An Ultimate Guide on How to Write a Two Week Notice Letter

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A two week notice letter is a document that you’re supposed to land on the recruiter’s desk before leaving your workplace. Why is this type of document so important to employers? 

After getting a job at a particular company, you become a part of the company’s work processes. Once you decide to leave the company, the organization will need time to adjust to the changes. Also, you must have perfect recommendations from your current employer to increase your chances of landing a new job.

In the article below, you’ll find how to:

  • write a proper two-week notice without damaging your reputation in the industry; 
  • learn about a two-week notice format and get a template; 
  • check free two-week letter samples;
  • find answers to the most popular questions related to writing the letter.

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What Is a Two Week Notice Letter?

A two week notice letter is a document you’re supposed to compose as an employee and send to the company’s recruiter or hiring manager. A two-week notice letter or a resignation letter contains your official decision to quit the job with all the premises explained. 

Before you join the rows of job-seekers in the job market, you must also write down your plans for finishing the ongoing projects on your current job. Add as much information as possible on how you plan to end the projects and provide references for your colleagues who might take your place after you quit the company. 

When to Give a Two Week Notice Letter?

As the name of the document suggests, a two week notice letter implies you’re telling the employer about your plans to leave the company in two weeks. Hence, you are supposed to give a resignation letter two weeks before the end date comes. 

But here are things to remember.

  • Two weeks is a minimum period to consider. Ideally, the more time you give the employer to modify their work processes, the better. 
  • Guide the transition process to ensure the person who takes your role receives professional training from you in time. 
  • Have an end date. This is a rule for any profession or job position. 

Best Format for Two Week Notice Letter

Writing a two week notice letter might sound like a daunting job, but once you learn the format and structure, you’re good to go! Let’s talk about format and the sections to pay attention to when composing your resignation letter. 

  • Spacing and margins. Having a 1.5 spacing is the best option, and keeping 1-inch margins is most appropriate. 
  • Font. As for the fonts, keep them formal (Time New Romans, Helvetica, Proxima Nova). 
  • Contact details. Add your name and date in the beginning.
  • Sections. Start with the introduction. Adding 2-3 sections to the letter body is enough. Express your gratitude in the end.
  • Set an end date. Don’t forget to mention the last day of your career journey in the company. 

Two Week Notice Letter Examples

Did you know that resignation letters differ? Everything depends on your work culture, the company’s recruiting process, and your desire to succeed at quitting the job. 

  • Simple two weeks notice letter - the shortest of all resignation letters and contains minimum detail. 
  • Professional two weeks notice letter - contains more data if compared to the previous type.
  • Formal two weeks notice letter - the longest version with maximum details.
  • Two weeks notice email - a short notice letter sent by email.

Check the two week notice letter examples in the sections below. 

Simple Two Weeks Notice Letter

Composing a simple two weeks notice letter is quicker and easier than writing a full professional or formal one. A simple resignation letter is shorter than other types and might omit your reason for resignation. In other words, you can easily write it when in a hurry.

Check a sample of a Simple resignation letter below. 

Your Name and Surname


Company’s Address 

Dear [Supervisor’s or Manager’s Name]!

I’m writing to inform you about my plans to resign from the company, effective two weeks from today [include the date the letter was written]. 

Thank you for providing me with the best career opportunity to master my programming skills as an entry-level specialist. Thank you for believing in me! Working with you was the most amazing professional experience I have ever had. 

Please let me know which kind of assistance you’ll need during the resignation process.

Best regards, [Your Name]

Professional Two Weeks Notice Letter

Unlike a simple resignation letter, a professional two weeks notice letter provides your supervisor with more details. Using a template of this letter type is perfect for managerial positions and generally jobs that imply many requirements and responsibilities. Hence, you’ll have to mention your reason for resignation. 


Company’s Address 

Hiring Manager’s Name

Dear [Supervisor’s Name]! 

I am writing this resignation letter to inform you about my decision to leave [Company’s Name], effective two weeks from today [include the date the letter was written]. 

Five years of working as a product manager in your company allowed me to upgrade my skills and grow as a professional in the field. I would like to express my gratitude for your teamwork and support as a part of your work culture.

I am leaving [Company’s Name] because I have decided to change industries. I would like to hear about the resignation process details and gladly assist with the mentorship if needed.

Kind regards, [Your Name]

Formal Two Weeks Notice Letter

How does a formal resignation letter differ from any other two weeks notice letter? By the tone of writing. While other letters might sound friendly, warm, or neutral, all formal resignation letter examples are about keeping things as formal as possible. 

Check a sample of a formal two-weeks notice below. 


Company’s Address

Hiring Manager’s Name (or Your Supervisor’s Name)

Dear [Supervisor’s Name]!

The purpose of this letter is to inform you about my decision to leave [Company’s Name], effective two weeks from today [include the date the letter was written]. 

Thank you for opening new job opportunities on my career path and providing maximum support during the mentorship process.

The reason for resigning is my future plans to start a career in a different industry.

Please inform me about the actions needed to complete the resignation process successfully. Thank you!

Best regards, [Your Name]

Two Weeks Notice Email

A typical two weeks notice email is shorter than other types. It is commonly less formal than other resignation letters and is sent via email. It’s a perfect option for employees working remotely or generally anyone who prefers communicating with their supervisor via email. 

