Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample

The mechanical engineering profession can be both engaging and pose a professional challenge for a qualified person and provide them with decent pay. People in this profession are responsible for making the idea of functionality work in the real world. The product that the company produces goes through the work process from the initial concept to calculations, drafts,  designs, prototypes, and eventually, the readily marketable item with the help of the mechanical engineer. 

Landing such a job requires the applicant to impress the hiring manager on the first try, and here is where a well-developed mechanical engineer resume sample by experts will come in handy for job seekers in this field. Here, you will learn what to add to your resume to highlight your skills and achievements in the resume and make the right impression on the potential employer.   

How to Format a Mechanical Engineer Resume 

This section shows the mechanical engineer resume format that usually goes in the job application. All the samples here are written and formatted by resume-writing professionals. Check the layout and the systemization of the information, as well as the content in each section. If you wonder, “how can I write my resume,” you can also get custom help here. As a final result, your application must be concise and show all your competencies for the future interview

Mechanical Engineer Resume [Sample] 

Let’s review the essential parts of a resume sample for mechanical engineer. Usually, the resume must show that the candidate meets all the requirements for the job with their education and professional experience behind them. Thus, the candidate has the summary section for a brief introduction, a short skills section to list their key competencies, and the blocks for education and experience to explain how they learned and used their skills. 


Mechanical engineer

Professional and dedicated engineer with 6+ years of experience in the profession. I am looking for new challenges in the company lite HFT to use and develop both my hard technical skills and extend my leadership experience. 


BA in Science, Mechanical Engineering,

University of Georgia



  • Drafting and modeling in CAD/CAM;
  • Leadership;
  • Daft reviewing;
  • Calculations for modeling;
  • Preparing technical documentation on the product.


Senior Mechanical Engineer

Angle Systems LLC


  • Participation in designing all the objects produced;
  • Creating technician documentation for the produced items, creating traceable blueprints of the design;
  • Review of the junior team designs for accuracy of calculations and proportions of their CAD sketches and prototypes; 
  • Contributed to the growth of two middle engineers into the senor ones;
  • Trained the junior and onboarding teams to work on and submit their CAD designs;
  • Creating a framework for managing engineers' and designers' teams, prioritizing their time, and planning the work. 

Depending on the story you want to tell and the information you have to provide in your mechanical engineer resume, you can add more schools and certifications to your education or make the list of your previous positions longer if relevant. You can also include additional sections with information about you as a professional. Remember only to include the information that will make the employer want to hire you as a mechanical engineer.

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary 

A common start for a resume may be the mechanical engineer resume objective and summary. They may seem like the same thing that introduces the applicant briefly. Yet, there is a distinction between these two. The summary is a section that briefly describes your training and experience. It is more about your past. The objective is more about your future. Here, the candidate explains their position, what they want to achieve, and why the recruiter should schedule an interview. 

Resume Summary [Examples] 

A summary must answer the question of who you are. In terms of a resume, this question is professional, not personal. Thus, the summary resume sample must provide a clear answer to that. Mention your background, training, and experience. Check out these mechanical engineer resume samples to get the right summary idea. 


Professional certified mechanical engineer with 6+ years of proven experience. Graduated from the University of Georgia with a BA in Science and Mechanical Engineering. 


Ambitious and motivated mechanical engineer with lots of ideas your company will benefit from. 

Resume Objective [Examples] 

As we mentioned here, the mechanical engineer resume objective section must explain the goals you are trying to achieve in the offered position. Make sure to frame your goals in the context of the advantages that they will provide to the company. See the resume example to get a better idea. 


In this position, I aspire to enhance the engineers' team with my expertise and improve its productivity by taking on leadership and mentorship responsibilities. 


I want to contribute to this company as a mechanical engineer. 

Resume Examples [Experience] 

One of the central parts of every resume is the list of the candidate’s skills. To impress the recruiter, focus on the relevant skills and experience. This list can include the experience you gained in the mechanical engineer position and the expertise in others if you can apply it in the offered place. A good mechanical engineer sample will describe the experience and duties in digits, numbers, and KPIs. 

With as many jobs as you might have behind your back, include only the experience you can use in the exact position you apply for.  

Entry-Level Mechanical Engineer Resume [Experience] 

Many aspiring professionals face the problem of landing entry-level positions as their first job. When making a resume for mechanical engineer with no experience, include your achievements from your studies in the experience section. Naturally, every mechanical engineer graduates their university having done projects with their class. So, you have all the opportunities to showcase such experiences in the resume. Think of your practical accomplishments and ensure they go in your application.  

Entry-Level Mechanical Engineer [Sample] 

If you do not know how to prove your competencies to the future recruiter, turn your education into your experience section. Check out these mechanical engineer resume examples to see how you can present yourself. Follow the first resume example that proves your talents. 


