10 Professional Resume Tips to Get You Hired

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A resume pretty much defines the success of your job search. Thus, it is vital to do it right!

The experts from executive resume writing service have been in the writing business for years, creating and delivering flawless resumes that engage and impress recruiters. Thus, if you are looking for some resume building tips, any career advice expert from SkillHub can give them to you!

We’ve gathered the most effective resume writing tips that will help you get more interviews and land a job!

Resume Writing Tips

A resume is the most powerful career tool. When you apply for a job, whether as a laborer or top-level specialist, a resume is your one and only chance to prove to employers that you’re the right candidate. To do it, you might need some proven tips for resume writing.

Below, you’ll find tips for a good resume that work!

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In the Job Postings, Look for Keywords

One of the most vital tips for making a resume great is to use relevant keywords. But, first, you need to identify them.

The easiest way to figure out what keywords should be included is to carefully study the job description. Read it multiple times to highlight the words that are used most often. These will be your keywords. Alternatively, you can also paste the job description into a special keyword detecting tool to automate the process.

Why is it important? First of all, keywords are great for targeting your resume to a specific job. But, most importantly, this is one of a few tips for writing resume that will help you get noticed by the applicant tracking system (ATS). Also you have always an option to use resume helper to craft your perfect resume.

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Update Your Contact Details

To make your job application flawless, you must include up-to-date contact information in it. This is one of the most basic resume preparation tips.

If you already have a resume and you are only revising it, start with updating your contact section. You need to have at least the basic contact details like full name, phone number, and email address.

Use Your Professional Email Address

Including a professional-looking email address is one of the main resume tips for 2022. It may look like a trifle, but certain email addresses look unprofessional. For example, an email like this - Chris131414@gmail.com will indicate your lack of professionalism and harm the impression you make.

So, one of our tips for writing a good resume is to use a professional email address like this - name.lastname@gmail.com.

Look for Resume Examples for Your Industry

Although most resumes may have a similar structure and format, every resume for an office or even online job has to be unique and match the requirements of a specific industry and job opening.

On an resume for every industry, there are certain things you may want to focus on, as well as some things to avoid. Unfortunately, most job seekers have no idea what recruiters are looking for in a resume for their industry. Thus, one of the best resume writing tips 2022 we can give you is to always look for examples before you get to writing.

Having a well-written example in front of your eyes will help you understand what format works best for a particular industry or job. Also, it will provide you with some ideas concerning the layout, structure, design, key elements, and even skills and experiences to focus on.

Where to look for high-quality resume samples? There are plenty of those on the Internet. You should be able to find a resume example for pretty much any job.

SkillHub is another handy resource. In our blog, you can find plenty of helpful general resume samples tips, as well as many writing guides that focus on a specific type of resume and provide excellent samples. 

For example, among our guides, you can find business, marketing, sales, and consulting resume tips, and even more! So, feel free to use our blog as one of your career resources to ensure that every recruiter will want to employ you.

Pick the Right Introduction to the Resume

If you are wondering how to make a strong resume, the first thing you should take care of is a strong introduction.

If you’d ask us about some good resume tips for creating a powerful introduction, we’d say that there are two ways to start a job-winning resume. You can create a resume summary or a resume objective. A summary is a brief overview of your career, whereas an objective is more like an explanation of your goals.

The best resume tips for a good introduction are to keep it short and to-the-point and to focus on your strongest points.

Keep It Simple

Later we will talk a lot about tips from professional cv creation services that will help you stand out from the crowd and impress hiring managers. But, before we get there, we should go through the basics.

If you’d ask us what are the most essential tips for a great resume, one of the first things we would offer is as follows - keep it simple. Although uniqueness and creativity can play to your benefit, simplicity is always the key to success.

Here are a few general tips to keep your resume smooth and simple:

  • Pick a common, easy-to-read, simple, but modern font (for example, Century Gothic, Helvetica, Arial, or similar).
  • Set your font size to 10-12 pt and leave enough white space to make it look good in the recruiter’s eyes.
  • Highlight your name and headers.

