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Today, you can choose between countless options when it comes to note-taking. There are so many different apps out there that help you jot down simple notes and organize them to your liking. But Fetchnotes is different. It’s the first app we’ve seen that’s all about an easy interface with cloud syncing across multiple devices, with easy-to-use web, Android, and iOS apps - not to mention clever desktop widgets and collaborative notes! 

In this article, our write my resume writing services explored Fetch Notes from every angle, talking about owning your digital space and covering:

  • What is Fetchnotes exactly? Is it just a note-taking app?
  • The process of note-organization
  • What people say about Fetchnotes
  • Tips and tricks for organizing notes related to work
  • Services to help your productivity grow

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What Is Fetchnotes?

Note-taking apps launch all the time. They all have similar features, and most of them are quite complex to navigate - which is often a problem when you’re in a hurry and simply want to jot something down. 

Luckily, the app launch of Fetchnotes happened, too - and completely changed the note-taking game. You can simply note whatever comes to mind and quickly organize it to your liking. The notes are accessible from virtually everywhere - from apps on almost all platforms to extensions and even widgets. Fetchnotes help you with prioritization, organization, and accessibility - almost effortlessly. 

Your Life With and Without Fetchnotes

Let’s now compare how this cloud note app can benefit your life and imagine how it’d look all organized!

Your Life Without Fetchnotes Your Life With Fetchnotes!
Mixed Extremely organized, notes sorted into groups by hashtag
All over the place You’re in the right place at the right time - thanks to your Fetchnotes schedule
Complex note-taking Easy and simple note-taking experience
Pricy apps for notes Free web apps, and apps for Android and iOS
Limited note access Access and categorize your notes on all devices you may have

The Process of Organizing Notes With Fetchnotes

Here, we’ll quickly go over the process of organizing notes with Fetchnotes - it really won’t take long as it’s extremely easy and fun to do. Here are some Fetchnotes features its users can use effortlessly on phones, desktops, tablets, and all devices it’s supported on:

  • Organize as you type - group notes together with hashtags. Simply put a pound sign (#) in front of any word to add a note to that category. This feature makes this app vastly better and more useful than others, as it lets you put a hashtag sign in front of a word or phrase you’d like to organize and put into a specific category. It’s clever, fast, and reliable! 
  • Access anywhere -  all your notes, everywhere you are. The app makes accessibility a thing - you can access your notes on the web, iPhone, Android, and even add notes via Chrome Extensions or even a text! Cloud-based notes are the future, in which carrying your notes wherever you are is the new normal.
  • Share with anyone - when you want to share notes, just tap on the @ symbol and type a name, username, or even a phone number to share. This is amazing for organizing work notes - and the person you’re sending your note to doesn’t even need the app!
  • Find anything, fast - filter your need to certain hashtags, people or just strings of text. The app has filters that help you sort out your feed. You can sort it by hashtags, strings of text, or even people. 
  • Collaborate instantly - you’ll receive a notification as soon as someone shares or edits a note with you. The collaboration feature is great for school or college work or shared work of any kind.
  • Simply get things done - Fetchnotes is filled with different tools that help your productivity. You can archive your notes, see recommendations about the next steps to take, and explore different features.

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More Services to Help Your Productivity Grow 

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What People Say About Fetch Notes

This amazing cloud note taking is simple, effective, and cost-friendly. It helps you organize information however you like and helps you use it with other productivity tools to land a dream job. But don’t just take it from us - here are some reviews from the official Fetchnotes website!

“The best thing about Fetchnotes is I spend so little using it and more time doing what I want”

Nick Reynolds

“It's super simple and flexible. It adapts to me. Sometimes I have an affair and try other note-taking apps. I always come back to my true love, Fetchnotes.”

Bob Mason

“I went a week without Fetchnotes. It was the worst week of my life. I couldn't get into buildings, find people's contact information and it was very frustrating.”

Dan Friedman

Tips for Organizing Work Notes

So, why would these people rate Fetchnotes as the best cloud note taking app? Is it because of its simplicity or the wide range of services it’s known to feature? Well, it’s both and more. Fetchnotes is amazing when it comes to organization, especially work-related notes.

Here are some ways you could organize them in virtually no time:

  • Use hashtags - you can use specific hashtags when you’re writing notes related to work. Those could be #work, #business, or #career.
  • Use Fetchnotes extensions and web apps - on your work computers! This can save you a lot of time when you’re busy.
  • Update your work contacts - so you could add them to the collaborative work notes. It’s as simple as that!

What Is the Difference in Organizing Meeting and Research Notes

Again, cloud based note taking means that your notes are with you on the go. It’s quite possible that different notes from different categories could get mixed up - so it’s important to separate them and put them in different folders.

Organizing meeting notes can be sorted in a folder using the hashtag #meetingorganization or a similar one. You can add team members to collaborate and express their thoughts and feelings on the meeting topics and schedule. Research notes, on the other hand, can be named #research, and those work best when you’re taking notes on multiple devices. When you’re doing research on your browser, you can just add them to a list and then update the list from your phone later. It all stays connected, always.

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Key Points: How Fetchnotes Make You Productive 

We’ve seen that Fetchnotes is a new and exciting way to take notes. Here are some of its features that make it many people’s favorite productivity app:

  • Fetchnotes helps you organize your notes as you type them!
  • Its use of hashtags and filters makes categorizing notes a breeze.
  • It’s great for organizing work notes and works as an organizing research notes software - all while staying with you on the go.
  • It enables you to collaborate with your friends and colleagues in making the perfect plan of action.
  • It automatically syncs your notes across all your devices and helps you stay organized on multiple platforms!

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