9 Strong Strategies How to Write a Thank You Letter in 2022

how to write a thank you letter

It is common practice to send thank you letters after job interviews, networking meetings, or any other events related to job search. This is a great way to demonstrate your level of professionalism. Sending thank you notes also enables you to maintain contacts with your new acquaintances you met while searching for a job.

Besides, a formal thank you note can be used in other situations. You can send an email, a written note, or a LinkedIn direct message to the right person who has helped you find your dream job or has done you a favor that will enhance your career.

In this article, you’ll find detailed information about:

  • what a thank you letter is;
  • how to write one;
  • tips for writing thank you notes;
  • examples of thank you letters;
  • why it’s important to write perfect thank you letters.

You’ll get lots of information with practical tips and examples quickly in one place. Let’s dive deep into each of the above-mentioned points.

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What Is a Thank-You Letter?

A thank-you letter is a typed or written note that expresses your words of gratitude to somebody for some reason. An example would be a thank you note to company or individual for professionalism, quality of service, excellent work, helping to get hired during a job search, etc. 

A thank-you note can also be a separate document or a response to an initiative (a letter of congratulations, an invitation).

Importance of Good Thank-You Letters

Writing thank you notes is significant for your life and career because they are a sign of your appreciation for peoples’ help. If a person has done some favor for you, it would be clever of you to acknowledge that and write some sincere words. This will allow you to build strong relationships with that person.

Now, let’s find out how to write a good thank you letter. A perfect thank you note is

  • short and to the point;
  • sent as soon as possible;
  • positive but sincere;
  • personalized;
  • proofread and checked for errors.

If you send a thank you note after a job interview, you may not only display your gratitude but also remind about your qualifications if it is relevant.

Thank-You Letter Format

First, choose what type of thank-you note you prefer: a handwritten letter or a typed one. Consider the culture of the organization or the status of the addressee. 

Remember that typed thank you letters will look more formal, and handwritten ones shouldn’t contain smileys or cute pics.

Start your note with

  • your contact information (name, location, phone number, etc.);
  • date;
  • your addressee’s information (name, title, company, job position, location, etc.).

Then goes salutation and actually the body of your letter where you revolve about thanking your addressee. If you don’t know how to end a thank you letter, then here’s a tip for you. A well-written letter of thanks ends up with a polite closing that echoes your gratitude expressed in the body.

Also, don’t forget about a typed or a handwritten signature. Well-written letters leave a good impression about you, give you an advantage over others, and provide more opportunities for being remembered and recognized later. So, it’s your responsibility to check whether your letter of thanks fits the above-mentioned format.

Situations of Writing a Thank You Letter

There are various situations where you might need to write a thank you note.

  • A scholarship thank you letter is used to thank somebody for making a certain scholarship possible for you.
  • A thank you letter for interview is crucial for job seekers to “sell” themselves to their potential employers.
  • Business thank you notes are used to say thanks to your clients who make your business prosper.
  • A thank you note for your boss will include statements for their support and assistance.

These are common applications of thank-you notes. But there are also others. Whenever you have somebody to thank for something significant for you, do it and write a letter.

Thank You Letter Samples

Each type of thank you note has its own peculiarities. Below, you’ll find several thank you letter examples for situations like career assistance and others. You’ll know how to write each of them and will be able to create email messages, handwritten pieces, or typed letters to organizations or individuals to thank them for something.

General Thank You Letter

A general thank you letter is suitable when you want to thank a person for what they’ve done for you. Let’s see what a general sample thank you letter looks like.

For a printed letter, provide contact information before greetings. For emails, list contact details below your signature. Remember that you choose a type that’s suitable for the company culture of the organization you’re addressing. Various companies prefer various formats.

Mr. Jonathan Watson

102 Stout Street

Hudson, NY

Dear Mr. Watson (Mr./Ms. + Family Name of an employer/client/boss/etc.),

Thank you for your letter with comments on our new service. We’re very grateful to you and appreciate the time you spent writing and sending it to us. Thank you very much for your unbiased opinion; it’s very important for our company.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

Ken Forginn,

Sales Manager,

HealthCareSystems Ltd

Interview Thank You Letter Sample

A thank you letter after an interview is used to leave a good impression on an employer. So, make sure you send such a letter after a successful job interview. If you show your interest during the interview and then send a letter of thanks to a company representative, you pose yourself as a strong candidate for the position and differentiate yourself from others.

Mrs. Kylie Smith

25 Queen Street

Altoona, PA

Dear. Mrs. Smith,

I write to thank you for your time - it was a pleasure to visit the company’s office and get a closer look at how it works. I hope my skills, experience, and personal qualities will help me become part of your team and prove myself.

Have a good day!

Yours sincerely,

Yazmin Fay

Business Thank You Letter

A business thank you letter is intended to help you say thanks to your clients, colleagues, partners, contractors, etc., for doing their jobs that help your business become better and thrive. Here’s what a typical thank you letter sample looks like.

Mr. Leen Webster 

24 Sun Street 

Los Angeles, CA 


Dear Mr. Webster,

Thank you for your speedy work repairing our floors after our plumbing problems this summer. Our clients comment on how good they look! I always give them your contact details and recommend you as an excellent worker.

Best regards,

Sarah Blames,

CEO at WonderCities

Professional Thank You Letter

Professional thank you letters are used to show business contracts, vendors, partners, colleagues, or employers your professionalism. They demonstrate your skills and how qualified you are. Below, there’s an example of such a note.