Check a template for an email resignation letter to use after you’ve decided that applying for a new job is a good career plan to follow. 

To: [Your Supervisor’s Email Address]

Subject: [Resignation Letter]

Dear [Supervisor’s Name]!

I would like to inform you about my decision to leave my current job position as a graphic designer at [Company’s Name]. 

I would not have had my current professional achievements if it weren’t for your constant support as a part of the company’s teamwork culture.

Please provide me with all details of the resignation process so I can help with the company’s transition process and mentorship. 

Best regards, [Your Name]

How to Write a Two Week Notice Letter for Work

Writing a two week resignation letter is a proper formal farewell you give to the current employer to start a new career. Composing a notice letter is important to save your reputation as a reliable employee who follows the basic principles of work ethics and job market regulations. 

The analysis of the work ethics will tell you that writing a resignation letter is one of the basic steps while quitting your job. So, how to write a letter that will have a positive impact on your future career? 

  • Start with Contact Details. Mention your name, date, and company’s address in the beginning.
  • Formats. Choose a resignation letter format that suits your needs and matches the professional tone you use in the communication with your manager or supervisor.
  • Body of the letter. Devote your first paragraph to informing the reader of the reason you’re writing the letter.
  • Express gratitude. In the body of your letter, express your gratitude for the career opportunities the company has provided you with.
  • Resignation reasons. If possible, write down the reasons for your resignation and suggest assistance if such is needed in the company’s transition process;
  • Closing. Close your letter with a short farewell like ‘Kind regards’ or ‘Best wishes.’ Add your signature at the end.

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5 Proper Tips to Write Two Week Notice Letter

Composing a proper two week notice letter will all your reasons for resignation and gratitude is easy if you follow the tips below. 

  • Add creativity. Sure, thinking creatively when writing a resume is important to maximize your chances of winning the job. But why should one add creativity when writing a resignation letter? Because if the tone allows, you want to be honest with the employer about your reasons for quitting the job.
  • Be grateful. Did the company assist you on your career development journey? Did they provide you with enough opportunities to upgrade your non-technical and technical skills? Mention it.
  • Stay polite. Regardless of your reasons for quitting, stay polite. Remember that you need perfect references. 
  • Follow the standard structure. Start with an introduction, continue with reasons and gratitude, and finish with a suggestion to assist a new person who will take your job responsibilities and become their mentor.
  • Be clear on deadlines. Again, mention the end date.

Two Week Notice Letter FAQ

Your resignation letter adds value to the job market competition. How to write the best two week notice letter and get superb references in the end? Check the most frequently asked questions when it comes to composing a two-week notice letter to an employer and transitioning to a new job.

I have written two week notice letter. When can I omit sending a two-weeks’ notice?

There is no need to ask ‘how to make a professional resume’ if you’re a freelancer. However, if you’re holding a traditional job, writing a resignation letter, even if it’s a funny two week notice letter, is as important as writing a resume. Again, connect with your employer and provide all necessary documentation to move to a new work position.

Which are the most important elements in a two weeks notice letter?

To get your desired job, you must follow tips on writing a perfect cover letter. To leave the unwanted job, you must write a resignation letter that includes your reasons for quitting in the body. The best idea is to include an introduction where you mention the letter’s topic, body with the reasons and gratitude, and conclusion with an assistance proposal. 

What is a two weeks notice letter?

The answer to the ‘what is a two weeks notice letter’ question is simple. A resignation letter is a document you provide to your employer to notify them about your desire to leave the job. To showcase your gratitude and appreciation, we advise you to build a resignation letter regardless of the company’s policies and work ethics. 

Why is my two weeks’ notice letter so important? 

A good two week notice letter includes the end date, which is commonly the last day of your work, and your reasons for resignation. Composing a resignation letter is vital for employers because once you leave the company and start a new career, your last workplace will have to restructure the work processes. 

Can you use vacation time during a 2 week notice?

Using your vacation days during the last two weeks of work is not the best idea. Whether you’re a self-developed professional whom the company provided with no career opportunities or an entry-level specialist with a great skill set, we advise you to avoid going on vacation. Better resign with a letter that shows your good character and rest later.

How to start a two week notice letter?

First of all, mention the contact details. Second, start a traditional two week notice letter with a greeting and introduction. In the first section, which is your short and sweet introduction, mention the topic of the letter and continue with reasons for quitting the job in the next paragraph. 

Summary of How to Write Two Week Notice Letter

Congrats! Now you know how to write a two week notice letter! 

A two-weeks notice letter is a type of document that lists your reasons for quitting the job. Most companies demand that their employees compose a resignation letter once they decide to leave a company. Whether you’ve developed different professional interests or typical burnout, you still must write a resignation letter. 

So, what should you keep in mind when sending your resignation letter to your supervisor or the hiring management team? 

  • Your letter must follow a proper structure.
  • It should contain an end date.
  • You might want to avoid taking a vacation.
  • If you can assist during the transition process, offer your help. 

Still confused about the whole two-weeks notice writing process? Contact our professional resume writing services and get help. 

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Good luck!