X Simple Ways How to Write a Resignation Letter (Samples & Tips)

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Entering the job market can be hard. Looking for suitable jobs and making someone want to recruit you can take lots of time. And, even after you become an employee, there is no guarantee you will stay.

The reason to resign from your occupations can be any, including a strained relationship with a boss, a low salary, etc. But, the formal procedure of quitting a job remains unchanged, and it always starts with writing a resignation letter.

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If you need a resignation letter effective immediately, in this article, we'll tell you how to write a letter of resignation quickly and easily.

You will learn:

  • What is a letter of resignation?
  • What a resignation letter must absolutely have
  • How to write a letter of resignation
  • What types of resignation letters are there?
  • Resignation letter examples

Let's dive in!

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What Is a Resignation Letter?

Before we provide you with writing tips and resignation letter examples, let's define the term itself.

A resignation letter is a formal document that individuals submit when they decide to stop their employment. Basically, it is a formalized notice to an employer that you're leaving your job.

This document can come in two formats - in print or as an email resignation letter. Which option to choose should depend on the situation and the demands of your company. But, in any case, this document is the first stage in the process of resignation, so you'll have to deal with it anyway.

The Art of a Simple Resignation Letter

Although millions of people had an experience quitting their positions, when it comes to that point, it still seems like no one actually knows how to do things the right way.

So, what does the process of resignation should look like in an ideal scenario?

Ideally, it all starts with that "I quit" conversation to give your boss a two-week notice. Then, an employee submits an official letter with reason, which should look not like a lengthy explanation with tons of complaints but rather like an adequate notice written in a positive or, at least, neutral voice.

In a letter, an employee has to provide comprehensive information about the reasons for their leave. But, at the same time, they should also show gratitude and respect.

The art of writing an effective yet simple resignation letter is subtle. But we are here to help! So, let's move on to practical tips developed by our pro resume edit service.

Show Gratitude in Your Letter

No matter how many negative experiences you've had in your current place of work, the best resignation letter for personal reasons and, in fact, for other reasons too, should always include the "thank you" part. First of all, expressing gratitude shows your professionalism. Secondly, it will also influence your future relationship with the company and maybe your future work opportunities too.

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Writing a Resignation Letter: Do's and Don'ts

In your letter of resignation, it's vital to stick to the basic rules of ethics and tact. Your letter has to be simple, logical, and, most importantly, positive because if you screw up your relationships with the people who employ you, this may affect your references.

What should you avoid? Leave out any critiques of the company or your colleagues and complaints as these are rather inappropriate.

Okay, but how to get things right? Read on to figure this out!

The Basic Part of a Resignation Letter

If you are wondering how to write resignation letter, let us take you through this process step by step.

Start with a standard greeting like "dear" and the name of your boss. Then, at the beginning of the document, you have to state the basic info, such as:

  • The position you occupy;
  • A clear and formal statement that you are leaving;
  • An overview of the reasons (if appropriate);
  • The date of your leave.

Important note: Don't try to be creative or sugarcoat the fact that you are quitting. Instead, keep your letter of notification straight to the point and professional.

The Thank You Part

It's always great if you can quit your job on a positive note, which is why the best strategy you can choose is to write a traditional thank you letter leaving job.

The thank-you part should follow right after the basic part. Here, you should express your gratitude to the employer for the great career opportunity you've been given (even if it wasn't so great) and describe some key positive moments you've enjoyed.

Making such a thank you note will help you leave a positive lasting impression, which eventually can help you get positive recommendations from the employer for your future job.

The Transition Part

Finally, at the end of your resignation letter with reason for leaving, you should also express your willingness to help the employer throughout the transition process. Typically, the transition process includes a smooth wrap-up of your current duties. However, sometimes, it may also imply helping the company to hire and train new team members who will replace you. And you should be willing to help out with this.

In any case, you don't have to be very specific about how you will help in the letter. You may only state your readiness to participate, and that will be just enough.

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Sample Resignation Letter With Reason

As you already know, when you apply for resignation, you have to let the employer know about the reason for this decision to ensure the acceptance of your application.

