Cover letter

Which type of cover letter would the above excerpt come from?

Dear Mr. Halverson:
I am reaching out to you to inquire about existing or anticipated job openings available at Xerox. I have long been familiar with your brand, the products and services you provide, as well as the impeccable reputation your company has. I am seeking a position as a junior sales executive, and I believe that my vast work experience, along with strong skills and motivation, would make me the right fit for your team.

What cover letter type does it belong to?

Cover letter

It seems to be a prime example of a prospecting cover letter. Any cover letter service has extensive experience working with those and you can always use their services if need be. You can check existing cover letter examples if you need to draft a similar one yourself.

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Based on the common definitions of different cover letter types, the piece shared above comes from a prospecting cover letter.
The author of the letter writes to one of the company’s employees to inquire about any vacancies that are already open or will open anytime soon. Apart from this, the author indicates that they are well familiar with the company and its services and shows their interest in a certain job within this particular company, so it’s a prospecting letter.

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The purpose of this excerpt is to indicate one’s interest in working for a particular company and ask about any openings that are there. Based on the purpose and tone of voice, this is a prospecting cover letter.

Unlike other types of cover letter, a prospecting cover letter is used not when applying for a specific job or when only starting a job hunt and collecting info. It’s used with a clear intent to get hired by a particular company.

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As can be clearly seen from the excerpt, the author contacts a specific company to ask about any job opportunities they already have and are planning to have soon. Hence, this is a prospecting letter.
Unlike a regular cover letter submitted along with your resume and aimed at complementing it, a prospecting letter is used to drive the attention of a specific employer, tell them that you know what their company does, and show your desire to work for them.

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