Top Freelance Jobs For Students

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Once a person steps on to the professional path, even in the studying state, it is natural to want to earn their own money. Since learning, attending classes and preparing homework take a significant part of a student’s day, it is best to look for opportunities in freelancing.

Luckily, many opportunities for remote freelance work do not require commuting and have flexible working hours. Depending on your interests, you can find a freelance job matching your skills and interests. This article will discuss the most popular and convenient freelance jobs. Take into consideration the following:

  • Content writer;
  • Copy editor;
  • Article writer;
  • Social media manager;
  • Blog writer;
  • Ebook writer;
  • Tutor;
  • Graphic designer;
  • Video editor;
  • Proofreader.

Let’s see what working in such professions is like, what skills these jobs require, how you can fit them into your busy student life, and how much you can earn as a student and freelancer. Choose the job that meets your needs best.

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Freelance Content Writer

If you have noticed writing skills or talents, you have the potential to earn money as a content writer working for a content writing service. This job offers excellent remote opportunities, and one can manage it as a freelancer. Some companies need an employee to cover this position full-time, but the scope of tasks in others allows for comfortable collaboration with a freelancer.

Hence you can find an employer that works in the field that interests you and earn your agreed salary. The responsibilities of a content writer include creating text for the product or its website. It can be either short content blocks, ads, or articles. The name of the position is an umbrella term, so the specification of assignments may vary.

It is best to discuss the scope with the hiring manager in advance. If you are looking for clients that hire freelance content writer you can earn $58,147 per year on average.

Freelance Copy Editor

If you have an excellent command of the language but want to avoid writing, you can still use your skills to earn money as a copy editor. As it goes in the name, the nature of the work is to edit the existing or freshly created copy. Usually, the employers that look for such services and can hire freelance copy editor are either big companies focused on a single product or marketing agencies that create copy for their clients.

To land a job in this position, you need to have an impeccable command of English, good writing skills, and an understanding of marketing. This job is about proofreading a written text and working with the product’s messaging and senses that the copy delivers. On average, a copy editor that works as a freelancer can earn around $45,328 a year.

Freelance Article Writer

Another freelance opportunity for people who can write is to work as an article writer. Again, some companies may not have a stable scope of tasks for a full-time employee. Nonetheless, businesses and organizations do need a skilled person to write articles once in a while. The job of an article writer will include preparing pieces of writing for a website or media. You can either work remotely for a single company or find projects and gigs on the freelancing job boards.

If you are considering an offer from a company that wants to hire freelance article writer, discuss all the detail in advance. More specifically, figure out what your workflow includes, whether the company has an editor, and what the submission rules are. Here, the scope of work will define your wage. You can earn around $37,500 per year freelancing in this position.

Freelance Social Media Manager

Freelancing opportunities are open for people with skills other than writing. If you are into social media, you can make bring profit yourself by working as a social media manager. Many companies need to maintain their online presence, yet their social accounts are not the most important channel for conversion. If you know social media well, understand how it works, and are ready to spend time on it productively, you can find an employer or a project that will pay.

This profession is easy to do remotely. You need managerial skills, extraordinary planning abilities, and familiarity with productivity software. This job is also comfortable for students, as you will not have a full-time scope. Your workload will depend on the nature of the product and its marketing objectives. You can earn around $60,302 a year as a freelance social media manager.

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Freelance Blog Writer

Another opportunity for literate people with writing skills is a blog writer. This one may be similar to the position of an article writer we mentioned before, but it has its peculiarities. If you work as a blog writer, your responsibility will be writing a blog doing copywriting services. You can be the only person on this project, which means all the blog feeds will be on you. This freelancing job will suit you best if you are interested in the topics discussed in the blog. The author needs to look for relevant topics for the blog and research what you can add to that.

If you are looking for a company that wants to hire freelance blog writer, make sure to discuss your responsibilities in advance. The thing is, they may include either writing only or be about editing and publishing the posts as well. With this job, you can earn around $47,000 yearly.

Freelance Ebook Writer

If you feel your writing talents are more about long reads than a shot genre, you can try yourself as an ebook writer. Compared to the other writing jobs we listed here, this one allows for more long-term planning and routine tasks, as you are only working on the same long piece.

