the definition of a networking letter. Since it's a fairly important one, you should definitely use the help of the best cover letter writing service you can find to help you draft one. Or you should at the very least use professional cover letter examples if you set out to do all the work yourself.

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The correct answer is D - that’s a networking letter. Although it’s often confused with a regular cover letter, a networking letter is very different in its goal.
Unlike a cover letter that has the purpose of introducing yourself to an employer to land an interview and get hired, a networking letter, though it also introduces you, is used to request assistance, ask for advice, as well as schedule a meeting or seek an introduction to another specialist in the field.

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This is the definition of a networking letter. One thing job seekers must keep in mind is that a networking letter shouldn’t be confused with the cover letter and should never be used as one. 

While you submit a cover letter along with your resume to show why you are a perfect candidate for the job, a networking letter is used when you wish to be introduced to someone, want to schedule a meeting, or are looking for help or advice.

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The statement above relates to the term networking letter, so the right answer is D. As the name suggests, the core purpose of the letter is networking.

This type of letter is different from a cover letter, but it still can be used to get the desired job. Unlike a cover letter, a networking one does not aim to ask for a job or interview. Instead, it is used to collect helpful information, get assistance, receive advice, and so on.

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