Keep It Relevant

Apart from the simplicity, relevancy is also always included in the lists of professional resume tips.

If you want to get employed, you have to make your resume relevant for the positions to which you are applying. It should meet the expectations and needs of the employer. 

If you can do this, you will get a resume that impresses recruiting firms and shows you as a worthy applicant.

Here are some key writing a resume tips for keeping it relevant:

  • Only include the information about the most recent 10-15 years of your career path.
  • Always include the skills and experience that match a position you’d like to occupy.
  • List your skills and experiences by importance.
  • Make sure that your resume doesn’t include any unnecessary details and is straight to the point.

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Keep It Short and Direct

If you want to create a resume that will help you land an interview, you have to keep it concise. A resume is not a good place for watery words and empty phrases. It has to be clear, engaging, and brief.

One thing you should always keep in mind is that every hiring manager will only briefly scan your resume. Typically, each resume only gets about seven seconds of the recruiter’s attention. And this should be just enough for them to decide whether to recruit you or not. 

Due to this reason, keeping your CV short is one of the best pieces of advice among all resumes tips and tricks. This rule applies to all sections of your resume. From the introduction to descriptions of your work experience - every sentence should be snappy and direct.

If your resume is brief and to-the-point, it lays out all the important details straight away, giving recruiters all the information they need to hire you. Besides, the more concise and straight-to-the-point is the information you provide, the more info you can deliver. Respectively, this will let employers and recruiters learn more about you, which should help you persuade them that you are a good fit for a job.

Finally, keeping it short and direct will allow you to use white space wiser. This way, you will be able to include enough white space, which will make your resume look more appealing and professional. Thus, brevity and straightforwardness are the keys to a good resume.

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Optimize Your Text

If you are wondering how to write a great resume, you should know that, in most cases, including all the needed sections and relevant experience is just not enough to craft a winning resume. To get the best results, you need to optimize the text of your resume to make it memorable and leave a good impression.

Here are the main tips for optimizing your resume:

  • Keep your resume one page long or two pages if necessary.
  • Make sure that your introduction is engaging but short.
  • Make the text well-structured by dividing the sections of your resume with bold headings, borders, and white space. This will make it easy to navigate through and to read.
  • Use consistent formatting of the text, dates, and headings throughout the entire resume.
  • Use bullet point lists to make the text look appealing and easy-to-read. Also, keep each point 1-line long to keep it to-the-point.
  • Cut down all information that is irrelevant or doesn’t bring any value.

These are the basics. Below, you can find additional resume writing advice on word use, keywords, and optimization.

Use Different Words

If your resume uses the same words repeatedly, it can be rather boring. Thus, one of the best resume suggestions we can make in terms of word use is to keep your vocabulary diversified. Mix up your word use to make your resume engaging and stand out from the crowd.

Include Keywords

We’ve already mentioned this resume tip earlier. Now, let’s look at it in detail. During the applicant tracking process, recruiters use ATS systems. Using keywords in your resume will make it visible to this system and, thus, ensure it gets noticed. 

Use the job description and special tools to identify the most relevant and widely used keywords. Then, include them in your text to get a bot-beating resume.

Steer Clear of Empty Words

Recruiters receive tons of resumes that look very alike. Most candidates overuse empty words like “hard worker,” “team player,” “detail-oriented” and similar. So, here is a tip for resume writing that will help you stand out from the crowd - avoid using vague and empty words. Try to be more specific.

Include Only Important Information

If you are wondering how specific should a resume be, the answer is - very specific. As was already mentioned, a resume should be short and to-the-point, which means you can only include the most important information in it.

More specifics and less vagueness - this is one of the most important resume rules. Thus, be sure to focus on what matters most - highlight the strongest sides and key skills, mention the biggest accomplishments, tell only about what makes you a perfect employee.

