A Special Announcement

Special Announcement from Jim Ware:
This website, and the business it represents, will be shutting down for good in the near future.I am in the process of retiring from consulting and public speaking. It’s been a fun and rewarding career, but it is time to move on to other, more personal priorities. I have enjoyed every bit of the past 20 years, but my energy and my interests have evolved and I am choosing to spend my time on other challenges (some personal, some professional).

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That doesn’t mean I am stopping all professional activity; for the time being I am continuing to serve as Managing Editor of Work&Place, the Hong-Kong-based (but global) management journal and knowledge-sharing venture that I co-founded in 2011. I hope you will visit that website and join the conversations there about the future of the workplace and the workforce.My email address there is jim.ware@workandplace.com. I will be retiring my jim@thefutureofwork.net address by the end of 2020, so you may want to change your address book now if you want to stay in touch.

And I hope you will.Best wishes, and remember this: the future doesn’t exist – yet. Each of us creates the future every day through our choices and actions. Many dimensions of tomorrow are beyond your individual control. However, you do control how you react to the environment you are presented with, and what actions you choose to take.In spite of all the uncertainties we face in 2020, and in spite of the bitterly divisive, highly-partisan world we now live in, I remain an optimist.

We’ve never had more easy access to more technologies, more people, and more information than we do today. Collaboration and networking on a global scale has never been easier. Our future can be what we together want it to be; all it takes is a belief that we, not “them,” are in charge.Thank you, and may your future fulfill your wildest dreams.

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