Dear Ben,

I want to thank you for your strong support and invaluable help while working on our recent project. Thanks for sacrificing your personal time to help me.

Without your assistance, I wouldn’t have managed to finish it!

You’re such a good colleague and an invaluable friend.

Truly yours,


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Thank You Letter to Boss

Employee thank you letters are intended to thank their bosses for their support and opportunities provided. Here’s what one writes in a thank you letter to a boss.

Dear Mr. Charming,

With this letter, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for believing in my skills, considering me a reliable and competent worker, and giving me a promotion. Taking on a managerial role will need all my responsibility, but be sure I won’t disappoint you.

Best regards,

Dan Primes

Thank You Letter for Scholarship

With a thank you letter for scholarship, you can say thanks to an institution that awarded you a scholarship. Here is what it can look like.

Prof. Kaden Donnelly

University of Illinois

534 Macie Street

Chicago, IL

Dear Donnelly,

Allow me to express my sincere gratitude to you for the opportunity to continue my studies at your wonderful university. I’m passionate about improving my skills and determined to work hard to achieve the desired result.

Yours sincerely,

Ken Berden

Handwritten Thank You Letter

You can send a handwritten note to an individual or company if it’s relevant and acceptable to them. Writing a professional thank you letter by hand communicates your care about the addressee. 

Such letters can be used for both formal and informal communication. You can, for example, write a note for your employee and thank them for achieving certain company objectives. Here is what it can look like.

Dear John,

I’m writing to express my sincere gratitude for your commitment and dedication to the SevenDeals Project. I deeply appreciate your contribution to our longevity and growth. You’re a highly valued team member.

Best wishes,

Peter Copeland,

Program Manager,

Dev League Ltd

Thank You Letter for References

It’s always a good idea to say thanks for references or recommendations. For example, students can send a thank you letter to professors who helped them with writing their term papers, assignments, etc. An example of such a letter is provided below.

Dear Professor Mckay,

I’m writing to thank you for the references you provided for my term paper. They helped me a lot to fill my thesis with illustrative examples and relevant information on how to assess secondary school learners. This is to demonstrate my appreciation for your assistance and support.

Best regards,

Gregor Singleton

Thank You Letters to Employers

It is a good idea for job seekers to write a thank you letter for work opportunities. When you say thanks to the employer for letting you become a new team member, you maintain strong relationships with your new boss. A note can look like this.

Dear Mr. Bonner,

I’m happy to accept your offer to join your Marketing Office as a Project Manager. It was a pleasure meeting with the team. Working with such a staff is sure to be fulfilling. Hope for our lasting and productive collaboration.

Sincerely yours,

Marlon Pearce

Donation Thank You Letter

Well-written donation thank you notes not only help donors feel happy and appreciated but can also enable further donation. A sample letter of thank you for donation received is provided below.

Dear Sean,

Our organization would like to express our sincere gratitude for your unselfish contribution to our Heart Lights Winter Project. Your contribution is very significant as it allows us to serve the community. We want to thank you for the ability to invite 15 more kids to the project. This wouldn’t have been done without your willingness to support our boarding school.

Yours sincerely,

Conan Buck,

Principal at Goldfish Performance School

Professional Thank You Note Example

Professional thank you notes are used to thank somebody (a client, an employee, a boss, a coworker, etc.) within a professional realm. A professional thank you note template is provided below.

Dear Mr. Pemberton,

We’re delighted to inform you that you have been our major financial partner for two years! We’d like to say thank you for your investment. It played a critical role in our company’s future. We are very grateful for your continued assistance. We appreciate that you have stood by us. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Archibald Milner,

CEO at CompanyLux


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Thank You Letter Template

Now that we’ve analyzed various thank you letter types, it’s high time to sum it all up and provide a professional thank you letter template so you may use it. Remember, it’s important to use appropriate language while writing thanks to companies or individuals and clearly state the reasons why you’re thankful to them.

Your addressee’s full name

Their address

Their phone number

Dear Mr./Mrs. Last Name,

I’m writing to express my sincere/deepest/etc. gratitude to you for __________. 

[Describe how your addressee’s assistance and support have impacted your life or career. Share the achieved results if there are any. Reiterate your thanks]

Wishing you all the best,

Your full name

Your company and job position (if necessary)

Your contact details


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Additional Tips on How to Write a Thank You Letter

To write a truly effective thank you note, remember the tips we provided in this article.

  • Be clear and consistent; write short and to the point.
  • If you’re writing official thank you letters, mind your language.
  • Don’t forget to write as soon as possible after an interview as this sets you apart from the competition when your job application is considered.
  • Don’t be afraid to remind them about your qualifications so that a recruiter can contact you if there’s a relevant position.

Writing Perfect Thank You Letters: Takeaway

Writing a thank you letter can be rather challenging if you haven’t done it before. If you need our help, you can use the tips on how to write a professional thank you letter we provided in the article. A well-structured letter of thanks after an interview will increase your chances of getting hired.

Pay special attention to the following.

  • If a company or an individual responded to your letter and asked questions, don’t leave their letter without an answer.
  • Be sincere and positive, whether it’s a formal or informal letter.
  • Personalize your notes by adding something peculiar to your conversations with this very addressee so that they feel your sincerity.
  • Start and end your thank you note with some polite phrases so the letter is consistent and pleasant to read.

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