To succeed in this job, you need to have developed creativity, patience, and attention to detail. Employers who can hire freelance ebook writer can plan the scope of the work long-term, so you can easily combine freelancing with your studies.

This job is monotonous and creative since you must be imaginative enough for a book writer and have enough patience to work on the same topic. You can earn around $52,748 a year as a freelance ebook writer.

Freelance Tutor

If you want to stay focused on your studies but you still want to earn some extra money, you can become a tutor in the discipline you are good at. Modern technologies allow doing it remotely, so you will not have to commute to your students, as everything is available online. To work as a tutor, you must know the subject deeply enough and have basic communication skills. As a bonus, you will improve your knowledge of the subject you are tutoring.

Unlike other freelancing jobs on the list, tutoring is not as flexible. Here you will need to make a schedule with your students and follow it, while other freelancing opportunities allow for a completely free schedule. If you are good with people and feel that a social media manager job is not for you, you can earn $19,500 a year as a freelance tutor.

Freelance Graphic Designer

If your talents are more about arts, you can find a freelancing job too. Every business needs a graphic designer, and not all can hire an in-house one. Some don’t have enough tasks, and others fail to have a budget for visual communications.

If you want to find a design job, the first thing in your skill set must be your go-to graphic editor. Based on your employer’s needs, you may edit photography, create promotional materials, or create content for social media, and all require image editing skills. Before looking for opportunities, decide on your preferred tasks and create a portfolio you can share.

As a designer, you can choose the field that appeals to you and find a basis for your customers online. You can earn around $58,437 a year.

Freelance Video Editor

If you are into production and video making, going to the shooting location is not necessary. You can become a part of the production as a video editor. Companies who look to hire video editor are corporations with their product to promote, advertising agencies that need quick help, and productions that sometimes need extra help. Working with video editing requires time and patience, which is a perfect option for those who want to combine creativity and routine in their work.

If you feel like video production is your passion, you can start working on your portfolio as a student. To start this job, you must be familiar with video editing software and tools. Freelance work will give you diverse experience with different formats and clients. You can earn around $59,500 a year as a video editor.

Freelance Proofreader

The last freelance opportunity on the list is for those who have patience and excellent attention to detail and can maintain focus for a long time. If you feel that this description applies to you, you can look for a company that wants to hire a freelance proofreader. Compared to an editor's job, this one is not about the senses that the text communicates or the style it is written in. The position of a proofreader is much simpler: they just make sure everything is correct in the text.

The main requirement of this job is an impeccable command of the written language. You need to know all the grammatical rules and be able to explain your position. This job is flexible, so, based on the opportunity you find, you can control your workload and working hours. The average salary in such a job is $52,640 yearly.

Where to Find Freelance Job Opportunities

As a freelancer-to-be, one must know what potential clients use to hire freelancers. There are several services known as the best place to find job as freelancer. Here is the shortlist.

  • Skillhub. If you are looking for a writing job, look no further than this service. It connects writing experts with the customers according to the request and experience needed to complete it. The assignment on this service vary in topic and complexity, so you will easily find what interests you.
  • Upwork. This is a service for all types of freelance work imaginable. Managers and creatives can find jobs there. You must complete your profile and add your skills to access available tasks. This platform is popular enough, so sometimes the competition here may feel too much. To get your clients, you need to monitor the updates constantly.
  • Fiverr. Another universal freelance service. It is a little less popular than Upwork, yet it follows the same principle of working. Create an account there, list your skills and interests, and add a few words about yourself. Once your registration is complete, you can either respond to the existing requests or wait for a client to reach you with a task.
  • Designhill. This is a field-specific service for designers and visual artists. You can use it as a portfolio or provide a link to yours. Many designers find their regular customers there. Until then, you need to maintain high-alert monitoring of the existing tasks and apply for them.

Key Takeaways

If you are willing to work, you can find your opportunity while still studying. For many students, education is the priority, so it is crucial to find a freelance job that is possible to do while learning.

Luckily, today you can find an opportunity for any skill set. Whether writing, visual arts, or management, it is possible to earn from it and combine it with your primary duties. Start by finding out what you can do best and creating your first freelancer account. Once you find your regular customers, you can plan your workload, earnings, and homework.