Babysitter Resume Sample

Love playing with children and being their guardian? Then the profession of a babysitter is for you. A babysitter acts like a parent who takes responsibility for a child when real parents are away. After completing babysitting courses, you can reach out to a resume writing service and create a job-winning resume to get your dream job. Unlike the ‘babysitting’ reality shown by American television, becoming a babysitter requires skills. Yeap, a high school diploma might not always be enough. 

Check the article below to:

  • Learn the difference between babysitter resume formats; 
  • Check a free babysitter resume sample;
  • Find the babysitter resume skills you need to acquire for the work process of babysitting; 
  • Check the tips on how to create an authentic resume by contacting the best cover letter writing service or writing a resume by yourself.

Check everything you need to know about babysitter resume formats below.

How to Format a Babysitter Resume

  • Functional format. A great babysitter resume format for the job application of entry-level specialists that have no experience but need to emphasize their skills for the job interview;
  • Chronological format. This resume sample emphasizes your work experience and presents the data in a chronological layout;
  • Mixed format. Combines the features from both functional and chronological formats.

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Babysitter Resume [Sample]

There is no such a ‘babysitting’ industry in a traditional sense. Hence, the requirements for the job will differ depending on who decides to hire you. Check a standard resume sample for babysitter in the example below. Pay special attention to the babysitter resume structure and formatting rules like font, margins, and organization of the blocks in your resume for babysitter.

Name and Surname: Jessica Greyez

Job Position: Babysitter

Phone Number: +1-613-7722-8361



A resourceful and energetic babysitter with 5 years of work experience in providing care services to children aged 3-10. Due to healthcare and child development knowledge, attention to detail, and strong self-organization ensured child’s safety and fulfilled their needs in time. 


Add the Name and Contacts of the person whose children you’ve babysat so the reader might use them as a reference and organize a background check. For instance, as follows:

Maya Mirrez 


2656 Nova Scotia 638

Pictou, BOK 1HO


  • Handling emergency situations and providing safe surroundings to the child; 
  • Designed games and activities to improve child’s intelligence;
  • Cooked meals and supervised hygiene activities;
  • Followed the child’s curriculum and provided assistance with homework; 
  • Took the child from school and transported her to the afterschool events and activities;
  • Due to active listening and an academic background in sociology and psychology provided emotional support when needed.


Toronto University

Bachelor in Sociology


  • Majored in Sociology and minored in Psychology.


Hard Skills

  • Strong knowledge of child development psychology and behavioral management; 
  • Superb safety and first aid skills;
  • Interpersonal skills;
  • Strong communication skills.

Soft Skills

  • Self-organization;
  • Self-discipline;
  • Time management;
  • Active listening;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Empathy. 

Other Sections


  • Blog writing on the psychology of children (add a link to your blog);
  • Reading books on child development;
  • Designing tabletop games for children.

Resume Objective & Resume Summary

A babysitter resume objective differs from a babysitter’s summary by the information it presents. 

  • Objective. Has 2-3 sentences and includes your career goals or special demands. For instance, the need for additional training. Commonly starts with ‘To find a job…’;
  • Summary. It is typically longer than an objective and includes all your career and education information a recruiter is supposed to familiarize with before the actual job interview. Commonly starts with the applicant’s personality description like ‘A responsible and energetic babysitter…’. 

Resume Summary [Examples]

Most babysitter resume samples will include a summary rather than an objective. Check a babysitter’s resume sample with wrong and right summaries. 


What differentiates me from other job seekers is the strong motivation to care about others and provide top care.


A responsible and highly energetic caregiver with 7 years of work experience on the job market. Due to the strong knowledge of child development, active listening, and patience, ensuring the child’s needs was a top priority that the applicant always considered.

Resume Objective [Examples]

A babysitter resume objective includes your demands from the company and the specific requirements that must be considered by the company if they decide to hire you. Check a well-written and badly written objective in a resume example below.


To find a job as a babysitter.


To find a job as a babysitter in Toronto and the metropolitan area. Working with children aged 5-10 is highly preferable. Need special training in behavior management of children aged under 5

Resume Examples [Experience]

Sticking to the sample babysitter experience is a must when creating the corresponding resume section. According to a  babysitter sample, presenting your experience in the best light is important when creating a document. Make sure to leave the references so a recruiter or your potential clients can make a background check if such is needed. 

  • Responsibilities. Make sure to list the professional duties you had when working for a family. Like in the business world, the data  related to your work history matters;
  • Length. The more clients you mention who can prove that you’re a sample babysitter, the better; 
  • Mix the duties with your skills. Mention how your skills helped you achieve your career goals successfully. 
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Entry Level Babysitter Resume [Experience]

How to be a good babysitter? Can one create a strong resume for babysitter with no experience? Sure, they can! 

If you’ve got no experience, remember situations when you had to upgrade your responsibility to automation. Did you have to care for your siblings when you were young? Or did you complete a complex project that entailed tons of responsibilities no one wanted to take? Mention it! In other words, give a reason to the hiring manager to believe that you’re a responsible candidate. 