But, how then can I show more of my personality and experience? Instead of trying to fit everything in a resume, cover only the key details and include links to your social media or personal website for more info.

Keep It Relevant to Your Job Duties

If you are wondering how to do a resume that hits the target, you should pay special attention to your section with past work experiences. This section should show recruiters that you have the needed qualification and experience for a specific job. To do this, you will need to mention your past places of work and list the responsibilities.

How to list your responsibilities the right way? The resume rule number 1 - always keep it relevant to your future job duties. First of all, don’t list every single responsibility you had at previous jobs. Focus on the most important responsibilities that go in line with the description of the job you are applying for and demonstrate all the key knowledge, experience, and skills you need to land it.

Also, a great tactic is to make your descriptions even more powerful by illustrating them with achievements. For example, instead of stating that it was your duty to identify possibilities for cutting down the company’s expenses, you can specify how much money you saved your company and what you did to identify this opportunity. 

Quantifying your biggest accomplishments will definitely help to make the right impression on recruiters and your potential employers.

Use Proper Language

One more resume suggestion we have for you is to make sure you use proper language.

First of all, you should use active language. This includes using the right action verbs like “accomplished,” “earned,” “achieved,” “led,” “completed,” etc. Depending on the job you are applying for, there may be a different list of power words, so be sure to look it up before you get to writing.

Using relevant professional terms also helps. This will help you highlight your professionalism and experience.

Finally, keeping it easy to read and concise are two more tips for resume that work great in any situation. You should keep an eye on the sentence structure and length. 

If your sentences seem too long and hard to read or understand, it is vital to make them shorter and clearer. Your goal is to communicate the key ideas in the most appropriate, understandable, and professional way.

Bullet Your Social Media Profiles

We’ve already discussed what contact details to include on your resume. Now, we have one more tip to share with you on how to build a resume contact section.

When building a resume, apart from your phone number and professional email address you can also include links to some other place where recruiters can find you on the web. It is also a good idea to provide links to your social media profiles, for example, on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Why is it good to share links to social media accounts? Today, finding the applications that interest them, recruiters almost always look up the candidates on the Internet. This means that they will google and find your social media profiles anyway.

According to stats, 84% of hiring managers check the applicants’ online footprint. This is something you should be ready for. And, if you provide all the links yourself, you will save recruiters plenty of time and you can use it to your benefit.

Here is a tip - use social media to showcase your personality and prove your skills. And don’t forget to remove from there anything that you don’t want to be seen by recruiters and potential employers.

Proofread Your Resume

A good resume is the one that gets noticed by the ATS system, highlights your most vital skills, explains your relevant work experience, and makes potential employers want to have you in their companies. 

These all are the main keys to success. However, here is one thing to remember - even if your resume has it all but there are lots of typos, inconsistencies, and errors, it won’t win you a job.

Making a resume truly flawless is simply impossible without thorough proofreading and editing. Thus, one of our last tips is to never neglect the importance of proofreading!

Here is a resume proofreading checklist to ensure that yours is error-free and well-written:

  • Spelling
  • Typos
  • Vocabulary use
  • Punctuation
  • Grammatical mistakes
  • Structure
  • Format
  • Design
  • Consistency
  • Accuracy of contact information, dates, abbreviations, and other information

Once you've done write my resume request, set it aside for a few days. Then, get back to it and check it against this checklist to find and eliminate any errors. Also, if possible, don’t hesitate to ask someone else to proofread your resume and give you feedback.

Stick to Instructions

One more piece of resume advice we’d like to share with you is to follow the instructions if they were provided. Sometimes, companies can provide specific instructions on how to create a resume for a particular position. 

They can specify what they expect to see in your cover letter, resume, and work samples. If the job you are applying for has such instruction in its description, then it is vital to keep them in mind when creating a resume. Otherwise, failing to meet the instructions will mean an automatic no to you as a candidate.

Therefore, be extremely careful and attentive to details when studying the job description. In most cases, the key to landing an interview is hidden in between the lines of the description, you only need to find it.

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