So, what can count as a good reason to resign? We can distinguish several types of resignation letters by their reason:

  • Resignation letter for family reasons - Typically, such letters don't go into details; they just state that there are certain family reasons for quitting.
  • Retirement letter of resignation - Such letters are submitted by older employees planning to retire.
  • Resignation letter to pursue better opportunities - This type is used when an applicant is seeking professional growth that their current employer can't provide.
  • Resignation letter due to bad work environment - Such letters are used when quitting due to bad culture, environment, or strained relationships inside a team.
  • Letter of resignation due to health - Finally, you can opt for resignation due to health issues.

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What to Include in an Email Resignation Letter

If you notify about resignation via an email letter, you need to write a professional, tactful, and polite message that includes all the relevant information about your decision.

Namely, your email should state who you are and what role you are holding. Then, it has to give a clear explanation of the reason, state how much notice you're giving, and specify the exact date of your last day of work. In the end, you should also show your gratitude.

Basic Resignation Letter Types

  • Two Weeks Notice Sample Resignation Letter

This type of basic letter is used to provide the standard two weeks' notice.

  • Email Letter of Resignation Sample

Email letters are normally used to notify clients and colleagues about your resignation.

  • Formal Resignation Letter Sample

It is used to submit a formal notification to an employer and specify all relevant details of your soon departure.

  • Simple Resignation Letter Sample

Use this type if you've already had the talk and want to submit a very brief and to-the-point notice.

  • Professional Resignation Letter Example

This letter is used to notify the company about your leave.

  • Advance Notice Sample Resignation Letter

Use this type to let your employer know that you plan to leave in advance.

Short Notice Letters

When you decide to leave your job, you typically have to notify your boss about it at least two weeks prior to your last day of work. However, in the case there are any unpredicted circumstances that force you to leave with less notice, here are the different types of a short resignation letter you may use:

  • 24 Hour Notice Resignation Letter

Use this sample when leaving in a day.

  • Resignation Letter Effective Immediately

This type is used for immediate leave.

  • No Notice Resignation Letter

Use such letters when you have to quit without two weeks' notice.

  • Short Notice Resignation Letter

This last type of letter is meant for all other occasions when you failed to provide the required notice.

Job Specific Samples

Sometimes, the resignation letter structure and contents may depend on the type of job you've been doing at your current place of work. Here are some common types to know about:

  • Nurse Resignation Letter Example

Check out to see a sample formal letter of a nurse giving notice about resignation.

  • Teacher Letter of Resignation

This sample is tailored to the needs of teachers quitting their jobs at school.

  • Temporary Job Resignation Letter

See the sample to learn how to write an effective resignation letter for your temporary job.

  • Volunteer Letter of Resignation

Check out the sample to see how to notify an organization that you are quitting your volunteering position.

Don't Forget to Say Goodbye to Colleagues

It's always a good idea to send a quick message to everyone on your professional contact list (e.g., colleagues and clients).

If you are looking for examples, here is a "goodbye to colleagues" letter of resignation template you can use:

Dear [Name],

I'm writing to let you know that I am resigning from my position at [Company name] on [Date].

It's been a pleasure working with you, and I'm grateful for all your encouragement and support.

I'm excited about this new chapter in my career, though I will miss my team, clients, and the company.

Let's stay in touch! Further on, I can be reached at my personal phone number [number] or email address [email].

Kind regards,

Frank Night

Resignation Letter Template

Here's a sample letter of resignation template:

Frank Night

Address | Phone Number | Email Address


Recipient's Name



Dear Mr./Mrs. [Name],

Please consider this letter as a formal notice that I will be resigning from the [Title] role here at [Company name] two weeks from today, on [Exact date].

I'd like to thank you for the opportunity to work with you through the past X years and the support you've provided. I am grateful for the climate you and the rest of the team have created, and I am going to miss you all.

Please let me know if I can be of any help in the transition process or in training my future replacement.


Frank Night

To Sum Up

Quitting your place of work is never an easy matter. It is a big decision that takes time and courage. But, the good news is that it doesn't have to be a bad event.

After reading this article, you know how to write a formal letter of resignation to notify everyone that you're moving on and, most importantly, do it right.

Let's quickly recap the five key tips to create a great letter your boss will accept and actually appreciate:

  • Notify in advance;
  • State your reasons;
  • Avoid criticism and complaints;
  • Say thank you;
  • Show willingness to assist with the transition.

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