Entry Level Babysitter  [Sample]

Great babysitter resume examples never contain empty sections. Check a resume example that went wrong and one that went right below. 


    I’ve got no proper experience, but with your generous acceptance, I’ll show you that I’m a great candidate for the job.



  • Helped my friend with his younger siblings by assisting them with hygiene and preparing homework together
  • Planned activities to develop the cognitive abilities of the childrenr
  • Prepared meals and transported the children to school.

How to Write Down Your Education Section

The universal truth is that babysitter education is not a compulsory experience to consider. However, an applicant is supposed to have first aid knowledge and safety skills. Hence, getting a degree in healthcare or psychology might be a good idea.

  • During the creation of your babysitter resume, mention the name of your college degree or the course in babysitting you’ve taken;
  • Mention the year of graduation to fulfill the formal requirements of employers;
  • Mention internships and certifications if there were such.  

Babysitter Resume Examples [Education]

Some babysitter resume samples might omit to add the Education section because typical babysitter requirements education don’t include a traditional degree.


    I’ve got only a college degree in Sociology, while my hands-on practice in babysitting is the only experience that allowed me to ensure growth in my future career.


Toronto College of Arts and Psychology


  • Bachelor in Arts and Psychology minored in Child Development Studies
  • Additional training in first aid and safety services.

Skills on a Resume for a Babysitter 

Most babysitter resume samples will include professional skills required in the career field and related to mostly healthcare and psychology. 

How do you put your babysitter resume skills and present your professional knowledge in the brightest light?

  • Divide your Skills section into Hard Skills and Soft Skills. Mention the core skills required for working as a babysitter, like safety and first aid skills. Meanwhile, your soft skills might be empathy, patience, and active listening; 
  • Check the job post again. Make sure your skills match the job requirements in the job ad. By doing so, you’ll ensure your resume beats the ATS system and persuades the hiring team of your efficiency;
  • Functional resume. Use the Functional format to focus on your skills if you’re an entry-level specialist. 

Babysitter Resume Examples [Skills]

Most babysitter resume samples are written in both Chronological and Functional formats. Regardless of the format or occupations you choose, focus on your Skills section. Check the professional babysitter resume examples below. 

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  • My skills include an ability to cooperate and communicate with other individuals and provide first aid help, as well as act effectively in emergency situations



Hard Skills

  • Strong knowledge of child development and first aid
  • Knowledge of meal preparation and hygiene practice
  • Self-organization and time management.
  • Soft Skills

  • Stress resistance
  • Empathy

Tips to Shine Brighter than Others

The last part of babysitter resume sections is the Other Sections. These sections have a goal of adding information on your job-related interests, goals, and aspirations. Use these resume sections to create a well-rounded personality and persuade the client to recruit you, and maximize your chances of getting a job interview.

Sections to add to your babysitter job resume and add more data on your professional interests are:

  • Awards and Achievements;
  • Volunteering;
  • Hobbies;
  • Other Projects;
  • Certifications and Associations.

Babysitter Resume Examples [Other Sections]

We advise you to add as many Other Sections to your professional babysitter resume as you can, especially if you’re an industry changer with a resume for babysitter jobs written in a functional format. Once you scan a standard babysitter resume with Other Sections, you might understand which ones work for you and which ones don’t.


Other Sections:


  • Playing football
  • Reading thrillers
  • Playing football


Other Sections


  • Reading professional literature on child development and general psychology
  • Writing articles about child development and leading a blog on sociological problems (add the link to your blog or other sources here). 

Use Babysitter Resume Keywords 

Why is adding keywords that are job-related so significant when writing a babysitter resume? The answer is simple. Most companies use ATS bots that check resumes for babysitter long before they land on the recruiter’s desk. The professional words create a ‘pattern,’ while the ATS system recognizes it later and makes a decision whether you’re capable of performing your duties well.

  • Nouns and activities. Use words like ‘meal preparation’ or ‘child development’ in your resume sections. Words like ‘transporting’ and ‘communicating’ are also good options;
  • Names of disciplines. Name the courses you’ve taken like ‘child psychology’ or ‘sociology’; 
  • Name your skills. Write down ‘interpersonal skills,’ ‘knowledge of safety measures,’ ‘first aid,’ etc.

Think of the words that are job-related. In the end, the more professional words you use in your babysitter resume sample, the better. To maximize your chances of getting your dream job and accomplishing career goals, learn more about your profession and use the power of professional keywords.

Final Thoughts

Congrats! Now you know how to write a babysitter resume and persuade any recruiter to give you a job!

The main tips for composing a bot-beating resume are simple: 

  • Think of a proper format depending on your skills and work experience. While the Functional format is better for an entry-level specialist, the Chronological format is a great option for a candidate with decades of experience; 
  • Never leave your Experience section empty; 
  • Follow a standard resume structure and keep all the sections in place; 
  • List your skills while dividing them into Hard and Soft Skills; 
  • Use Other Sections to showcase your authenticity.

To get the highest chance of winning the job, make sure your resume is custom-written. As a rule, you can get resume help or create an ATS-friendly resume by contacting a resume editing service and providing clear instructions. If you’ve already got our Skillhub help,  share your review on social media!

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