List of 5 Best Performed Well Linkedin Headline Examples

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You might have spent hours working on your LinkedIn profile, dotting the I's and crossing the T's. However, if you do not change how your headline appears on this social network, you will be at a tremendous loss when it comes to job search.

Before we proceed, let us offer a clear answer to 'What is a LinkedIn headline?'. This is a brief description that appears next to your name. This is what helps the LinkedIn algorithm to decide what your profile is about, which can get you a boost in the searches.

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Ideally, you want your LinkedIn headline to clearly indicate your job title, and the company/employer you are working for.

However, you should also need a unique element that can set you apart. This is where you could take advantage of a LinkedIn profile writing service like ours to showcase your skills.

Need to know more? Check out our LinkedIn headline samples here.

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Importance of your LinkedIn Headline

Your LinkedIn profile headline is a quick glimpse into your personal and professional branding. Here are some of the reasons why you should use this title to create a solid first impression on anyone who comes across your page:

Your LinkedIn profile headline is how you attract hiring managers, potential employers, and new connections.

In fact, headlines are the most-searched section on the LinkedIn network.

Your headline serves as your biggest advertisement and sales pitch.

It is also what will entice others to check out your profile if it shows up on the search.

And most importantly, in order for your page to appear on LinkedIn search results, you will need a keyword-optimized headline.

All in all, you should make it your mission to ensure that your LinkedIn headline is equipped to direct you to every opportunity possible.

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Linkedin Headline Examples for Students

It might be relatively easier for a professional to craft a simple and impactful LinkedIn headline. But what about students?  If you are currently studying or looking for internships, you still need your profile to be top-notch to attract future job prospects.

Here are some LinkedIn headline examples college students can use:

These examples not only indicate what you are studying but your career aspirations as well. What you want to avoid are headlines like this:

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Although these LinkedIn profile headline samples might appear quite simple, you might be surprised to know that many candidates are not even properly informed of the importance of this feature.

For those unaware, LinkedIn by default sets your headline to your job title and company. This is the first mistake you want to avoid. Even though it will serve the purpose, you will need to optimize the words you use to make it stand out among other applications.

LinkedIn Headline Mistake #1

Are you thinking 'What is a good LinkedIn headline?'. Let us answer this by telling you what you should avoid.

  • A Generic LinkedIn Headline with just your job title and company. This will make you one among the hundreds of thousands of other profiles, which is something that will make you come across as demotivated to employers looking for prospects.

LinkedIn Headline Mistake #2

When thinking about what to put for LinkedIn headline, it is best not to overdo it.

  • Do not mention that you are looking for 'new opportunities'. Nobody is going to search like that. Instead, use your industry-specific keywords that recruiters are likely to search, or the next position you are seeking.

You can also include your skills but it is best to save your accomplishments for the rest of your profile and not the headline.

LinkedIn headline examples for sales

If you are in the sales industry, then you should certainly think of strategies that will let recruiters and potential clients pick you out of the crowd. After all, you should have a solid sales pitch for yourself.

Right ✅

Wrong ❌

One can clearly see why the last one is subpar compared to the other ones listed here. A good headline for LinkedIn mentions details that will make you stand out.

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Linkedin headline examples for entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, then a LinkedIn headline should showcase your area of expertise and skills. You need a well-thought-out approach that will be the perfect sales pitch for your business.

Here are some examples that you can use to drive your career ahead:

You can see why each of these is an excellent example of LinkedIn headline that is creative and unique.

On the other hand, you might not come across as a strong candidate if you write something like:

Professional LinkedIn headline examples

What is a good professional headline for LinkedIn? It's the one that catches attention and assures that your profile is worth looking into.

Here are some more good LinkedIn headline examples for different professions:

This one covers diverse aspects of the job seeker's skills and aspirations.

The example below shows not only skills and the desired direction but also a list of the services:

Choose Keywords For Your LinkedIn Headline

If you are thinking about what is a good professional headline for LinkedIn, here are some common elements you will find, a job title, your company, and what value you are bringing to the table. There is no straightforward answer to 'Whats a good LinkedIn headline?' It will depend on your current title and goals. If you are simply looking to establish more connections, then your headline will be different than when you are an active job seeker looking to land more job interviews.

Anyway, it will be best to consider the following when picking the keywords:

  • Who is your target - prospective clients/ hiring managers/ new connections?
  • What is your unique proposition?
  • What are your top three skills or areas of focus?

Addressing these will help you create a headline that is memorable in every way.

Key Takeaway

By now, you know the importance of tailoring your LinkedIn profile headlines. Whether you are looking for a new role, or for enhancing your online presence, you will need to tweak your headline accordingly.

Hopefully, our LinkedIn headline examples have offered you a clearer idea of how to proceed.

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