My robotics project won a competition at the 2019 Science Fair in Boston.


Class projects experience with robotics at Boston University. 

Education Section: What to List in the Section 

Education is a crucial part of a mechanical engineer resume. This job requires training and education, as people’s safety may depend on the correction of calculations in the creation and design of the product. 

Many employers pay attention to the school their candidate graduated from, as the employment market for such a complex specialist is narrow and demanding. Hence, one must prove their expertise with a professional mechanical engineer education and other certifications. List your achievements during the studies, if you have any. 

Mechanical Engineer Resume Examples [Education] 

Prove to your employer you have the mechanical engineer requirements education and expertise for a steady career and growth in their company. See how the following mechanical engineer resume samples deliver the information in this section and follow the more compelling example.


The University of Georgia, 2010–2014

  • Studied all the tools and techniques to become a qualified mechanical engineer;
  • Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in engineering;
  • Graduated with a GPA of 3.7.


The University of Georgia, 2010–2014

  • Studied mechanical engineering for four years;
  • GPA 3.7.

Skills on a Resume for a Mechanical Engineer 

Mechanical engineer resume skills section is crucial for a successful application. In this block, the candidate must list all the competencies they have acquired throughout their carer to be a professional in the field. Hence, with as diverse a skill set as you can, ensure only the relevant ones go there. Check the mechanical engineer resume samples directions to communicate your skills in the best way possible and make the most of this section for your career chances. 

  • Use bullet-pointed lists;
  • Separate hard skills from soft ones; include both kinds in the resume;
  • Be specific about the skills;
  • Include only relevant skills that qualify you as an excellent mechanical engineer;
  • You can comment on why the skills you included in the resume are essential.

Mechanical Engineer Resume Examples [Skills] 

Another reason the skill is such an important section is that the recruiter usually scans it very quickly to find the right match. See these professional mechanical engineer resume examples for the skills section and find the differences that distinguish them. Be accurate and detailed about the use and nature of your skills, like these mechanical engineer resume samples



  • CAD/CAM software for drafting, modeling, and prototyping;
  • Digital product modeling;
  • Calculation and review of the draft;
  • Planning. 
  • WRONG:
  • Skills
  • Modeling software;
  • Drafting;
  • Insightful feedback.


  • Working in a team;
  • Using modeling software;
  • Sociability;
  • Drafting.

Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

As formal as a resume can be, there is still a personality behind it. To make your resume sections stand out, you can add more information about your character. A perfect place for such information is in other mechanical engineer resume sections

If your interests or passions relate to the profession, add them. This way, you will have more topics to discuss during the interview with the recruiter. Still, keep the focus on the relevance of the information to the job description.

Mechanical Engineer Resume Examples [Other Sections] 

Usually, recruiters scan the resume for relevant and irrelevant information. The information in other sections can work both ways when writing a resume for mechanical engineer jobs

If you want to make the right impression and emphasize your professionalism, include the facts that portray you as one. Also, other sections in a professional mechanical engineer resume make a suitable space to showcase your soft skills. 


  • Attending professional conferences at Boston University and the University of Georgia.
  • Have a certificate in Leadership studies.


  • In my free time, I like watching European independent cinema.
  • Have a pet dog named Waldo.

Mechanical Engineer Resume Keywords 

Apart from containing solid facts and demonstrating provable expertise, your mechanical engineer resume must consider another part of its audience. Nowadays, the first one to see a resume in an application is an ATS bot that scans it for the right keywords and shows it to the recruiter. To pass the bots, use the following keywords in your resume.

  • For management competencies: Authorize, Delegate, Enforce, Ensure, Inspect, Lead, Prioritize, and Itemize.
  • For telling about your achievements: Attain, Award, Complete, Demonstrate, Earn, Exceed, Outperform, Reach, Showcase, Succeed, Surpass.
  • For giving feedback: Author, Brief, Campaign, Co-author, Compose, Convey, Convince, Correspond, Critique, Define.
  • For research skills: Analyze, Assemble, Assess, Audit, Calculate, Discover, Evaluate, Examine, Explore, and Forecast.

Use these words to define yourself as a qualified professional and ensure your application passes the ATS bots. When your resume is on the hiring manager's table, you have more chances to land the job.

Key Takeaways

It is crucial for an applicant to make the right impression in their resume. A mechanical engineer requires solid preparation and experience. If you wonder how to write a mechanical engineer resume, follow the tips above. 

Remember to customize your resume in accordance with the requirements listed in the job description. This way, the recruiter will get the feeling of clicking between you and the position. If you have trouble at any stage creating an application, simply get resume help or order resume editing services from experts in the field. This way, it will be both ATS-optimized and custom to the particular opening in a particular company. 

Take all the chances of getting a job with custom CVs. If you find this article helpful, be sure to share it on social media. 

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